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A Short History of the, human Rights, movement

Many people were killed in this war; however, the United Nations members refused to listen to the numerous requests to send the additional troops and monetary support to Rwanda. Another part of the country, which was not captured by the rpf, was invaded and went under control of France, where they continued the atrocity of killing the tutsi. Between July and August of 1994, the rpf seized the other part of the country, which was under the French rule. Later on the tutsi rebels conquered the entire country, as they defeated the hutu and ended the genocide. Approximately 2,000,000 Hutus left the country being scared of the retaliatory attack by the tutsi; they fled to tanzania, uganda, zaire, and Burundi. This came to be known as the Great lake refugee crisis.

The people, who did this, were those, whom the society depended on, to provide them with the necessary security and protection. These were the people, who have been entrusted to protect the others; instead, they were harming those, whom they should have been protecting at all costs. The media, which is largely dependent on the government to provide measures that encourage the citizens to coexist peacefully, was instead found to be the one spreading and broadcasting hate speeches and advocating for violence against the tutsi. For example, radio television Libre des Mille collines was spreading the hate speech against the tutsi, where the killing of people, destruction of property, rape cases and other inhuman scenes that were largely witnessed, were openly promoted. While all this was happening, the perpetrators of this were much aware that they were going against the bill of Rights, which outlines the rights that are given to each and every human being; that is to say that the rights are universal to all. When genocide broke out, those tutsis, who were in exile, decided not to attack the hutus in Rwanda; instead, they directed their forces to Rwanda resume as a country and decided not to attack the hutus, but to try to solve the problems that faced all. They were under the leadership of paul Kagame and represented a combination of forces of all the tutsi rebels that were in exile in the different countries, such as Tanzania, uganda, and zaire. At this given time, the war was between the hutu and the tutsi, who had fled their country earlier. The war lasted for the two months. The rpf tutsi captured the capital, and by june had advanced to the northern, eastern, and southern parts of Rwanda.

short essay on human rights

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This supports the fact that the tutsi were accused being guilty of the plain crush. The thing is that there were no investigations. This raises a question, if Tutsi were innocent, how could those that suffered during the rounding up and killing would be compensated. The massacre spread throughout the whole country; the between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tutsi and moderate hutus were left dead on the hands of the militia groups. Moreover, the local people were forced to go an extra mile to kill their neighbors. The president of mrnd was largely speculated to have had a hand in the cause of genocide that was witnessed all over the country. Many people fled their homes or lost them, the property was destroyed; others lost their lives, were brought under the forced slavery, or were raped.

short essay on human rights

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The people did not exercise their democratic rights. In July 1990, juvenal announced that he wanted to make the country a multiparty state. This could, in turn, provide the people with their democratic rights. In October 1993, burundi president, who paperless was a hutu, was assassinated by the tutsi military unit in Burundi. This has brought tension in Rwanda, since the tutsi were few in number, as compared to the hutus; in Burundi the situation was the opposite. On April 6, 1994, an airplane carrying juvenal, the president of Rwanda, and Cyprien Hutu, the president of Burundi, crushed at Kigali when it was about to land. Military people started killing the tutsi and other political moderates without considering their ethnicity.

In turn, they forced others to resign; some were exiled or even killed during this process. This was another issue, which is contrary to the human rights; no one in any given profession should be forced out of work, because of any reason, unless otherwise specified. No one in any work should be discriminated against because of the color, tribe, or religion. In 1975, the national revolutionary movement for development was formed. The main aim of the formation of this movement was to promote peace, unity, and national development in the whole country, and to bring unity between the communities that lived in the country. In 1978, juvenal made efforts to unify the country into one party, which was eventually approved. Therefore, in 19, he won the presidential elections unopposed, since he was the sole candidate; hence, had no one to compete with. The people were never given the candidates to choose from, as they were provided with only one person. The only thing that they could actually do was to vote either for or against him.

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short essay on human rights

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They people of employee Rwanda thought that now, when they have elected a president of their own choice, he would unify them and ensure that their own personal human rights that they were supposed to enjoy as other human beings, were going to be respected. However, that was not the case, since between 19, tutsi began the guerrilla attack in order to advocate for their own rights. In his tenure, kayibanda was aware of the existing discrimination against Tutsi; however, he continued the belgian policy, where all the people living in Rwanda were required to carry an ethnic identification card. He also discouraged mixed marriages between the hutu and Tutsi, which was clearly not in accordance with the un bill of Rights, which gives all human beings an equal chance and access to resources that availed to them, and no one is allowed to take. The bills of Rights does not support the discrimination of people in terms of their color, tribe, gender, or even religion. All people are given the equal rights of sharing the available resources in the country.

In 1964, kayibanda banned all the political parties and executed the tutsi members; hence, they were forced to flee their home country and to seek for refuge in other countries. Each person, who resides in a country either by birth, registration or naturalization, has a right to stay in that country, and no one should force any other person to leave his/her own country. No one should be forcefully evicted from his or her own country. On July 5, 1973, major General juvenal had overthrown kayibanda, suspended the constitution, and banned all political activities in the entire country. He also banned the" system, which, in turn, favored the tutsi, because they occupied most of the professional fields in the country: for example, they were over represented in the medical and education fields. This did not last long, since in 1974, there was a countrywide outcry regarding the over representation of the tutsi.

One should also bear in mind that the hutus practiced agriculture, while the tutsi were pastoralists. The topics and questions mentioned above are only a few of those that normally flood the minds, when talking about genocide in Rwanda. One of the important factors to consider prior to talking about genocide is Rwandas conditions before. The legal forces were put in place to ensure that people are aware of what could befell them, if they engage themselves in what was deemed to be wrong by the majority. Then the logical question is why then later they turned against each other.

One may wonder whether the legal system was effective or not. People of Rwanda were first colonized by the germans and later on by the belgians, who to a very large extend are blamed for brewing hatred between the two tribes in Rwanda. They had to create animosity between the hutus and the tutsis, so that they could hate one another; hence, paving the way for the colonialists to exploit them in any given form. The two could now wage war against one another. In 1959, 150,000 Tutsis were exiled to neighboring countries; those, who remained, were excluded from power, which was to a large extent the violation of human rights. This shows that basically, the violation of human rights has started by the colonialists long before the initial onset of  genocide. On July 1, 1962, Rwanda got its independence, and kayibanda became the countrys first elected president.

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The Universal Declaration of, human Rights : Article. (1) everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the healthand well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing,housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right tosecurity in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age. (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. . All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same socialprotection. 5 2, wikipedia 3 m 4 m 5, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The questions that easily find their way into any persons mind, when one mentions the genocide in Rwanda, are quite many, starting from who did what. One may wonder what exactly fuelled the situation, bearing in mind that the two shakespeare conflicting tribes have lived together since the time of paying tributes to one king. Additional questions that may arise include what brought about the animosity; which circumstances surrounded the eruption of the genocide; did it happen naturally or there were some forces behind. Frankly, if it had happened naturally, then how could the two communities who lead very different lifestyles, come for one another?

short essay on human rights

Chances are, this type of assignment is one which requires you to address the controversy that exists between the contributions and theories proposed by both men. In that case, look over the facts below to see if any of them are useful in your next writing assignment: Continue reading.00 avg. Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes 96 of orders delivered on time.5 out of 10 average quality score Free inquiry or Calculate price to top. 3, part i, first I checked out what universal health care is and found that it means exactly what it says : describes health care systems organized around providing a specified package of benefit s to all members of a society with the end goal. 2, since many opponents of universal healthcare have called it socialism, i wanted to clear that. I searched and searched to find the true definition, not just one persons opinion and I found that people tended to confuse the concept of socialism withcommunism and even liberalism. Socialism is not connected to healthcare, as it has to do with economics and production run by the people. 3, i came to the conclusion thatuniversal healthcare comes under social services, those benefits and facilities such as education, food subsidies, healthcare, and subsidized planning housing provided by agovernment to improve the life and living conditions of the children, disabled, the elderly, and the poor.

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short essay on human rights
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