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Plus, you can stain cells in-app just as you would in the lab. Price: Free developer: Invitrogen Corporation Math Graphing Calculator hd graphing is one of the most tedious processes a math student will encounter. However, graphing is made much easier with Graphing Calculator hd, which brings a powerful yet easy to use graphing tool straight to your ipad. Graphing Calculator hd is able to graph functions, find exact coordinates of minimums, maximums, and roots of equations, compatible with logarithms and trig functions, as well as many other computations all for.99, which is much cheaper than any physical graphing calculator out there. Price:.99 developer: Appcylon llc isoceles: geometry sketchpad isosceles is a great utility for geometry students. This app makes it easy to draw anything you may need to in geometry class, as your sketches snap in place to create a more accurate representation of bisectors, angles, and spirals. Price:.99 developer: Base 12 Innovations myscript Calculator myscript Calculator is not your ordinary calculator.

Luminos brings the night sky and everything youd want to know about it straight to your ipad. 3D renderings of all of the constellations, moons, planets, and space bodies appear just where they would be in the actual sky. It is by far one of the most complete astronomy applications and provides a truly out of this world experience. Price:.99 developer: Wobbleworks llc molecules Molecules is a simple application that shows you 3D models of any molecule. All you have to do is search the molecule youd like to see, and you will be able to see both the ball and stick model and the space-filling visualization of the chemical. Price: Free developer: Sunset lake software wolfram Physics i course Assistant Physics can very well be one of the hardest courses you take in high school, but luckily there are apps like wolfram Physics i course Assistant to help you. The app covers every topic discussed in a standard high school physics class, and even has the capability of solving problems for each of the concepts. So essay feel better: that hypothetical force of gravity that comes from stressing over physics has been lifted off your shoulders. Price:.99 developer: Wolfram Alpha llc 3d cell Simulation and Stain tool 3d cell Simulation and Stain tool allows you to get up close and personal with the very formations of life on Earth. The 3D models will teach you everything you need to know about cells and their parts.

myhomework student planner

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The app updates the sets itself as you edit them, keeping all of your notecards intact whenever you may need them. Price: Free developer: Red 8 Ventures Sciences Elemints: Periodic Table every high school student has to experience the world of chemistry, and luckily there is Elemints: Periodic Table to help you out. All you need to know about any element — atomic mass, melting and boiling points, classification — is at your fingertips. But this app is more than just a periodic table. Elemints comes packed with tons of tools to help you visualize chemistry and make calculations, which makes your chemistry career just that much easier. Price:.99 developer: Mochi development, Inc. Luminos The universe is a big place, and without the proper tools, it is nearly impossible thank to learn even the slightest bit about. That is where luminos comes into the picture.

myhomework student planner

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Subtitles with time breakdowns streamline your learning process as you are able to easily skip over the things you already know. You can even download videos straight from the app to watch offline. And yes, all of this is for free. Price: Free developer: Khan Academy learnist With tons of source-fed ebooks, videos, podcasts, and more, learnist is the place where you can learn how to do just about anything. Information posted in learnist tends to be a little bit off-beat, but still brings about the point and is perfect if youre looking to add a little bit of flair to a research paper or report. Price: Free developer: Grockit qcards for quizlet Many students find flashcards to be an effective way to study. Quizlet offers an amazing outlet to create online flashcards, but unfortunately they have yet essay to develop an ipad app. Luckily, there is qcards for quizlet, which allows you to access all of your flashcard sets from the service.

Evernote peek makes clever use of the Smart covers technology to create an effective study system. When you flip up your Smart cover, peek sends you a flashcard. The answer is revealed by flipping up the cover even further. Price: Free developer: evernote itunes u itunes u is Apples education center. Featuring a large library of video and audio podcasts as well as books and documents created by teachers and professors across the globe, you are sure to find something that will help you review or learn something new. Itunes u also features a note taking ability to take an extra step out of your studies and bring everything into one place. Price: Free developer: Apple Khan Academy Khan Academy offers one of the biggest resources to any student. With over 3,500 videos on any topic you can imagine, you will never have to scramble to find someone who can help you figure out a difficult topic ever again.

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myhomework student planner

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If your school uses, all report of your homework can be automatically pushed to the app, too. Best yet, its all wrapped up into one pretty package. Price: Free developer: Rodrigo neri Things for ipad For those who are looking for a little more oomph in their task management app, there is Things for ipad. The app allows you to sort all of your tasks into projects; tasks are then managed by priority, due dates, or other criteria. One thing that Things for ipad does well is creating a sense of perspective by allowing you to see what is due, whats due next, then whats scheduled in the future. You can even add repeating tasks for those quizzes you get every monday or worksheets you get every Thursday.

Price:.99 developer: Cultured Code Gmbh. Kg 30/30 30/30 is the ultimate time management tool. This app allows you to break down all the tasks you need to do into a set amount of time: 30 minutes to do your history homework, 20 minutes for math, etc. These timers help you get cracking on your work so itll actually get done. Price: Free developer: Binary hammer Study tools and Resources evernote peek if you have a smart cover, this one is for you.

The app serves as a database that can bring you virtually anything you wish: the derivative of a function, the location of a satellite at a certain time, unemployment rates in cities across the globe, genealogy — anything. Its by far one of the most powerful tools a student can have, and a bargain at the price.99. Price:.99 developer: Wolfram Alpha llc task management (Coming soon Clear for ipad Clear is the perfect task management app for minimalists. Beloved by those who use it on the iphone, clear creates lists and lists only: no due dates, no reminders, no distractions. Youd be surprised at how effective (and beautiful).

Price: tbd developer: realMac Software istudiez pro School gets really crazy really quickly, but the istudiez team created their app, istudiez pro, to help alleviate some of the stress created by your busy schedule. IStudiez pro allows you to manage all of your classes and coursework in an effective manner. It breaks down your schedule by the day, so youre able to see what is coming up and what is due. Also, youre able to manage your grades within the app itself, so you have a real-time gauge of where you may need to work to improve. Price:.99 developer: iStudiez team myHomework Student Planner myHomework is one of the best free planner apps there is on the market. Once you add all of your class information, the app is extremely easy to use and keep organized. Adding assignments is easy, and the app has an option for homework, tests, projects, and anything else you may think. By signing up for a myHomework account, youre able to get reminders pushed right to your ipad.

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Being one of the more full-featured word processors for ios, pages comes complete with templates that are great for school projects — as well as all the settings that fall in line with standards for papers. Price:.99 developer: Apple penultimate If you prefer to take notes by hand, penultimate is your fit as its the closest youll get to the feel of a pen and a notebook on the ipad. You can sort out your studies in notebooks, which are then synced to your evernote account for easy access anywhere. Price: Free developer: evernote wikipedia movie mobile sure, your teacher may say it is not a reliable source, but there is almost nothing that wikipedia doesnt discuss. Its a great resource when you want to learn just a little bit more about the subject at hand. Besides, itd probably using be the place youd first look at in a google search. Price: Free developer: wikimedia foundation WolframAlpha wolframAlpha is the ultimate resource for students.

myhomework student planner

Price: Free, developer: Apple, keynote, if you ever need to make a presentation, keynote has you covered. The salvation app provides the templates, so all you need to do is add the information. Youll have a professional looking presentation in no time. Price:.99 developer: Apple notability notability is the perfect pdf annotator and note-taking app for students. It comes packed with tools, like highlighters, type, pens, and shapes, in order to make your notes beautiful and make pdf annotation very easy. The in-app filing system also makes it very easy to organize your notes for each class, so you need not worry about losing the notes you are being tested on the next day. Notability works with Dropbox, so you can have your files saved in the cloud as well. Price:.99 developer: Ginger Labs Pages Whether you use it for taking notes or writing a paper, pages is a great word processor for the ipad.

space for free. What makes it amazing for students is it serves as a place to create and edit google docs. Its perfect for collaborating, as cloud storage allows anyone in the group to work on it from any device at any time, making the group project much easier to coordinate. Price: Free, developer: google, inc. Ibooks, every student has books, and ibooks has books for every student. This app really does take a load off of your back — figuratively and physically. Ibooks has everything youll probably have to read in English class, and even has tons of interactive textbooks for other subjects. . you are able to annotate just as you would in a physical book. Plus, many of the textbook offerings have additional content, such as videos and quizzes, to aid your learning.

Utilities, dropbox, lets face it: iCloud is make not the most reliable cloud service, and is certainly not the most practical service if you dont run os x at school or at home. Dropbox has been a big player in the cloud storage game for quite some time now, and for good reason. Using, dropbox, you are able to access your files from any device that has the app installed, or any computer that has internet access. You can put any type of file youd like in your Dropbox folder, whether its a picture, a pdf, or even an eps file. Oh yeah—its free, too. Price: Free, extra storage is available at a yearly cost. Developer: Dropbox, evernote, evernote is the students catch all. Youre able to store notes, files, photos, and whatever your heart desires to be synced across all your devices.

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With school coming up just around the corner, it is important to have all the tools you might possibly need for the next school year. Nowadays, many students use ipads as a tool in their studies, and for good reason: the ipad has a wealth of amazing summary apps for education. . The following is a roundup of ipad apps that are geared toward, but not limited to, high school students. Find out which apps students cant miss after the jump. Stay up to date with the latest changes by subscribing to our. Rss feed or by following us either. Twitter, facebook, google.

myhomework student planner
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Youre able to store notes, files, photos, and whatever your heart desires to be synced across all your devices. You can even create todo lists and voice memos so you wont forget things you need.

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  2. Buy, penn Foster Study Planner : read 31 Apps games reviews -. Take better notes, solve tough math problems and study smarter with the best student apps for your phone and tablet. Best online service that can do my homework for.

  3. MyHomework is the leading digital student planner. With highly rated apps in ios, google Play, mac, windows, Chromebook, kindle fire and a great website experience, it's the perfect choice for students, parents, teachers and schools looking to improve student organization. Discover the top 100 best daily planner apps for ios free and paid. Top ios apps for daily planner in AppCrawlr!

  4. MyHomework is a digital student planner app where students can manage their school life online. Available on the iphone, ipad, Android, kindle fire, windows and the web, myHomework replaces the traditional student planner or paper school diary with a great experience on your favorite devices. Buy myHomework Student Planner : read 248 Apps games reviews -.

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