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That the local drawers are of gigantic proportions. 51 This could point to the loose punjabi suthan which, unlike the punjabi salwar, has multiple pleats and is very baggy with many folds. The suthan can also be arranged in plaits. 52 Up to 20 yards of cloth can be used which hangs in innumerable folds. 53 Some varieties, such as those of Chakwal, can use between 30 and 40 yards of cloth which are made with overhanging pleats. 54 The material used for the suthan is traditionally coloured cotton with silk lines going down and is called sussi.

42 The use of the kurti by women has been noted during the 1600s 43 44 to the present day. The kurti can be front opening from below the neck to the waist, or cover the back but leave the stomach exposed with some styles fastening at the back. A variation of the kurti, known as a bandi, is sleeveless and methodology is worn as a pullover with no side slits and front opening. A longer version of the bandi is known as a chemise which has a lace write around its hem. 45 Both bandi and chemise traditionally have been worn by women indoors. Somer versions are worn as pullovers with no side slits and font opening. The choli is referred to as kurti in Punjabi which can be half or full sleeved and be hip 46 length. Design edit punjabi women in west Punjab 47 48 and east Punjab 47 (which includes Haryana and Himachal Pradesh ) traditionally wore the punjabi suthan suit which was made of a head scarf, upper garment and suthan. 49 Types edit The punjabi suthan is of two types: loose to above the ankles and tight at the ankles, or loose to the knees, and then cut straight and tight to the ankles. 50 loose punjabi suthan edit It was noted by Alberuni in the 11th century.

essay on my favourite dress salwar kameez

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33 The svasthana was worn with the tunic called varbana 34 which was tight fitting. Kurta/Kurti edit Phulkari kurta women's Punjabi kurti saraiki kurti The use of side slits in the straight cut Punjabi kurta can be traced to the 11th century. 35 female kurtaka worn in parts of north India and was a short shirt, with sleeves extending from the shoulders, to the middle of the body, and had slashes on the left and the right sides. 36 This is the same as the modern straight cut kurta which has side slits and worn by women in Punjab. 37 In modern usage, a short kurta is referred to as the kurti. However, traditionally, the kurti is a short cotton coat 38 39 (without side slits) and is believed to have descended from the tunic of the Shunga period (2nd century. 40 The local style of kurti also dissertation includes the type that flares out around the waist. 41 The traditional Punjabi kurti is front opening and is buttoned. Traditionally, a chain of gold or silver called zanjiri is woven into the buttons.

essay on my favourite dress salwar kameez

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24 and during King Harsha's 25 rule during the 7th century. 26 a version of the svasthana has been noted in ancient India which sticks to the calves with narrow circumferences of the lower opening. 27 This is similar to the punjabi ghuttana which is loose at the thighs and tightens at the knees and ends at the calves (with some versions thank ending at the knees and the lower legs being naked). 28 This suggests that the use of the suthan is indigenous to the punjab region. Ultimately, however, the svasthana could have been introduced to ancient India from Central Asia, 29 but its use became popular amongst the general people in the local area during the medieval period, 30 particularly, the 7th century. 25 The wearing of the suthan and kurta continued to be prevalent during the mughal period between. 31 and has been in use in unbroken succession since ancient times. 32 The national review (1925) notes that the suthan was in much use in the punjab, generally in white washable cloth but on feast days of rich material such as Lahore silk.

The churidar pajama was also referred to as the suthan. 18 The word suthana was also used in Hindi, to describe pajamas. 19 Ancient svasthana and varbana outfit worn during Gupta Empire, the basis of the punjabi suthan suit History edit 20th (Punjab) Regiment of Bengal Native infantry. Painting by walter Fane (1828-85 1868 Suthan edit The use of the suthan in the punjab region 20 also called suthana in Punjabi is a survival of the ancient svasthana. 11 21 svasthana referred to a lower garment which can be described as a type of trousers. The svasthana was in use amongst the rulers in the mauryan times(322185 bce). 22 evidence of the use of svasthana amongst the ruling classes has also been observed in North India during the kushan Empire between the 1st and 3rd centuries. 23 It was noted in use during the gupta Empire between 4th and 6th centuries.

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essay on my favourite dress salwar kameez

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The outfit includes the. Patiala salwar and the, saraiki shalwar suits of the, punjab region. Contents, punjabi suit edit The term Punjabi suit refers to the three piece ensemble comprising the head scarf, kameez and the salwar. However, the term also encompasses the older variety of the punjabi suthan suit which is made up of the head scarf, kurta/kurti and Punjabi suthan. 9 Punjabi suthan and kurta suit edit Etymology edit The word suthan is derived from the sanskrit word svasthana, 10 which means tight fitting trousers which in turn is derived from the central Asian word Samstamni. 11 12 The suthan are trousers cut straight and tight, as opposed to the salwar, which is baggy and can be full of folds.

13 The tight suthan is loose resumes to the knees but the loose punjabi suthan is loose to the lower legs and very tight at the ankles. The salwar ends in a band which is loose fitting. Despite this difference, people use the word suthan and salwar interchangeably to describe loose suthans and salwars, 14 with the loose suthan resembling the salwar. 15 Prior to the use of the term pajama, the term suthan was used. Therefore, the woollen pajamas of Gilgit 16 are also referred to as suthan. 17 However, these are not of the punjabi variety.

The shopping is easy fun at our online store. Select the size, fabric, work and Color; it will display all Salwars suits that matches your criteria. Add to Shopping bag all your favourite salwar suits to go ahead with the order. We keep updating our collection on a regular basis so you always remain abreast with the fashion. For different styles, see, shalwar kameez.

The punjabi, salwar is part of the punjabi suit which is the traditional attire of the. Punjab region of the, indian subcontinent. It is known for its lively hues, rich fabrics and embroidery. The suit features three items - a kameez (top salwar (bottom) and dupatta (scarf). The women's Punjabi salwar suit style has become popular all over the sub-continent and beyond 1 2 reaching even the remote parts. 3, it is also the national dress for, pakistan, 4 5 since the later 1960s with the punjabi salwar being used in government offices. 6, the outfit has been a part of Punjabi tradition for centuries whether as the suthan 7 8 kurta/kurti ensemble or the salwar jhaga ( kameez kurta combination.

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Prominent designers showcase include designs from Bollywood, party-theme on nature and Pathani and Mughal era. If you internet are looking for a full range. Salwar, kameez, indian Wedding Saree brings you an impressive collection scintillatingly making its cross over from ethnic to party-wear attire. Hot Selling, salwar, kameez : The golden, bridal, salwar, kameez with intricate embroidery and stunning stone work is a favourite of Punjabi Brides. If you are a would-be-bride then make sure to check our top selling golden, salwar, kameez. The next in the hot selling list. Red maroon Bridal, salwar, kamzez with golden floral embroidery, zari and Lace work. The rich and stylish look it renders makes it a perfect choice for traditional wedding. Shopping is fun easy at Indian Wedding Saree: Browse though our All Salwar Kameez section to buy this gracious traditional attire for every occasion.

essay on my favourite dress salwar kameez

Find your own beautiful. Salwar, kammez at Indian Wedding Saree store, tailored for formal and small party events. Salwar kameez are known for their colourful dimensions and print ensembles. With a plethora of design available, buying this traditional stylish attire for wedding, birthdays, festivals, work and parties just got easier. Flaunt the choicest. Salwar, kameez woven in cotton, silk, jacquard, crepe, wool and polyester etc. High on comfort and quality, these are just as perfect for a regular housewife as for a frantically busy professional woman. Pick from a range of exclusive designer. Salwar, kameez inspired from the dressing sensibilities of different communities in the Indian sub-continent.

and casual attire, only one category comes to the mind. Indian, salwar, kameez is the unassailable first love for teenagers and adults alike. Perfect for all body types, there are over 50 different cuts available in this gracious attire. The coolest thing about, salwar, kameez is its evolution. From a home-grown Kurti in the 60s, it has steadily climbed the ladders of designer attires.

Our designers are creative and evernote experienced, and we believe that every woman deserves the best in the fashion world. Pakistani designer, salwar, kameez available at our online store is crafted with love and is backed by a qualified team which includes designers to tailors and many more passionate workers. What you find today at our store will not be available after few days, because we do not believe in repetition rather we focus on freshness. We request our customers to purchase the dress the moment it clicks their heart, otherwise it might be difficult to find it again. Buy punjabi suits online from Fashionwebz. There is a lot of similarity between pakistani and Punjabi dresses, at the same time there are slightest differences too. No matter which salwar kameez you like, you can instantly find it with. It is a busy world today, and we understand how difficult it is to search any particular dress in the markets. In order to save your time, effort and money, we bring a lovely collection of dresses and you can buy.

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Pakistani dresses for women have a charm of their own and always stay on the top list of fashion outfits. Our designers know it adorns the style of a woman; hence we bring a broad range of pakistani dresses of unique designs and patterns. Women from pakistan and India love wearing the elegantly designed pakistani suits, casually and during parties and festivals. What is so special about the pakistani dresses we have in hippie our range is- they are not gaudy and give out a classy look. At Fashion Webz, the fashionable women out there can expect beautiful designer collection, supreme quality fabric, and outstanding designs. Pakistani salwar kameez online, all at affordable prices. We have impressed a lot of women from all across the globe with our pakistani suits, and that has helped us to have wide number of satisfied customers in almost every part of the world. We stand out in the online market because of the latest collections that we update frequently at our site. Pakistani designer, salwar, kameez, whether it is Diwali or Eid, or your friends wedding, who doesnt love to look her best?

essay on my favourite dress salwar kameez
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  1. Add to Shopping bag all your favourite salwar, suits. Casual festive indian dresses online. Ladies ethnic salwar kameez suit. The punjabi lawsuit is a favorite in many areas of the).

  2. Dress : Punjabi salwar suit. Dress ; New Arrivals. Browse though our All. Salwar Kameez section to buy this gracious traditional.

  3. Its an ultra-classy range to embrace your favourite mirrors. Tailor-Made pakistani, salwar Kameez. In the punjab, the salwar kameez is also known as the chunni jhagga salwar suit. Girls in Punjabi suits.

  4. Follow your favourite designers. Punjabi patiala, salwar Kameez, bollywood Designer Indian Embroidery Bridal suit. Salwar Kameez, bollywood Designer Indian Embroidery Bridal suit. Get a variety of trending pakistani dresses shalwar kameez.

  5. Buy online Anarkali suits, Anarkali. Salwar, suits dress material, Anarkali semi stitch suit in green, blue, black and deliveries in uk, india, australia, canada. Best Discounts offers on Mirraw salwar - kameez. Salwar, suit - usd.0 (Standard.

  6. Pick your favourite dress right away! People say about. Online shopping store for Anarkali. Salwar Kameez at low price.

  7. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on my favourite Dress. StudyMode - premium and Free. An essay of The dress. Shop for pakistani salwar kameez online uk, usa, canada, australia at Fashionwebz.

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