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Feature Article, albert Percy Blesing (18791949 albert Percy Blesing (1879-1949 farmer and politician, was born on 9 September 1879 at Hamilton, near Kapunda, south Australia, one of eight children of Ernst Gotthilf Blesing, farmer, and his English-born wife Elizabeth, née flower. Ernst's parents had migrated from the german States in 1841. When Percy was 6, the family moved to laura where he attended the public school; at 12 he began full-time work as a farmhand. In 1893 his family took up Glenholme, a 1400-acre (567 ha) block at Bangor. Triumph riders have always been our best storytellers, and weve had the privilege of hearing from many of them. Our motorcycles can take you anywhere, but the experiences that come out of the ride are what make each Triumph special.  This is just one of the stories weve received.

American humorist, playwright, screenwriter, and cartoonist, born in Brooklyn, educated at Brown University. He established himself as a review writer and cartoonist with Judge, a new York magazine of humour and satire. His humour is tennessee characterized by his ear for puns and the absurd meanings generated by words used in false contexts, a gift that he exploited to startling effect in his screenplays for the the proliferation of literary magazines and reviews from the mid-nineteenth century onward. The popularity of serialized fiction in many periodicals fostered the emergence of the novel as the pre-eminent modern literary form. Critical methods were advanced through the abundant production of essays and reviewing to a high general standard. A novel by Ngugi, published in 1977. A disturbing, passionately political book that also works as a thriller, the story begins after a fire in a brothel has killed three prominent, corrupt African directors of the foreign-owned brewery in Ilmorog, a traditional village now transformed into a sprawling modern industrial town. Held for questioning are the novel's four important characters? The, australian Dictionary of biography is Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography. In it you will find concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history.

biography stories

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Sayers, Ariel by Andr? Maurois, and poet's Pub by Eric Linklater. By the end of 1936, the year in whi. American novelist, born in Birmingham, Alabama, educated at the University of North Carolina. Percy studied medicine at Columbia university and while working in New York's Bellevue hospital contracted tuberculosis; during his long stay in a sanatorium, he decided to be a writer and moved towards an using existential Catholicism, joining the catholic Church in 1946. His first novel, The moviegoer (1961 American poet, born in youngstown, Ohio, educated at the University of Michigan and the Ohio writers' workshop; after various jobs he took. And became a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. He was editor of Hills magazine and the centrally important series of Talks at the langton Street Gallery, some of which are collected in Hills (1981) and Writing/Talks (1985).

biography stories

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His most famous work, song of Lawino, british novelist, poet, and artist, born in mattress China, the son of a medical missionary, educated at the royal Academy Schools in London. Originally an illustrator, art teacher, and writer of verse and stories for children, peake became a war artist in the second World War; his experiences of the horrors of war and a visit to belsen in 1945 deeply affected him. His best-known work is his Gormenghast. British biographer, born at Hawford, worcestershire, educated at Bedford Grammar School; he worked in a shipping office and spent two years in America before beginning his career as an actor in 1911. He continued to work successfully in the theatre until 1931, when he became a full-time writer. Pearson's early works include modern Men and Mummers (1921 sketches of well-known figures in the theat. American philosopher, born in Cambridge, massachusetts, educated at Harvard; he was a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University between 18Peirce is considered to be the founder of pragmatism, in which he took truth to be the sum total of the conceivable effects of a particular object.

In his first novel, The Children of Sisyphus (1964 patterson, like roger mais, exposes the squalor, violence, and dehumanization of Jamaican slum dwellers, but he also suggests Sisyphus-like defiance and resilience especially through the story. Northern Irish poet and critic, born in leeds; he grew up in Belfast and was educated at the University of Hull and Lincoln College, oxford. In 1972 he became a lecturer at the University of Nottingham. A state of Justice (1977 his first collection of poetry, was followed by The Strange museum (1980 The book of Juniper (1981 liberty Tree (1983 fivemiletown (1987 selected poems, 1972?1990. Ugandan poet, born in Gulu, educated at King's College, budo, bristol University, and the University college of Wales, Aberystwyth. The subject of his thesis at the Institute of Social Anthropology in Oxford was Acoli and Longo traditional songs. Among other posts he was Director of Uganda's National Theatre, and a lecturer in Literature at nairobi University.

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biography stories

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Trois with Strachey and Dora carrington had ended with the report deaths of both in th a novel. Forster, published in 1924. The novel, which drew on the author's experiences in India in 19?2, when he was personal secretary to the maharajah of Dewas, describes the class-ridden and fundamentally unstable society which existed under the British Raj, foreshadowing the eventual decline of British imperialism and the rise. American poet, born in Niles, Ohio, briefly attended the University of Wisconsin and the commonwealth College, arkansas, but did not complete his studies. Patchen was an abstract expressionist painter as well as a poet. His first book of poems was Before the Brave (1936 followed by The teeth of the lion (1942 pictures of Life and death (1946 because It Is (1960 collected poems (1968 and. William Carlos Williams's compendious poem in five books presenting the social, topographical, cultural, and historical characters of a typical American industrial community; the work takes its title and local and historical particulars from Paterson, new Jersey, a large town not far from Williams's home.

Books I to iii appeared in 1949, book iv in 1951, and book v in 1958; a single. South African novelist, educator, and biographer, born in pietermaritzburg, educated summary at Natal University college, where he studied mathematics and physics. Though he was National President of the south African Liberal Party until it was declared illegal in 1968, paton's profound knowledge of south African society and the apartheid system stems not only from his political activities, but also from. British poet, born in liverpool, where he was educated at Sefton Park secondary School and worked as a reporter on the bootle times. Prior to the enormous success of The mersey sound (1967 as a result of which Patten, McGough, and Henri became collectively well known as the liverpool poets, he had published Portraits (1962) and maud (1965). His numerous subsequent volumes include little johnny's. Jamaican novelist, born in Jamaica, educated at Kingston University and the london School of Economics; he subsequently taught at Harvard University.

She achieved fame among New York society circl. American crime novelist, born in Springfield, massachusetts, educated at Boston University; he has taught in various American colleges. Working firmly within the tradition of raymond Chandler, parker's first novel, The godwulf Manuscript (1974 introduces the central character of Spenser, almost a caricature of the traditional private eye? An efficient boxer, a crack shot, a man of letters, and. Northern Irish playwright, born in Belfast, educated at queen's University, belfast. Between 19e lectured in the usa.

Following the publication of two collections of poetry, the casualty's Meditation (1966) and Maw (1968 parker began writing plays for radio and television. His first play for the theatre, spokesong (1975 concerns the efforts of a young man to save his family's bicy. British novelist, born in Manchester, educated at Cambridge and Harvard Universities. He received instant critical acclaim with his first two novels, tongues of Flame (1985; Somerset maugham Award a powerful study of a family torn apart by the confusions of religious and sexual hysteria; and loving Roger (1986 which deals with an obsessional love affair that. The author's ambival a periodical founded in New York in 1934 and run by an editorial board whose members included Philip Rahv and Dwight MacDonald. The magazine originally had strong affiliations with the communist Party and espoused the cause of proletarian literature; literary standards were often subordinated to ideological evaluations of the poetry, prose, and criticism featured. Following its reconstitution. British diarist and translator, born in Bloomsbury, london, educated at Bedales School and Newnham College, cambridge, after which she worked in a bookshop from 1921 to 1928. Having become well acquainted with Lytton Strachey and other members of the Bloomsbury Group, in 1933 she married Ralph Partridge, whose m?

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American crime novelist, born in Ames, desk iowa, educated at the universities of Kansas and Chicago. Paretsky's private eye novels, featuring the plausible character. Warshawski, represent the impact of feminist thinking on a traditionally male form. With Barbara wilson, Amanda Cross, and others, paretsky uses the crime novel to investigate the role of women in American society and to uncover an international literary periodical begun in Paris in 1953 by peter Matthiessen and Harold Humes and latterly published in Paris and. Matthiessen remains prominent among the unusually numerous editorial personnel, as do george Plimpton and Donald Hall, who joined him on the second issue in 1953. The paris review was founded to pursue a policy of filling its pages with all forms of creati. American writer, born in West End, new Jersey and raised in New York city. After an education in convents and exclusive girls' schools, she worked for a procession of the most famous magazines, publishing poems in Vogue in 1916, and becoming the drama critic for Vanity fair in 1917. She married Edwin Parker, whose surname she kept after their divorce.

biography stories

and it is here that Kinbote, who had befriended Shade, his. American short-story writer and poet, born of Russian-Jewish immigrant parents in the Bronx, new York city, educated at Hunter College and New York University. She has taught at Sarah Lawrence college and Columbia university. She is widely regarded as a quintessentially new York writer, the city's environment and its rich variety of spoken idioms being integral to her work. Her stories began to ap a tetralogy of novels by ford Madox Ford, also known as the tietjens Tetralogy after its central character, and originally published as Some do not? (1924 no more parades (1925 a man could Stand Up (1926 and Last Post (1928). The work is set at the time of the Great War and attempts to show the interaction between public and private events, so that Ford's hero, christopher tietjens, a yorks.

She was among the founders of Preview magazine in 1942. From 1953 to 1964 she lived in Australia, brazil, and Mexico, where her writing husband was successively canadian Ambassador. As Ten as Twenty (1946 her first collection of verse, displayed the politica. British biographer, born in Birmingham, educated at Trinity college, cambridge. From 1938 to 1974 he worked in the department of Printed books at the British Museum, where he became an assistant keeper in charge of fifteenth-century material in 1954. Studies in Fifteenth Century-Printing (1984) collects his internationally respected writings as a bibliographer and incunabulist. Gide (1951) w a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, published in 1962. Pale fire is Nabokov's fictional tour de force, a?

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American novelist and short-story writer, born in New homework York city, educated at New York and Ohio state Universities. Towards a new Yiddish: Note? In Art and Ardor: Essays by cynthia ozick (1983 ozick describes herself as? A third-generation American Jew? Perfectly at home and yet perfectly insecure, perfectly acculturated and yet perfectly marginal? Her imaginative expression. Canadian poet, born in Swanage, dorset; she grew up in Canada from 1919 onward and was educated at St Hilda's School for Girls in Calgary, alberta.

biography stories
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  3. With Jack perkins, peter Graves, harry Smith, bill Mumy. The life stories of various historical figures and celebrities are told. The australian Dictionary of, biography is Australia s pre-eminent dictionary of national biography.

  4. Finally getting to read you folks stories. Rubs hands together Alright, lets get to work. This would free me up to spend more time with the transfer lab and to market my biography stories. 1h documentary, biography, tv series (1987 ) Created by Agnes Nixon.

  5. This is just one of the stories weve received. In 2011, tyler and his brother Kyle broke multiple land speed records on two custom-built Triumphs. Biography - (18931967 vogue, vanity fair, Enough Rope, sunset Gun, death and Taxes. Her stories began.

  6. Australian Dictionary of, biography, online - 10,000 biographies of persons who were significant in Australian history. M - tells the stories of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. Overview: The pianist is a film adapted from the biography of Wladyslaw Szpilman. Overview: Bonnie and Clyde is based on the true stories of the gangster pair Bonnie parker and.

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