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You are currently viewing:2017. Td has used the Global Reporting Initiative ( gri ) framework for corporate responsibility reporting since 2007. Harmony is supportive of the Global Reporting Initiative s ( gri s) G3 reporting guidelines and has provided a content index of compliance with the. Hines has utlized the Global Reporting Initiative ( gri ) G4 framework and presents this report. Report the gri content Index for the chosen option.and social performance in accordance with the core option of the international G4 guidelines drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative ( gri ). The Shinhan Financial Group csr report 2014 was written based on the gri ( Global Reporting Initiative ).

G4-48, report the highest committee or position that formally reviews and approves the organizations sustainability report and ensures that all material Aspects are covered. G4-49, process for communicating critical concerns to strokes the highest governance body. G4-51, board remuneration and link to esg. G4-52, process for determining board remuneration. Process to seek stakeholder views on remuneration, including the results of votes on remuneration policies and proposals.

global reporting initiative index

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Identify any committees responsible for decision-making on economic, environmental and social mom impacts. G4-34, governance structure of the organization. G4-38, report the composition of the highest governance body and its committees. G4-39, whether the Chair of the board is also an executive officer. G4-40, nomination process including diversity, independence, skills, stakeholder engagement. G4-41, board conflicts of interest, g4-43. Report the measures taken to develop and enhance the highest governance bodys collective knowledge of economic, environmental and social topics. G4-45, report the highest governance bodys role in the identification and management of economic, environmental and social impacts, risks, and opportunities. G4-46, report the highest governance bodys role in reviewing the effectiveness of the organizations risk management processes for economic, environmental and social topics.

global reporting initiative index

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Annual Provide the contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents. Submit feedback report the in accordance option the organization has chosen. Report the gri content Index for the chosen option. Report the reference to the External Assurance report, if the report has been externally assured. About this Report gri index Report the organizations policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report. At this time, hines does not seek external assurance for sustainability report content. Report the governance structure of the organization, including committees oliver of the highest governance body.

About this Report Report the organizations approach to stakeholder engagement, including frequency of engagement by type and by stakeholder group, and an indication of whether any of the engagement was undertaken specifically as part of the report preparation process. About this Report Report key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, and how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting. Report the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns. No significant topics or concerns have been raised through stakeholder engagement. Hines investment managers and property managers respond to client and tenant concerns and requests at the property or fund level. Reporting period (such as fiscal or calendar year) for information provided. About this Report Date of most recent previous report (if any). Reporting cycle (such as annual, biennial).

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global reporting initiative index

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Gri index: Material Aspects, for each material Aspect, report the Aspect boundary within the organization. At this time, hines defines material aspects as those pertaining to functions performed directly by hines Interests Limited Partnership (hilp) employees. For each material Aspect, report the Aspect boundary outside the organization. Services performed for Hines by third-party contractors are not reported as material aspects. Related topics: Hines Policies. Contractor and king Vendor Policies, report the effect of phone any restatements of information provided in previous reports and the reasons for such restatements.

Report significant changes from previous reporting Periods in the Scope and Aspect boundaries. Provide a list of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization. Cress: G4-24 Additional disclosure requirements. Identify and report those stakeholder groups that are engaged at the organizational level and those that are engaged at a project or asset level. About this Report, report the basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage.

Global Organization, report the scale of the organization, including: Total number of employees; Total number of operations; Total capitalization broken down in terms of debt and equity; quantity of products or services provided; Gross lettable area for assets under construction and management. Global Organization, report the percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreements. Report whether and how the precautionary approach or principle is addressed by the organization. Hines does not specifically apply the precautionary principle as a criteria for decision-making. Related topics: Risk management, sustainable development. Conceptual Construction, list externally developed economic, environmental and social charters, principles, or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or which it endorses.

Explain the process for defining the report content and the Aspect boundaries. Explain how the organization has implemented the reporting Principles for Defining Report Content. The hines Global Sustainability Officer, with two hines employees that form the core sustainability team and an outside consultant with comprehensive understanding of gri and with Hines, review and evaluate the Aspects and Indicators annually during the process of preparing the report. With the gri g4 guidelines and associated Construction and real Estate sector Supplement, hines has leveraged the increased emphasis on materiality and stakeholder inclusiveness to focus on topics and aspects upon which the firm has greatest impact and influence within its core business. Hines is actively working to identify more direct and proactive means for stakeholder engagement to elicit meaningful feedback specificially related to the firms sustainability priorities and performance, and to help confirm and/or expand the scope topics identified as material by hines. List all the material Aspects identified in the process for defining report content.

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The hess Annual Report to Shareholders details the companys performance during 2012. To download a pdf file of the report, click below. Download the 2012 Report. Provide a statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization (such as ceo, chair, or equivalent senior position) homework about relevance of sustainability to the organization and the organizations strategy for addressing sustainability. Ceo letter, report the primary brands, products, and services. Company Profile, report the location of the organizations headquarters. Company Profile, report the number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries where either the organization has significant operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability topics covered in the report. Global Organization, report the nature of ownership and legal form. Company Profile, report the markets served (including geographic breakdown, sectors served, and types of customers and beneficiaries).

global reporting initiative index

Human rights performance indicators Management approach Labour practices and human rights Aspect: Non-discrimination HR4 Total number of incidents of discrimination and actions taken Labour practices and human rights Aspect: Freedom of association and collective bargaining HR5 Operations identified in which the right to exercise freedom. G3.1 and Oil and Gas Sector Supplement (ogss). This index refers to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).1 and ogss indicators. It is more detailed than the gri content Index that appears in the 2012 Hess Corporate sustainability report on pages 67-69. Return to top 2012 gri index, to download the 2012 gri index as a pdf file, click on the link below. Download homework and Print the 2012 gri index 2012 Corporate sustainability report, transparency and high standards of business ethics have long been key elements of our business philosophy. Click on the links below to read the report or download a pdf file. Download the 2012 csr report 2012 Annual Report.

sustainability issue covered in the report. Corporate profile.6, nature of ownership and legal form. Corporate profile.7, markets served, corporate profile and product responsibility.8, scale of reporting organisation, corporate profile.9. Significant changes during the reporting period Scope of the report.10 Awards recieved during the reporting period Letter from the ceo. Report parameters.1 Reporting period Scope of the report.2 Date of previous report Scope of the report.3 Reporting cycle Scope of the report.4 Contact point Contact details Report scope and boundary.5 Process for defining report content Scope of the report and. Governance, commitments and engagement.1 governance structure of the organisation including committees Annual report.2 Independence of the chairperson Annual report.3 Independence of the board Annual report.4 Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to the board governance of sustainability. Economic sustainability Aspect: Market presence ec5 Ratios of standard entry level wages compared with local minimum wage at significant areas of operation Economic sustainability ec6 Policy, practices and proportion of spending on locally based suppliers at significant locations of operation Economic sustainability ec7 Procedures for.

The auditing firm, kpmg ag, provided external limited assurance on selected data and key figures for the first two sustainability reports (fiscal year 20). The 2016 report was prepared using the same guidelines and criteria. This year we are dream not conducting a separate external audit. Skip to content, in this section, harmony is supportive of the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRIs) G3 reporting guidelines and has provided a content index of compliance with the guidelines and the core performance indicators. Harmony has engaged external auditors PwC to assure certain key parameters and the groups compliance with its stated application level. Harmony has reported to a b level. Report application levels 2002, in Accordanceccbbaa, self- declared, third, party, checked. Strategy and analysis.1, statement by the ceo about the relevance of sustainability to the organisation and its strategy. Letter from the ceo.2, description of key impacts, risks, and opportunities.

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We want to present the success of our sustainability strategy objectively and transparently; verification of the data submitted by us by independent third parties is therefore very important. The environmental data relating to our location in Tettnang-Obereisenbach is externally assured by an independent environmental verifier in accordance with. Emas and, iso 14001. Read more in the, emas-index. Myclimate calculates the emissions that we cause. This information can be found in the. The data on social conditions in our production sites was collected by the fair wear foundation (FWF) in audits. Read more in the. Our annual financial statement is audited in accordance with legal requirements by the independent auditing firm, GmbH Schnetz, buchmann, michele paperless ravensburg.

global reporting initiative index
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Global, reporting, initiative gRI ).1 guidelines, including the mining. The, gri index can be downloaded.

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  1. Gri, g4 ogss indicator. Gri, g4 General Standard Disclosures. This report meets application level b of the.

  2. The, global, reporting, initiative 's gRI ) Sustainability. Reporting, guidelines, first published in 2000, updated in 2011 (G3.1) and more. Global, reporting, initiative gri index.

  3. 2012, global, reporting, initiative gri index. G3.1 and Oil and Gas Sector Supplement (ogss). This index refers to the, global, reporting, initiative gRI ).

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