My memorable moments essay

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The banner was dropped and my world was flipped upside down. I was happy for them at first then my other cousins planted a seed of doubt within me, which as youll see later grew into a huge evil tree. Many of my older cousins and friends assured me that everything would be so different. They said that when paddy was my dad he wouldnt be fun any more. They told me he would be strict and evil and that hed take my mum away. They must have told my brother the same thing because he wasnt happy and he felt no shame in expressing how he felt.

I had to confess everything to paddy who found it all madly hilarious, probably because he wasnt the one about to be grounded tiger for eternity. Paddy rushed to meet my mum and explain. I sat up waiting for my mum to get back but I fell asleep before she arrived. The australia next day was a sunday and we went to church and my brothers and sisters and their mum came down from Manchester. It was a special weekend because the sunday school had a presentation. My mum and Paddy were glowing, lillian told me that that was love, but Audrey said that we were imagining things. Well Audrey was wrong because 6 months, later Paddy tricked my mum and threw her an engagement party. This was weird because my mum saw all these people at the church hall and she thought it was a fellowship meeting but Paddy had a changing dress ready for her for when she accepted his proposal. Mum accepted and the general get together turned to an engagement party. She changed into her black and gold dress (which paddy took credit for despite the fact that it was my aunts choice) and wore her engagement ring with pride.

my memorable moments essay

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But there were key similarities. They were both single, they were both not with any body, they were both aloneo. So thats one similarity but I was 8 and Lillian was 13, we only needed one similarity. Lillian told her dad that my mum had called and said that she had a cold so she couldnt make lunch. It was obvious that we were no perfect little disney actors with a hundred thousand pound script explaining the master plan, the outcome and our lines because it all went pear shaped. Lillians dad called Paddy to tell him that lunch was cancelled and my poor mum was at the Chinese restaurant all alone waiting for them. Paddy called to find out how using my mum was feeling and i experienced a mental melt down. I started panicking and thinking about my punishment. I suddenly wished I had gone to the saturday play club with my sister and cousins.

my memorable moments essay

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My uncle was the head pastor in that church and pastor Charles kayiwa was the deputy pastor. Pastor Charles kayiwa lived in Sweden for most of homework his life and then he moved to assist in my uncles church. I loved fl partly because it was a guarantee to see my cousins Lillian, audrey and Emmanuel once a week, partly because it was upbeat and interesting (which is important in a church to stop the congregation nodding off and missing the whole point. Its now obvious that family plays a very important part in the lives of all those close. So its no surprise that my mother met my uncle for lunch or dinner every 3rd Thursday of the month to talk. Usually they hosted a guest at there little get together and thats the only reason this was all possible. My mother and Paddy are the complete opposite. Shes tall, hes short, shes light, hes dark, shes Caribbean, hes African.

My sister, brother and I loved our daddy and people have always told us that we were attached to him. Although my mum and Caren tell us that he was just there physically but mentally and emotionally he didnt exist and I believe this plainly because i vaguely remember the years when my dad was around but he has no place or role in that. By law my fathers death certificate states march 1993 but my mum says it should say 1991, which is when he went into spiritual hibernation. Despite my fathers absence i was secure in my family, very comfortable and very loved I felt complete. My fathers family had an active role in my life also and they never tried to shut any of us out mainly because theres seven of us came as a package. Ive always loved church and Im constantly active in my church. As a baby i attended hounslow evangelical church, then my mother moved us to her brother in laws church, fountains of Life pentecostal church, which is where it all began.

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my memorable moments essay

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Between the help five of us we were a handful and we were all very demanding. But we always got what we wanted and needed, maybe not when we asked but in the for end we never went with out. My brother and his siblings lived in Manchester with their mum and my sister and I lived in London with my mother but we were as close as can be despite the distance between us and we would see each other every weekend. As children we fought like crazy, as adolescents we lost sight of, and interest in our parents goal to build and maintain a real family and as teenagers we grew to understand and accept each other as individuals yet as one. Everything sounds so right and perfectright? There were little hard times when our mothers fell out, when money was just non-existent, when traumas occurred, when one persons decision changed everyones life.

I cant possibly talk of all the things we went through, all I can say is that joy truly comes in the morning and to go through means to enter, travel and exit. The first two parts of this process are very testing but the reward of new knowledge, greater wisdom and awesome enlightenment at the point of exit is certainly worth. I guess thats why they say what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. Ill speak of this one family members decision, the consequences, the test, the trials, and enlightenment it bought. Even when my dad was alive he wasnt exactly part of the family.

English language rubric, we were a team my mum, my sister and. My dad died when I was five and I dont remember much about him. Im always told that girls who grew up without their fathers, always live with an empty whole inside. Well I didnt, ive always had a big family and although theyre not all blood, sometimes the bond between two strangers goes deeper than the bond between two strangers with dna ties. My mother has 28 brothers and sisters from her dad, my biological father has 20 from his father, and my step dad outdoes them all with 40 from his father, so i have hundreds of cousins many of which ive never heard of, let alone.

My mum always tells me that anyone can be a father but it takes real man to be a daddy. I never looked at my father as anything more than a sperm donor. Dont get me wrong, i was never angry or bitter towards him simply because you cant blame someone for dieing. I had a full childhood. We werent rich nor poor, my mum worked hard but not so hard that she never saw. I consider my self a strong African woman because my mothers one and in many ways all I want is to be a duplicate of her. We were given a lot of encouragement in everything we had interest. As typical children our dreams and ambitions changed regularly but my mother and my brothers mother, who was sort of our second parent, never ceased to push and encourage. My father had a son with Caren who has two other kids and my mum had my sister and.

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Im a strong young black African woman with full knowledge and appreciation of my cultural background. I know more than I should about life and although this causes using many problems Im grateful for that gift because reviews knowledge is a large step towards wisdom, which is my true goal. Ive been through a lot in my life but Im not complaining because what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, Im against submitting to the way of any man, because gods far above us all and he knows best. We will write a custom essay sample. My most memorable moment or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples.

my memorable moments essay

My name is thesis Melinda nampiima kiwanuka. My most memorable moment introduction. Im 16years old and my date of birth is 04/07/87. Im a born again Christian and an active member of my pentecostal church liberty Christian fellowship. Im the youngest of my group of true friends, of which the oldest is Sharpe whos 30 and besides me the youngest is Peter whos. The rest of my best friends include Arnold-19, Edgar-20, julie-23, paidah-25, Brenda-27, and Nicholas/Nicky-29. I have 8 brothers and sisters and although theyre not all blood my family is very close and we all love each other more than we can express.

released him the next day with a 100 dollars fine. Finally, i knew that they protested against use of sand oil from Canada. It was not my expectation to see the protestors. Next day, i decided to go to the national Gallery of Art. When i arrived at the national Gallery of Art, the outside structure of the building took my breath away. From outside looking at the museum its size just astonished. The big tall granite columns and the granite steps.

Through the center garden i essay arrived at the White house. The White house is a very great building, it has a huge yard and tidy grass, and it looks like a garden. Unfortunately, i could not visit inside, so i called the White house is a secret Garden. One of the memorable things is that I saw many people standing in front of the White house. Some of them held a big sign. Others stood on the grass to listen to somebodys speech. In the beginning, i really did not know what they doing. I thought they were celebrating something, because i saw many girls dancing and singing. In the meanwhile, i saw many policemen and police cars in front of the White house.

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My memorable trip, i like travelling so much, and I dream I can travel around the world one day. Many of the places I have been include hong Kong, si chuan, and Shanghai. All these places are great, hippie but all of these are in China. However, this time i was so excited because i had a four days trip to washington dc in July. I had been looking forward to get there for a long time. It took about two hours get to washington dc with my family by plane. When the plane got ready to land, i saw a lot of trees on both sides of the road and a wide, clean river clearly from the window. I was so happy. I stayed near to the White house, so i could walk there.

my memorable moments essay
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I can tell you about a few of my memorable moments in high school. The happiest day of my life Essay - preserve apr 2011 On a holiday, i was sitting.

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