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My family recently hosted a golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for my parents. Everyone loved the book marks that my parents picked to give as guest favors after i introduced them to the idea. I phoned to ask how I could display a seeded shape that had started to bloom for the guests to really get it and after following the simple directions —viola! I have already recommended you to several friends! You helped make our celebration memorableMission accomplished! Cedar Rapids, ia, hello, just wanted to let you all know I received the invitations yesterday. They are the most beautiful invitations- even more than i expected! Cast Paper Art is amazing and I will recommend them forever.

In the Press, testimonials, steve staff: Wish to thank you for the lovely crosses. They were sooo perfect. We went to sea last weekend off southern California. All 25 the of us had a white cross to write a special farewell note and float upon the blue water, even the youngest, age 7, wrote a note with pictures to Grampa. Very touching day for all. I sent your website to a few local mortuaries because our experience was unforgettable. The boyd family, hi: we at Calvary baptist Church just wanted to let you know how much sea we appreciate your product. They were a great hit. Thank you so much and we pray that God continues to bless you in your business and also in life. Take care and again thank you so much. Patty, calvary baptist Church-Relay for Life, hello, i would just like to say thanks for the awesome customer service.

beautiful note paper

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Blank, fine art note cards can be purchased as an individual note card or a variety pack. All individual note cards are laser printed on. Classic Crest natural white matte stock and are enclosed with natural white matching envelopes. Individual cards measure.25.5 inches. Each package of note cards, including sumi-e note cards and. Jewish note cards is bundled in an acid free plasticine box with a round, gold seal and contains five essay note cards. Families and friendships are knit out of words as well as experiences and yours will thank you for taking the time to send them a beautiful, artistic note card. If you would like more information on our one-of-a-kind prints and note cards, please contact us today.

beautiful note paper

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Our Subjects Include: High quality Prints, all prints are made on an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 Gicleé printer using the finest archival, fade-resistant pigment inks and acid free papers. The esteemed Wilhelm Imaging Research Company (link) has estimated that these inks will last for at least 80 100 years, depending upon framing and exhibition conditions. Limited editions of sumi-e paintings world are printed on acid free, ultra-heavyweight 140. Cold pressed Arches Watercolor paper with deckled edges and watermarks. Unlimited editions of sumi-e are printed on acid free, heavyweight 100. All Americana and Highland Park prints are done on Epson Premium Photo Glossy paper. Fine Art Note cards, whether it is to say thank you, send a condolence note or mark a special occasion, a beautiful, fine art note card is always appreciated. In fact, people often frame these note cards because they are made with such fine materials. Sending an e-mail or an e-card might be faster, but it just isnt the same.

Digital communication is now ubiquitous and has the advantage of being instant. But the hand-written thank you has endured centuries of change, and continues to be every bit as appreciated. Perhaps even more so now when everything is online. Its a couple of minutes well spent for those who make the effort. To view our wide range of, thank you card sets click here. At Turtle light Press, youre able to browse through a wide selection of fine art prints, jewish note cards and sumi-e note cards that have been made from original oil, watercolor and Japanese ink artwork and chosen especially for you. A bamboo painting could put a friend at ease, a picture of an ice cream parlor brighten up a childs room, a framable thank you note gladden a heart — all of these can be found in our store gallery of fine art prints and.

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beautiful note paper

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Timing make sure you follow up soon after the event, we suggest within 4 days and choose a hotline first class stamp. (According to etiquette guide debretts It says a thank you should always be sent within a week to 10 days of an event or receipt of a present). A thank you loses its meaning if youve waited months before posting it either the recipient has long since forgotten, or theyve spent that time assuming youve rudely failed to send one. If you are late showing your gratitude, its probably best to briefly apologise and move on rather than labour the point over the better part of a sheet of quarto paper. As far as content goes, the protocol is much less prescriptive. What matters most is that its heartfelt and shows guerilla youre grateful. It should be sincere and clearly come from you so aim to write as you would speak and throw in some references to the gift or occasion; the wine you enjoyed with dinner or the beautiful wrapping.

A good rule of thumb is that your recipient should know from the content that it comes from you and tailored enough to know what it is youre thanking them for. It shows that youre sincerely grateful, rather than sending your thanks out of a sense of obligation. Oh the simple joy though, when a letter arrives. At a dinner party my neighbour at the table, on hearing about our founding of HoneyTree confirmed her delight recently on receipt of a hand written thank you after sending the smallest little present to a friend just a hat for her new-born baby. A thank you arrived almost by return; the mother even bothering to write an extra line to detail where it had first been worn. In todays busy world, its so easy to get caught up and dismiss such traditions as old-fashioned or time-consuming.

I know it was a feature of my Christmas school holidays, and am sure many of you can relate. Former mp ann Widdecombe deserves some credit for recently calling on parents to get their children to write thank you letters. Its easier said than done though. She doesnt have any offspring and so wont have ever experienced the battleground that the kitchen table notelets and pen strategically positioned can become. And whilst at the time it may not have been on the top of our list of things we wanted to do at that moment, as adults most of us can relate to why our parents insisted, understanding that it was a sign of heartfelt. For all but the most casual of situations, hand-written is a sign of good etiquette.

Of course theres a time and place for a less formal medium like a text or email; when thanking a friend for a sending an interesting link or giving a lift home for example. However when someone has taken the time and trouble to give a gift or host a dinner, then is it really too much to ask to pen a short note of thanks? Just about everyone gets excited by a beautifully addressed envelope arriving in the post. Your recipient has done something lovely for you, and so its a nice to repay the favour with a thank you that is sure to raise a smile. But how do you write the perfect thank you note? Nothing says good manners like a crisp notecard or quality letterhead, with a few short sentences penned in neat writing.

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Choose from beautiful flowers, birds or dragons. Color Bird Writing Paper Color Nature Writing Paper Color Dragon Writing Paper Color Dragons Writing Paper Color Dragons 2 Writing Paper Color Flowers 2 Writing Paper Color Flowers 3 Writing Paper Valentine's day writing the Paper New years Writing Paper. Patrick's day writing Paper Easter Writing Paper Canada day writing Paper July 4th Writing Paper Halloween Writing Paper Thanksgiving Writing Paper Hanukkah Writing Paper Twelve days of Christmas Writing Paper Christmas Writing Paper Groundhog day bordered Paper Green Recycle bin Bordered Paper Emoticon Bordered Paper. Check back often to see essays if your city is added. New Orleans Blank Writing Paper San Francisco Blank Writing Paper Las Vegas Blank Writing Paper Washington Blank Writing Paper Shark bordered Paper Monster Bordered Paper. Recently, i read a fascinating article about a us-based start up that has developed technology that is able to scan your handwriting and reproduce it to create robot-written greetings and thank you notes. Isnt it telling that even in our time-poor society, the hand-written note is still social currency and worth paying several hundred dollars to fake? Many of us remember participating in a post-Christmas thank-you-letter-writing marathon (and on receiving our pressies having to list what was from whom).

beautiful note paper

Snowman Ruled Paper Dragon Ruled Paper Happy pencil School Paper Camp Writing Paper Writing Paper Find fun ruled paper to use for writing and english printing activities. Write that special story or practice cursive writing with fun prints. Cat Ruled Bordered Paper abc ruled Bordered Paper Spring Ruled Bordered Paper Spring Flowers and Bird Paper Jungle bordered Paper bouncing Bunnies Bordered Paper Three little pigs Bordered Paper Three little pigs Writing Pads Spring Bird Writing Paper Owl Blank paper Spaceship Blank paper Mardi. Welcome back to School Paper with Apple back to School Bus Paper School Paper with Female teacher Welcome back School Paper with bookworm School Paper with Male teacher Back to School Blank paper Welcome School Paper with Apple hat Worms apples Back to School Paper. Kids can write their thoughts on bullying to share with the class. Running Shoes Ruled Paper Best day ever Ruled Paper love the life you live ruled Paper Apple Shaped Typography ruled Paper Running Shoes Blank paper Best day ever Blank paper Color Writing Paper Color Flowers Writing Paper Writing paper that has pictures to color before. Add a special coloring touch to every letter you write.

fun bordered writing paper. Jungle tiger Ruled Paper. Monkey and Bananas Bordered Paper, flowers and Bird Bordered Paper, doll Bordered Paper. Worms and Apples bw bordered Paper. Number 1 Bordered Paper, bunnies and Carrots bw bordered Paper. Fish bw bordered Paper, parrots and Snakes bw bordered Paper. Snowman and Kids Ruled Paper, snowman and bear Ruled Paper, snowflake ruled Paper. Spring bw bordered Paper, boy and Sled Ruled Paper, skating Girl Ruled Paper.

Green Ruled Paper, purple ruled Paper, pink ruled Paper. Red Ruled Paper, polar bear Ruled Paper, colored Paper. Colored paper to print school projects, art projects or just use for writing a note or letter. Print and keep some extra handy, you never know when the kids will need writing extra writing paper. Bordered Animal Paper, holiday writing Paper, holiday paper for those special days. Kids can never have an excuse not to practice their writing skills. Kids can give their note paper an artistic effect by coloring the bordered prints of cute characters. Printable party Writing Paper, doll Bordered Paper. Jungle Friends Bordered Paper, jungle tiger Bordered Paper, monkey and Snakes Bordered Paper.

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Kids can practice their writing skills with a variety of pdf ruled paper with different themes, colors, ruled, blank and fun seasonal paper. Use the printable blank paper to draw pictures or to print special projects. Kids can create their very own special scrapbooks with themed paper. Fun paper can be used to write special notes and letters or just for doodling. Print colored border paper or black and white border paper you can color yourself. Ruled Paper, child Ruled Paper, blue ruled Paper, print extra ruled paper whenever you run out, punch the holes with a three ring hole punch to add the sheets to a binder. Regular and child wide ruled paper. Earth day ruled Paper. Graduate School Paper, seasonal Writing Paper, print extra note paper throughout the year with these fun seasonal writing papers.

beautiful note paper
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The most beautiful note -taking app ever designed for the ipad. Cotton Paper From IndiaIndian cotton paper can be used for many art and design applications including layered quilled art projects.

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  1. Beautifully made japanese notebooks, with the finest paper worthy of any fountain pen. Modern, sleek, and well-made. The most beautiful note taking app ever designed for the ipad.

  2. it is to say thank you, send a condolence note or mark a special occasion, a beautiful, fine art note card is always appreciated. Our recycled paper bag gives you endless ideas and possibilities to craft some beautiful decors. They are lovely and I think its important that he learns to appreciate not only a well written note but one on beautiful paper.

  3. Of handmade paper note pads, diaries, decoration pieces, Christmas decorations, beautiful, carry bags, designer packaging materials. i just wanted to send a note to thank you for all your hard work in preparing my beautiful invitations on the blooming seed paper! or fsc certified off-cut note paper and is perfect for those moments when you need to jot down a quick reminder or make a list. Use the wrapping paper from the gift they sent to craft a mailing envelope, or to embellish the note card you are writing.

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