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The federal government employs 208  in this series. The departments of the Army, navy, and Air Force, and Department of Defense employ the majority in this career field. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Cargo Scheduling gs-2144 This series includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to supervise or perform work in controlling or scheduling the movement of cargo into, out. This work requires the technical analysis of the transportation considerations that affect the movement of cargo in the proper relationships to the terminal and carrier capacity. Extensive knowledge of transportation systems and of transportation rules and regulations is required but technical knowledge of freight classification and of common carriers' rates is not required. The federal government employs 28 in this series. The departments of the air Force employs all in this career field. Cargo schedulers receive information from a great variety of sources concerning such matters as: (1) the schedule of arrival and departure of ships, planes, trains, or other transport vehicles; (2) cargo backlogs at shipping points and/or other terminals and cargo enroute to terminals; (3) capacity.

Positions in this occupation primarily require a knowledge of Federal traffic management principles and policies; transportation industry operations, practices, and capabilities; special handling or movement requirements associated with freight, passengers, or other transportation operations; and the relationship of traffic management to other agency or organizational. The federal government employs 1,675 traffic managers and specialists of which 137 work overseas. The departments of the Army, navy, and Air Force are the largest employers with 1,198 civilians employed followed by the department of Defense with 214 and the department of State with. All but three of the cabinet level agencies employ this group along with a few in large independent agencies such as the gsa with 27 traffic managers. The objective of traffic management is to obtain the most efficient freight, personal property, or passenger transportation services at the most economical cost. The cost must be commensurate with the services needed, safety and security requirements, and the mission and program requirements of the agency or organization served. Traffic management programs are primarily found in agencies (and their component organizations) that have substantial gri requirements for the large scale movement of freight (equipment and material passengers, personal property (household goods, baggage, and vehicles or all three categories. For example, in the military departments, management of the transportation of material and personnel is an integral part of the logistical support program for operating forces, specified missions, weapon systems, or other designated programs and functions. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Freight Rate gs-2131 This series includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in the procurement of common carrier and other. This requires: the study and application of published classification guides, rate tariffs, dockets, agreements, contracts, and related carrier and Federal publications in the classification of freight and the determination of appropriate rates and routes. In addition to positions that determine classification, rates, and/or routes prior to shipment, this series includes positions engaged in the pre-audit or the post-audit of freight bills to determine the propriety of the rates paid or to be paid.

transportation assistant resume

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The principal characteristic of positions classified in this series is inspection, investigative, promotional, and educational work directed toward regulatory compliance to correct a wide variety of unsafe, illegal, and potentially hazardous conditions and activities associated with the commercial operation of motor vehicles and the highway. This work, which is akin to federal economic regulation of the motor carrier industry, attempts to diminish the injury, death, and property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents involving motor carriers, and to provide a safer driving environment for the motoring public. It accomplishes these goals by promoting good safety practices in compliance with applicable federal regulations by commercial motor carriers of cargo and passengers who operate in interstate and foreign commerce. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Highway safety gs-2125 This series includes positions the duties of which primarily involve: (1) development and administration of highway safety regulations, standards and programs to elicit and promote governmental and. All positions in this series require evernote specialized knowledge of highway safety programs and the factors that influence highway safety and the safe performance and operation of motor vehicles. Most positions also require a high degree of analytical ability and a general knowledge of the principles and processes of program management and intergovernmental relations. The federal government employs 238 in this series. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Traffic Management Series gs-2130 This series includes positions that involve (1) performing, administering, or supervising technical and analytical work concerned with planning, development, and execution of traffic policies and programs;.

transportation assistant resume

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The federal government employs 484 in this series. The department of Transportation employs 471 and the ntsb employs. Positions in this series are concerned with making safety inspections of railroad equipment and facilities; investigating accidents and reports of unsafe conditions on railroad property; and performing other administrative, program development, or advisory functions requiring a knowledge of railroad safety practices. Most positions in this series can be divided into three general categories: (1) those concerned primarily with on-site inspection of railroad equipment, facilities, and operating practices for compliance with Federal safety standards and regulations; (2) those primarily involved in staff work related to policy and. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) usajobs gs-2121 (Federal Job Lists) railroad Safety Inspector railroad Accident Investigator railroad Safety Specialist - this occupation is primarily concerned with aspects of railroad safety other than conducting or supervising. Private sector Job Listings Motor Carrier Safety gs-2123 This series includes positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in promoting or enforcing compliance with Federal laws, standards, and regulations related to the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. Included are positions concerned with promoting safe operating practices and enforcing compliance by shippers of hazardous materials; motor carrier accident investigation and prevention; developing regulations and standards; and providing technical assistance to the industry and other jurisdictions involved in motor carrier safety. The work requires: (1) comprehensive knowledge of the laws, standards, and regulations governing motor carrier safety; (2) knowledge of the safety principles and practices applicable to the motor carrier industry; (3) practical knowledge of the competitive and operating practices, policies, organization, equipment, facilities, and recordkeeping. The department of Transportation employs all in this series.

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transportation assistant resume

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Functional specialties include, for example, freight, passenger, personal property, and fleet management. Job Series Titles: (The usajobs selection lists all federal job vacancies for this job series. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Trans. Industry Analysis gs-2110 This occupation includes positions that involve analytical, evaluative, advisory, or similar work pertaining to regulation of the transportation industry with regard to operations, economics, equity in industry practices, and protection of the public interest. The work requires a knowledge of transportation industry regulatory controls, of the customs and competitive practices of carriers, and of carrier operations, services, and facilities. It also requires a general knowledge of economics, statistics, law, business management and related subject-matter areas, but does not require full training and professional competence in any of those fields. The federal government employs 129 transportation industry analysts.

All work for the department of Transportation. The federal government has regulatory responsibilities in regard to the transportation industry-areas of (a) civil aviation, both domestic and international; (b) ocean shipping, both domestic offshore and international; and (c) interstate rail, pipeline, motor, and inland water carriers and freight forwarders. Regulation of the transportation industry has two primary objectives: good to preserve the economic health of the industry, and to protect the public against unfair and unlawful practices. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) railroad Safety gs-2121 This series includes positions that are involved in developing, administering, or enforcing railroad safety standards and regulations or investigating and preventing railroad accidents. These positions require (1) broad knowledge of railroad operating practices and recordkeeping; (2) practical knowledge of methods used in the installation, maintenance, or manufacture of railroad equipment, signal systems, or track; (3) knowledge of safety practices applicable to the railroad industry and related laws, regulations.

The position is now called an Airway transportation System Specialist (atss). Education Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study - accounting, business administration, business or commercial law, commerce, economics, engineering, finance, industrial management, statistics, traffic management, transportation, motor mechanics, or other fields related to the position. Or Experience general Experience (for gs-5 positions Experience that provided a general knowledge and under-standing of traffic or transportation programs or operations. Specialized Experience (for positions above gs-5 Experience that demonstrated a knowledge of the transportation function(s) of the position to be filled. Faa training Center The faa maintains a large training facility in Oklahoma city, oklahoma to provide training for new hires and for new system and upgrade training as needed.

Most of the instructors started as field specialists and worked their way up to training instructor positions. Transportation Clerk and Assistant gs-2102 Transportation clerks and assistants supervise or perform work to arrange transportation for or perform other actions in connection with the movement of freight, passengers, or personal property by government or commercial means. This series also includes other transportation support work not covered specifically by another one grade interval series in the Transportation Group (e.g., fleet management, safety or regulatory program support, quality control and inspection, carrier performance evaluation, or transportation report analysis and preparation). The work requires a practical knowledge of the regulations and methods governing traffic management or transportation programs. The federal government employs 2,665 transportation clerks and assistants of which 113 work overseas. The departments of the Army, navy, and Air Force is the largest employer with 1,776 civilians employed followed by the va with 391 and the department of Defense with 273. Al but three of the cabinet level agencies employ this group along with a few in large independent agencies such as the gsa. The objective of most transportation support work is to obtain the most efficient transportation services at the least cost. Transportation support work is typically organized by specific functional areas.

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The literature on the Electronic Technicians jobs got my attention. I always had an interest in fixing things and working book with electronics. As I continued working with the summer program I requested a transfer to faas Technical Operations organization which employed the Electronics Technicians that I had read so much about. So then I became an Electronic Technician co-op Student. This group is responsible for installing new equipment at faa facilities like instrument Landing Systems (ils runway visual Range (rvr ambient Lighting System (als and Communication Equipment just to name a few. I continued in the co-op program until I graduated movie high school. After a couple of semesters at queensborough Community college, bayside, new York, i applied to the faas Electronic Engineering Program. This program provided on the job training which I successfully completed and I was able to join the faa as a full time Electronics Technician. My first position was as a maintenance Electronics Technician at Newark liberty International Air Traffic Control Tower. .

transportation assistant resume

A lot of people joke about starting their jobs when they were just a kid, but for me it is true! I started working for the federal aviation Administration (FAA) at the age. . At the time i was only looking for a summer job. My mom wanted remove me to keep busy over the summer. I contacted the cooperative education office at my high school, august Martin in Jamaica, ny and they helped me get a job with an faa program that hired high school students during the summer. The program was designed to give high school students a window into different faa careers. I worked with faas aviation Education Department as an Office Clerk. Our office did outreach to high school and college students to get them interested in careers in aviation. Some of my duties consisted of sending schools and organizations literature about careers in aviation including Pilots, Flight Attendants, air Traffic Controllers and Electronic Technicians. .

Most cabinet level agencies and a few large independent agencies hire in this category. Job Series Titles: (The, usajobs selection lists all federal job vacancies for this job series. Click on "Private sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.). Usajobs gs-2101 (Federal Job Lists transportation Specialist, transportation Program Specialist, airway transportation Systems Specialist. Aviation Resource management Specialist, private sector Job Listings, interview with Jamal Watts (atss). Excerpt from recent interview with faa atss supervisor. Complete Article: Airway transportation Systems Specialist - working For the faa. Why did you become an Airway transportation Systems Specialist?

In the general Schedule position classification system is established under chapter 51 of title 5, United States Code. The term General Schedule or gs denotes the major position classification system and pay structure for white collar work in the federal government. Agencies that are no longer subject to chapter 51 have replaced the gs pay plan indicator with agency-unique pay plan indicators. For example, the bureau of Prisons uses gl instead of the gs designation. For this reason, reference to general Schedule or gs is often omitted from the individual qualification standard sheets. A brief introduction for major occupations within this group is provided below. Transportation Specialist 2101, the dot hires most of this group to maintain all of the communications, navigation, surveillance, and automation equipment for the federal aviation Administration. . Employees are located throughout writing the country at airports, air traffic control centers, training centers, and related faculties.

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Page updated 11/20/201 7, this group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work which involves two or more specialized transportation mom functions or other transportation work not specifically included in other series of this group. There are 27,803 federal workers employed in this group within all but two cabinet level agencies and a few large independent agencies including the gsa with 569 employed in this group. The largest employers of this group are the. Department of Transportation with 27,803 followed by the departments of navy, army, and Air Force which employs over 12,733 civilians. All but three of the cabinet level agencies employ fair numbers of workers in the gs-2100 group. The following information is compiled from numerous federal documents including qualification standards, job announcements, career articles, occupation flysheets, fedscope, opm, agency websites, interviews with federal employees, The United States government Manual, and from the department of Labor's Occupational Outlook handbook. Gs-2100 Transportation Occupations Menu, job Listings by Occupation, click the job title for job listings, the number employed, hiring agencies, and job series definitions. These position descriptions are excerpted from the qualification standards for select job titles in this group.

transportation assistant resume
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