The pursuit of happiness essay from the movie

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There is one seen where Chris makes up an imaginary game with his son to hide the reality of sleeping in a subway bathroom. This particular part was an excellent example of the acting talents of Will Smith, because it truly brought a tear to my eye. Since the first time i watched Will Smith on the tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, i instantly became a fan. His acting talents are outstanding, always resulting in a great film. I have watched almost all of Will Smiths movies and have never been disappointed. Will Smith is a great actor and in this movie, his acting turns a mediocre story into a masterpiece.

The only problem is that the internship has no salary, so he has to sell some of his medical scanners in order for his son and study him to survive. Get eveetter essay, we will writustom, essay sample. Evaluation on The pursuit of Happiness. Topics specifically for you, chris and his son were evicted out of two apartments also having the irs take almost all the money out of his account. Do chris and his son start sleeping wherever they could? I can not say, but one thing is for sure, i recommend this movie, it is definitely worth renting. It will definitely hit you with heartwarming emotions. Will Smith was the producer of this movie, which was very surprising to me since he has produced many of his own movies. The thing that I found essay interesting was the way he used his own son in the story. I think that it worked greatly to this story, because they were so natural together.

the pursuit of happiness essay from the movie

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Chris, a struggling salesman, tries to support his family but is not having much success. He attempts to make things better, but they writing always end up worse. His wife finally gives up on hope and decides to pack her bags and leave, taking their son with her. Chriss son means more to him than anything in the world, which is why his wife decides to let their son stay with him. One day while walking down the street Chris runs into a guy getting out of a red Ferrari, and asked him what he does for a living. The man tells him that he is a stockbroker and works for dean Witten. From there on out, Chris pursues an internship as a stockbroker hoping to land a full time position.

the pursuit of happiness essay from the movie

The pursuit of happiness essay

This film has been available since december 15, 2006, so i was able to view it from the comforts of my own home. The movie has a pg-13 rating due to some mild language and violence. The main character, Chris essay Gardner, is played by actor Will Smith, who has also stand out in many other movie hits such as Bad boys, hancock, men in Black, i am Legend, and i-robot. The movie casts Will Smiths son Jaden Smith, who plays the son that Chris vows to take care. Inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, this movie drama takes upon a man who struggles to support his family. After losing his wife and home, chris endlessly pursues happiness. Will Chris rise from being poor to pursue happiness? The story itself takes place in San Fransisco during the year 1981.

Achievement of ones desires causes a brief moment of pleasure and satisfaction, while the time and effort it takes to actually achieve those desires, gives a long lasting pleasure and satisfaction. Dreams and desires are what keep people moving forward. Thomas Jefferson mentions in the declaration of Independence the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I was determined to know what Thomas Jefferson really meant by the pursuit of happiness. The movie the pursuit of Happiness, reveals the answers to this question through a touching story of how far one man goes to provide for his e film The pursuit of Happiness, never gets old in my opinion. I have had the pleasure of viewing this film plenty of times and it still brings tears to my eyes. It is a directed film by gabriele muccino and written by Steve conrad.

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the pursuit of happiness essay from the movie

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In my opinion the pursuit of ones goals and desires is much more pleasurable and satisfactory that the attainment of them. Usually the pursuit of our deepest desires is a lengthy one. Depending on the goals we set, some may be lengthier than others and others may give more pleasure during the pursuit rather than the attainment and vise versa. We grow so accustomed to the chase, that we know nothing else. We feel the satisfaction when we attain our desires, but the pleasure comes from the pursuit. We feel lost once the chase is over, as it is what fuels us and keeps us going. If we had individuality no desires we would be nothing and we would do nothing.

Therefore, once one desire is attained, it will quickly replace another and then another and. Once a desire is satisfied we derive no more pleasure from. The brief moment of self accomplishment deriving from the attainment of ones goal is just that; brief. That is why the pursuit is what brings the most pleasure and satisfaction. Ernest Hemingway once said, It is good to have an end to journey toward; robin but it is the journey that matters, in the end. Goals are part of everyones life. The pursuit and attainment of those goals is what gives one pleasure and satisfaction.

During ones lifetime, ones desires will always motivate one to do better. The pursuit of ones desires has never been smooth; however, when you finally attain them after weathering the storm, one will find that the process one went through, makes one happier than the attainment of them. During the process, one will encounter rifts, thorns and struggles, but it will all be worth it in the end. The steps it takes to pursue, will show what one went through to attain their goals. Being able to look back upon what one did to get to where one is, makes the pursuit more pleasurable and satisfactory than the attainment itself.

The joy of success will be more memorable than simply the attainment of them. While one is pursuing their goals, they imagine the pleasure and satisfaction of achieving them and once they achieve their goal, the pleasure may not be as great as they had imagined. Once they have attained their goal, they may have nothing left to strive for. Ergo, one begins to search for something else that they desire because the attainment wasnt enough to satisfy them. If they were content and happy with the attainment of their goal then they would just stop. This is because searching for something gives one a sense of being and a sense of purpose. The pursuit of happiness is just that, the pursuit of happiness.

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Once someone has achieved their goal, they may or may not have something else to strive for. Sometimes attaining a goal is only a step in the direction to attain their highest goal. For example, someone who attends college to further their education so they have a background as to the job that they want, will have a goal of graduating from college. This is one step in the direction for them to attain their larger goal of most likely getting a job in the field that they studied. One will feel the satisfaction when they attain their desires. Once they have attained their desires, they start to search for the next thing they want to achieve. For example, once they have attained the job in their field of study, report they will desire to move up the latter within that job. Each time they achieve that goal to move further along, they acquire their next desire for another, higher position and they will keep trying to do that throughout their lives.

the pursuit of happiness essay from the movie

Everyones lives are dependant upon the goals that they set for themselves. When one attains their goals it gives them pleasure biology and satisfaction, but so does the pursuit of their desires. While one is pursuing a goal, one is imagining the pleasure of attaining. Once they achieve the goal, the pleasure may not be as great as they had imagined. The pursuit of happiness is the way of life. It keeps people believing and having dreams and that it keeps people going. Attainment of a goal gives brief pleasure and satisfaction.

example The American Dream and Capitalism. I personally also believe that America is a country, which has the platform to achieve your dream as long as you are willing to fight for it and you also have the abilities to succeed. Those who are lazy will forever remain in their poverty and it is no ones fault but their own. It is the advantage of capitalism and the American political ideology; one does not have to remain in their poverty for life. If they are willing to work hard, work long, and endure, then everybody can become successful. Chris Gardner understood this and he is now a great living example. Even though he was less educated, didnt have wealthy circle of acquaintances, had less time, and had no money, he nonetheless rose to the occasion and persevered. He fulfilled his American dream; he started from being nobody and ended up being somebody, a truly inspiring person.

One day he gets inspired to become a essay stockbroker, after he meets a very wealthy and happy stockbroker. Chris Gardner then meets a manager, jay twistle, for the stockbroker company, and Chris Gardner impresses him by solving a rubriks cube, which. Twistle thought was impossible to solve. While Chris Gardner is in the internship in the stockbroker company, he faces many struggles and obstacles, in his path to become a stockbroker. Chris Gardner and his son sleep in shelters for homeless people, because they cant afford to pay the rent. Read more: How to write a thematic essay on a book. At the internship Chris is competing with 19 other interns to become a stockbroker. He doesnt have a great education and on top of that he has less time on his hands especially since he is a single parent with a young son. He therefor must strive harder, work harder, work smarter, and utilize his time wisely.

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The pursuit of Happyness, the pursuit of Happyness is a movie based one a true story about a man called Chris report Gardner. The main theme in this movie is the American dream and it is a common dream that everyone share. It is the dream of having success and happiness. To fulfill your American dream you need to have the abilities and the courage to achieve your dream. Chris Gardner is a fabulous example for pursing his American dream. The storyline in The pursuit of Happyness is about how fare Chris Gardner is willing to pursuit to achieve happiness. Chris Gardner is a salesman who sells bone density scanner for living, but he soon finds out that no body will buy it, because it is a luxury devise in the medical business. His wife linda leaves him with their son Christopher, because he isnt able to make decent living.

the pursuit of happiness essay from the movie
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Melisa tunley professor Hinds English 1113 February 16, 2013 On The pursuit of Hap piness On the path to light you must go through the dark. Assignment: What does the pursuit of Happiness mean to you?

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  1. The pursuit of Happiness There are a lot of question about happiness. The first on e is what is happiness? And if we find the answer the next question.

  2. The storyline in The pursuit of Happyness is about how fare Chris Gardner is willing to pursuit to achieve happiness. Chris Gardner is a salesman who sells. Free pursuit of happiness papers, essays, and research papers.

  3. Free essay: For our Economics subject, we watched The pursuit of Happyness, a movi e based on Chris Gardner, a salesman who was not making that much. The pursuit of happiness is the way of life. It keeps people belie ving and having dreams and that it keeps people going. Attainment of a goal.

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