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Twitter and Facebook became snack breaks, though I timed those snacks as well. I had favorite pandora stations to keep me company and drown out ambient noise, and many, many cups of herbal tea. Technology will save us All, a few technical notes about technology and doctoral programs. With the exception of the constant allure of social networks and work email, its a good thing. I used Kahn Academy and online flash cards to study for the math portion of the gre. . As noted earlier, i used quizlet for my comps, in part because this very inexpensive program not only allowed me to create digital flashcards but also read them aloud to me on my iphone while i exercised or ran errands. I conducted interviews using FaceTime with an inexpensive plug-in, call Recorder, that effortlessly produced digital recordings, from which the audio files could be easily split out.

It also takes me about an hour to get into a agreement writing groove, so by the time the words were flowing it was time to get ready for work. As for evenings, a friend of mine observed that Im a lark, not an owl. The muse flees me by mid-afternoon. (This also meant I saved the more chore-like tasks of writing for the afternoon.) The key is to find your own groove and stick. If your groove isnt working, maybe its not your groove after all. Do not take off too much time between writing sessions. I had to do that a couple of times for six to eight weeks each time, during life events such as household moves and so on, and it took some revisiting to reacquaint myself with my writing (which was Stephen Kings main, and excellent, point. Even when I was writing on a regular basis i often spent at least an hour at the start of the weekend rereading my writing from page 1 to ensure that my most recent writing had a coherent flow of reasoning and narrative and that. Another universal piece of advice is to turn off the technology. I see people tweeting Im writing my dissertation right now and I think, no you arent. I used a mac app called Howler timer to give me writing sieges of 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes, depending on my degree of focus for that day, during which all interruptionsemail, facebook, twitter, etc.

a modest proposal quizlet

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People will advise you when and how to write. A couple weekends ago i was rereading Stephen Kings. On Writing now that I can read real books againin which King recommends writing every day. If that works for you, great. What worked for me was using weekends, holidays, or homework vacation days; writing early in the day, often starting as early as 4 am; taking a short exercise break or powering through until mid-afternoon; and then stopping no later than 4 pm, many times more like. When I tried to write on weekday mornings, work would distract. Not actual tasks, but the thought of work. It would creep into my brain and then I would feel the urgent need to see if the building consultant had replied to my email or if I had the agenda ready for the program and marketing meeting.

a modest proposal quizlet

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You schedule yourself, you show up, and you write. You do not talk about how you are going to write, unless you are actually going to write. You do not tweet that you are writing (because then you are tweeting, not writing). You do not do other things and feel guilty because you are not writing. (If you do other things, embrace them fully.). I review would write write write write write, at the same chair at the same desk (really, a costCo folding table) facing the same wall with the same prompts secured to the wall with painters tape that on warm days would loosen, requiring me to crawl. Then I would write write write write write some more, on weekends, holiday breaks, and the occasional dissercation day, as I referred to vacation days set aside for this purpose. Dissercation days had the added value that I was very conscious I was using vacation time to write, so i didnt procrastinatethough in general I find procrastinating at my desk a poor use of time; if Im going to procrastinate, let me at least get.

So about that dissertation. It was a humongous amount of work, but t he qualifying paper that preceded it and the coursework and instruction in producing dissertation-quality research gave me the research design skills I needed to pull it off. Once i had the data gathered, it was just a lot of writing. This, i can. Writing is two things (well, writing is many things, but well stick with two for now it is a skill, and it is a discipline. If you do not have those two things, writing will be a third thing: impossible. Here is my method.

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a modest proposal quizlet

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My favorite memory is of colleague gary Shaffer, who called me from what sounded like a windswept city corner to offer his advice. I kept hearing this crinkling sound. The crinkling became louder. Always have your cards with you, gary said. He had brought a sound prop: the bag of index cards he used to constantly drill himself.

I committed myself to continuous study until done, helped by partnering with my colleague chuck in long-distance comps prep. We didnt study together, but we compared timelines and kept one autobiography another apprised of our progress. You can survive a doctoral program without a study buddy, but whew, is it easier if you have one. Comps were an area where i started with old techgood old paper index cardsand then asked myself, is this how its done these days? After research, i moved on to electronic flashcards through quizlet. When I wasnt flipping through text cards on my phone, ipad, or computer, i was listening to the cards on my phone during my run or while driving around running errands.

The semester work was challenging because it couldnt be set aside or compartmentalized. The five-day intensives were really seven days for me as I had to fly from the left coast to boston. The coursework had deadlines that couldnt be put aside during inevitable crises. The second semester was the hardest, for so many reasons, not the least of which is that once i had burned off the initial adrenaline, the finish line seemed impossibly far away; meanwhile, the tedium of balancing school and work was settling in, and. Dont get me wrong, the coursework was often excellent: managing in a political environment, strategic finance, human resources, and other very practical and interesting topics.

But it was a bucket o work, and when I called a colleague with a question about chair manufacturers (as one does) and heard she was mired in her second semester, i immediately informed her This too shall Pass. Ah, the comprehensive exams. I would say i shall remember them always, except they destroyed so much of my frontal lobe, that will not be possible. The comps required memorizing piles of citationsauthors and years, with salient pointsto regurgitate during two four-hour closed-book tests. . I told myself afterwards that the comps helped me synthesize major concepts in grand theory, which is a dubious claim but at least made me feel better about the ordeal. A number of students in my program helped me with comps.

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He earned for free (plus many saturdays of sweat equity) was easily worth 65,000, based hazlitt on the tuition rate at his institution. Speaking of which, i get small asked about. This can be a touchy question. My take: follow the most practical and affordable path available to you that gets you the degree you will be satisfied with and that will be the most useful to you in your career. D., its still more letters after your name than you had before you started. Where does It Hurt? Whats the hardest part of a doctoral program? For me, that was a two-way tie between the semester coursework and the comprehensive exams.

a modest proposal quizlet

I also have friends who suffered through a semester or two, then decided it wasnt for them. When I started the program, i remember thinking I need this. Because i could never get a job at, for example, x without. Then I watched as someone quite accomplished, with no interest in ever statement pursuing even a second masters, was hired. There is no shame in deciding the cost/benefit analysis isnt there for youthough I learned, through this experience, that I was in the program for other, more sustainable reasons. Selecting your Program, i am also asked what program to attend. To that my answer is, unless you are very young and can afford to go into, and hopefully out of, significant amounts of debt, pick the program that is most affordable and allows you to continue working as a professional (though if you are. That could be a degree offered by your institution or in cooperation with another institution, or otherwise at least partially subsidized. I remember pointing out to an astonished colleague that the.

last fall, and I hear it may not have gone my waybut the first order of business is to address the questions I have had from library folk interested. Note that my advice is not directed at librarians whose goal is to become faculty in lis programs. Dropping Back In, one popular question comes from people who had dropped out of doctoral programs. Could they ever be accepted into a program again? Im proof there is a patron saint for second chances. I spent one semester in a doctoral program in 1995 and dropped out for a variety of reasonswrong time, wrong place, too many life events happening. At the time, i felt that dropping out was the academic equivalent of youll never Eat Lunch In This Town Again, but part of higher education is a series of head games, and that was one of them. The second time around, i had a much clearer idea of what I wanted from a program and what kind of program would work for me, and I had the confluence of good timing and good luck. The advice tom Galvin gave me in 1999, when Sandy and I were living in Albany and when Toma longtime ala activist and former ala exec Directorwas teaching at suny albany, still seems sound: you can drop out of one program and still find your.

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a modest proposal quizlet
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