Book report of the hunger games

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The story begins on the day of reaping at District. A day that each district is required to offer two tributes, a boy and a girl aged 12 to 18 years to participate in the games. This was going to be the 74th hunger games. In a twist of fate, prim Katniss 12-year-old sister is selected as one of the tributes. Having lost their father at a young age, she isnt going to let her mother lose her too as she swore always to protect them. She volunteers to take her sisters place, and together with the bakers son, peeta mellark they represent district. What follows is a series of events that will put Katniss in the spotlight both as a source of hope for the oppressed and as an enemy of the capitol. Her feelings for peeta will be exploited for the games, which are aired across all the districts.

While competing in the hunger Games, katniss is unsure if peeta is on her side or not because he betrays her and joins the careers; plotting to team up and kill the weak. This make katniss extremely confused, causing her to be uncertain of whether or not she will be able to kill peeta since he is her supposed star-crossed lover. She also debates with herself because she cannot decide if she is in love with Gale or peeta. During the hunger Games, katniss becomes friends with rue through the mocking jay pin. Rue is killed, but Katniss remembers her by using the wisdom that she learned from rue. Tell how the book ended. In the end, show More. The hunger Games book summary plot. The hunger games is a novel that unfolds in Panem, an apocalyptic world. The story is centered on a 16-year-old girl, katniss everdeen and her struggle for survival in dystopia. Each year, as a punishment for the failed rebellion by district 13, the 12 Panem Districts are forced to pay tribute to the ruthless Capitol regime.

book report of the hunger games

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The winner and oliver their show more content, cinna, katniss stylist, is a supportive and clever person who helps to win the hearts of the audience. He supports her by motivating her and by being as friend to her. Describe the main problem or conflict the characters have to solve. The main problem/conflict throughout the novel is the struggle to survive. The 24 contestants in the hunger Games must kill each other and be the last one remaining. Another conflict is the conflict that Katniss has with herself. She battles with herself, unable to decide whether she loves Gale or if she loves peeta. For all of the contestants, they must decide who to befriend, betray, or kill. Describe some things that happened as the characters tried to solve the problem.

book report of the hunger games

The hunger Games, book

The hunger Games is a novel written by suzanna collins. The book consists of 374 pages. Tell what the book is about. The book is about Katniss, a sixteen year old girl, who lives in district 12 with her mother and her sister, Prim. Each year, the hunger Games are held, and a boy and a girl from each essay district are chosen to fight to the death. Prim is chosen but Katniss volunteers to take the place of her in the game. Peeta is chosen as the boy from District. The majority of the book takes place in the Arena designed by the gamemakers. The main goal of the games is to kill the others and be the last one standing.

Good job suzanne collins! I would rate it ten million stars. If I could but I can't, so i will rate a very well earned five stars! Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Join the site and send us your review! 1028 Words nov 15th, 2012 5 Pages. The hunger Games book report. State the title, author, and number of pages.

The hunger Games book 1, summary

book report of the hunger games

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And it's a good book to take you somewhere else; I could really get into The hunger Game and i've been able to get into it reading it the second time round. Although it is more difficult reading it the second time round because i have now seen the film and i imagined it completely differently to how they did it in the film - and I liked my version better. I'm going straight onto the next one, catching Fire, as you can't resist reading them all as quickly as possible as soon as you've started! The book was 100 better than the film. A good book to sit down with on a horrible rain day! It makes you happy to be alive and happy to know that you are not going to be entered in a competition where you are to fight to your death every year. But it's a great story!

And a great idea for a story. It's one of the books I wish I had written myself! One of my favourite essay series of book ever! I highly suggest reading it, and hope. Suzanne collins goes on to write more teen fiction as The hunger Games was so good! I would read anything by her without batting an eyelid! One of the best authors out there at the the moment in my opinion!

But when she starts to have confusing feelings about the boy from her district who is also her fellow contender, things get worse, and then she teams up with the girl from District 11 and only one person can survive. But who will it be? Will her feelings get the better of her? Will she let someone else win so they don't have to die? If Katniss is going to win she's going to have to be brutal. She's going to have to kill!

This is the second time i have read The hunger Games! And since reading it the first time round i've wanted to read it again! But I just have so many books I haven't read and it's hard to balance it right but finally i've decided to read them again! The hunger Games was definitely the best series I read last year! I would really suggest reading it if you haven't yet! It's really different from lots of the other stuff I read.

The hunger Games: Catching Fire, wikipedia

This is where two children, one boy and one girl from each district from the ages of twelve to eighteen, have to leave their families and compete in The hunger Games, a live event that is aired on tv's all over Panem. When Katniss everdeen, aged sixteen from District 12, has to volunteer to take the place of her twelve-year-old sister Prim after Prim's name is called forth to become the 23rd member to compete in The 74th. Hunger Games, she promises to Prim that she will win! Katniss doesn't believe she's coming out alive - but she's not going down without a fight. Because district 12 is so the poor, katniss has been close to death many times from starvation but she's made it through. But this is a different kind of close to death; this Katniss doesn't know if she can survive. She doesn't want to hurt, or kill anyone but when it comes down to it Katniss' instinct is to survive.

book report of the hunger games

Suzanne is also worried about the amount of reality tv we watch. We put too much of our lives on tv, she says. And we care less for people because of this. She said that writing about death and violence in the story was the hardest thing for her to do and she hopes it will make people think about what they book watch in future. Worksheets and downloads, topics: Language level. In a place once known as North America, now known as Panem, is a very rich City surrounded by twelve districts. Every year because this very rich City, known as The capitol, is so rich and likes to think they control all the districts - which they do - there is something known as The hunger Games!

of young people competing to win a million dollars and news programmes about the war. Suzanne says that the two things started to mix together in her head and she had the idea for The hunger Games. She has always found news programmes of wars upsetting. When she was a child, her father was a pilot in the us airforce and he fought in vietnam. It was a very frightening experience for her. Some parents in the us have complained about the violence in the book. But suzanne says she was very worried about how much violence we see on tv nowadays.

The capitol organises the hunger Games every year to dream punish the districts. One boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 fight in a battle. Only one person will live. The chosen teenagers are called tributes. The whole country must watch the games on television. The story is about Katniss everdeen, a sixteen-year-old girl. Her father died and now she has to kill animals for her family to eat. Her younger sister, Prim, is chosen to be a tribute, but Katniss volunteers to go instead. The other tribute from District 12 is a boy named peeta.

The hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1, wikipedia

Instructions, preparation, introduction, the hunger Games is a book by the American author suzanne collins. It was published in 2008 and has sold millions of copies. It is the first book for young readers to sell a million electronic books and you can buy it in 26 different languages. The hunger Games is now a very successful film. It made 152.5 million dollars in its first weekend in North America! A fight to the death, the story is set in the future, after the destruction of North America. The country is called Panem. There are twelve poor districts governed by the rich Capitol. There was a thirteenth resume district in the past but the capitol destroyed them because they rebelled.

book report of the hunger games
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The hunger Games, written by suzanne collins, is fiction in the yo ung adult genre, which is not my age group, but I found myself unable to put. A summary of the action and science fiction novel by suzanne collins, The hunge r Games.

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  1. Free essay: The hunger Games book report. State the title, autho r, and number of pages. The hunger Games is a novel written by suzanna. There s one book that people have been mentioning over and over after hearing about my book nerdist status and it s The hunger Games.

  2. It was publishe d in 2008 and has sold millions of copies. It is the first book for young. The hunger Games study guide contains a biography of suzanne collins. Quiz que stions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and.

  3. The hunger Games begins on the day of the reaping in District. Katniss everdeen, the story s 16-year-old narrator, sets out to meet her friend Gale. The hunger Gamesby suzanne collinsCaitlin reicher4-28-11Per. The hunger Games is a book by the American author suzanne collins.

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