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There are no right answers for this kind of test. Example conversations are shown because they may give you some useful ideas about how to answer these types of questions. You will not be expected to speak as fluently as Alex and yuko. (1 Interview (3 minutes) Examiner: good afternoon. Could I have your mark sheets, please? (the students hand their mark sheets to the examiner) my name is Mark and this is my colleague susan.

You do not have to describe them in detail. If you are not sure what the picture is, use your imagination and say what you think. It doesn't matter if you are wrong. There are different ways in which you can refer to the pictures. For example: The first picture (referring to the one on the left or on top the second/other picture (referring to the one on the right or on the bottom) The picture on the left / the left-hand picture; the picture on the right / the. Comparing and contrasting liking: I prefer A. I like a more than. I like a, but I dislike. Than b giving your opinion In my opinion. Thinking of method things to say back to top speaking: joint task (3 minutes) Back to top speaking: Three-way conversation (4 minutes) The examiner will ask some questions related to the result of the joint task back to top speaking: Example test This is an example.

english oral presentation

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Future life: What do you think you will be doing after 5 or 10 years? Country: do you want to live in your home country or abroad? Back to top speaking: Individual task (4 minutes - about 2 minutes for each candidate) you will be given two photographs and asked to compare and contrast them, and give your opinion about them. You will only have one minute to do this. Try to keep talking; avoid any long gaps. The pictures may show anything, but typically the subject will be: a building, a landscape, a town, a person (or a group of wallpaper people) doing something you can keep looking at the photographs while you are talking. Describing each of the pictures you might start by giving a brief description of each of the pictures.

english oral presentation

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Music: What kind of music do you like? Sports: do you like sports? Holidays: How do you like to spend your holidays? Reading: do you enjoy reading? Films: What sort of films do you like to watch? What is your favourite film? Future plans After return: If you are living in the uk now What do you plan to do when you return to your country? Job: What sort of job would you like to do in the future?

Your work or study now: Are you working or studying at the moment? Can you tell me something about yourself? Previous: What were you doing before you started your current work or studies? English: Why are you studying English? Where are you studying? How long have you been studying English? Leisure hobbies: What do you like doing in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

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english oral presentation

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Environment: Is it clean or polluted? Is it quiet or noisy? Are there many parks and other green areas? Opinion: do essay you like living there? Are there many things to do?

Comparison: If you are not living in your home town now, what are the main differences between your current town and your home town? Your family size: do you have a large or small family? Brothers: do you have any brothers or sisters? Are they older or younger than you? Parents: do you live with sonnet your parents? What do they do? Pets: do you have any pets?

Is it near to the capital city or any major cities? Is it inland or by the coast? Speciality: Is your town well-known for something (for example, a building or a type of food)? What is the most interesting part of your town? Geography: Is it in a flat, hilly or mountainous area?

Does it have a river? Size: Is it a large or small town? What is the population? Type: do you live in a city centre, a suburb, a town, a village, or in the countryside? Industry: What are the main industries? What kinds of jobs do people do in your town?

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If you do this together with a friend then the lesson interests may be cheaper for you, and you can practice the speaking test in a more realistic way. Recommended books: Back to top, speaking: Interview (3 minutes - about.5 minutes for each candidate). The examiner will ask you some short questions about yourself. To prepare for this part of the test, think about short answers to typical questions. Some examples are shown below. Before the interview you will be asked to fill in a sheet giving your first name, family name, home town and country; you should hand this to the interviewer. The interviewer may ask you how to pronounce your name. Your home town / village, name: What is the name of your home town (pronounce it in the English way)? Location: Where is the town located?

english oral presentation

At the start of the joint task; talking to the other student. Shall we start by describing what we see in the pictures? During the three-way discussion; asking either the examiner or the other student. What is your opinion? To avoid wasting time, make it pdf clear when you have finished talking. For example, say something like: That's all I can think of at the moment. Practice, before the exam, practice the test with another student (if you already know the other student who will be taking the speaking test with you, ask him/her to practice with you). You may find it useful to pay for some private lessons with an English teacher to prepare.

lists. Finish the task, when you are asked to compare and contrast two photos and to give your personal feelings about them, make sure that you leave some time for explaining your own views. If you are asked to reach a conclusion in the joint task, try to do this within the time you are given. Keep speaking, if you need time to think about something, try to keep speaking rather than remain silent. You could say things such as: during the interview; said to the interviewer. Please give me a moment while i think about the answer at the start of the individual task; talking to yourself. What do these photographs show?

You will be asked to summary discuss these with the other student and to make a decision. Sometimes you will be asked to agree on the conclusion, and sometimes you will be told that you may make different decisions. (4) Three-way discussion (4 minutes you will be asked to discuss (together with the other student and the examiner) some ideas that are connected with the joint task. Some general advice about, keep it simple. Try to avoid complicated explanations or grammar if you are not sure about them. If the truthful answer is difficult to explain, you may want to say something easier in the exam. Ask for explanations, if you don't understand what you are meant to do, ask the examiner to explain.

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Study for oral exam (speaking test) of Cambridge fce exam. Introduction, this page describes the oral (speaking) exam for the cambridge fce (First Certificate in English) exam. You usually take the speaking exam together with one other student. The exam lasts about 14 minutes and has four parts: (1) Interview (3 minutes each of you will be asked basic questions about your home town, family, work or study, leisure and future plans. (2) Individual tasks (4 minutes each of you will be asked to compare two colour photographs and explain gpa your personal feelings about them (you will be asked to speak for 1 minute, without any interruption). You will also be asked to give your opinion about the other student's photographs (you will be expected to speak for about 20 seconds). (3) joint task (3 minutes). You will be shown some pictures.

english oral presentation
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  1. Focus assignment: written pm and oral presentation. English or Swedish, with a preference for. English (a majority of the students don t understand Swedish).

  2. You ll find a brief description of oral fluency, and discover tips for developing your oral communication skills. Consider yourself fluent in oral, english.to learn the most about writing? What do you want to learn the most about presenting? E you afraid to make an oral or poster presentation in, english?

  3. Rubric for, oral, presentations. Testing Test yourself. Please note that posts cannot be deleted from the writing section. The simplest and most effective way to improve your oral presentation skills is to record your talks and then watch the videos.

  4. Command of academic written. English and conventions of documenting research.the course, and students are required to participate in class discussions, complete a number of practice presentations during the course of the semester and deliver a final oral exam presentation. Students follow these tips to make an oral presentation in different subjects.

  5. English / Exams oral. The oral (speaking) test of the fce exam. You usually take the speaking exam together with one other student. Proficiency in oral presentation of research, analysis, explication, and argument.

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