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Teachers can advertise their services in public places or online and can expect to make between 10-20 an hour, depending on the student and what kind of lessons they want. Its even possible to teach classes via skype so you could give lessons to students all around the world from the comfort of your own home. Private lessons are a great way to develop your teaching skills as you are in control of the material and can personalise each class according to the students needs. Of course, the flexibility teaching private classes affords is one of its most appealing aspects although the work can be unstable so those looking for more job security may find this a turn off. A good compromise could be to get a contract working part time and supplement this with private lessons. When it comes to choosing a location, the most popular places are the big cities, madrid and Barcelona. The size of these places means that the number of language schools is high and that makes finding a teaching job easier.

It needs to contain; relevant experience for the role youre applying, skills, education and interests and you need this to be ready for as soon as a prospectus employer asks. Teaching in Spain, spain is a great place to be as an efl teacher. English lessons are mandatory in all Spanish schools and more and more jobs require applicants to have at least a first Certificate qualification just in order to be considered for the role. The current economic climate has made it more difficult for Spanish people to get a job and so people are all eager to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition. All this is good news for those looking for work teaching English. In terms of work there are different options for English teachers to consider. State and private schools hire native speakers to teach classes and they can offer a contract and a good salary but these jobs may be more difficult to get as they often require candidates to have a degree in teaching or summary other similar qualifications and. For those just starting out their tefl career, do consider tefl internships abroad before starting to look for work in an academy. This can be a good option once you have gained valuable classroom experience as they may accept those with little or no experience or qualifications however, having a tefl and a few months experience is always going to make your application more attractive to employers. Finally, there is a great market for private classes.

my resume work abroad

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Another thing I failed to do, meaning I had one thousand tabs up at once all showing different job specs, making me ever more confused! Once you have those two things planned out; the country you wish dissertation to go to, and the type of organisation you want to teach in, you then have the internet at your fingertips. Google being your main tool, but also websites such as m/ or m/ are very useful in helping you narrow down jobs, you are able to input certain terminology to cater the search to your needs. What is more, linkedIn m is a network used by professionals all over the world. It might be an idea to create a profile so that you can learn about other companies and connect with other professionals in the same industry, building relationships that could come in useful in the future. There is also a jobs page in which you can discover opportunities, and LinkedIn can alert you when jobs arise that match your interests. Finally, making sure your cv is up to scratch is extremely important.

my resume work abroad

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Having a whole list of countries with a wide range of tefl teaching abroad jobs is actually just confusing! Of course be open to change, but being too broad gives yourself more of a challenge. This previous point goes hand in hand with the next; being as specific as you can when describing the work you want. For example in regards to teaching; do you want to work with children or with adults, and short in what kind of institution? As there are many types of educational facilities. Of course this is not always possible and there is not always a tailor made job for you out there, but be clear in yourself so you can ask the right questions. Maybe write yourself a job description, using keywords for job searches such as teaching english abroad tefl. For example, one to one, teaching assistant, nursery teacher etc. By doing this it also allows you to eliminate unwanted options forcing you to apply for positions that are suitable.

Its a daunting process but it can be made easier with a bit of organisation and the power of the internet. Google is of course one of your biggest tools, but before i talk about the actual search let me suggest things to do in preparation. First of all, narrow down your options; for example, pick a country and focus on this. Something I did not do! Create a description: I want to work in Columbia, teaching children, i can speak spanish, i have experience inI have a degree. This means the contact reading it can immediately think about any teaching companies he or she knows of in Columbia that may help you. Instead of doing this I had a fuzzy idea of what I wanted to achieve, thinking I was keeping my options open, but it actually left me with fewer options. I made the mistake of sending out implicit emails to people asking if there were any teaching opportunities they knew of in the whole of south America. This does not help any contact recognise how they can help, you need to be specific if you want results.

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my resume work abroad

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This program was open at no extra costs to volunteer native english speakers—a term i understood, but had never seen as one of the only requirements for a job. While investigating further I began to discover the world of conversational English with foreigners and its increasing popularity within Europe and Asia. For three years I participated in this sixteen day summer program in different regions across paper Spain gaining insight into the Spanish culture and the more modern-day interests of Spanish teenagers. It was upon reaching my final year as a volunteer—this past summer—that I started to investigate the opportunities of developing a career in this field. Discovering good tefl courses abroad seemed almost too perfect—it was exactly what I had been doing for three years but allowed me to teach in places of higher education and was considered an actual qualification. Nevertheless, with the tefl training I had received, i was now given me the opportunity to do the two things I love most—travelling and teaching English.

I feel as though i am genuinely helping a community of people in their journey to achieve a higher fluency and understanding of English. It is an incredible feeling, being appreciated for something as simple as being a native speaker. How to find Work overseas, it seems, after having made the decision to leave the comfort of your own country and work further afield, the usual endless process of submitting application upon application suddenly becomes one hundred times more difficult! Whichever country you may decide to start searching in is always the same; looking for a job overseas is hard. I know, i have done it!

Understanding what teaching is really about and what makes people. From the very moment you are assigned a classroom for the first time and placed with a student who isnt a native english speaker, you become acutely aware of how important the time spent with you in a lesson is for the student. Speaking English fluently is like a gift, even more so is the ability to teach. English teaching isnt easy, in fact, it can be one of the most difficult jobs out there. This is especially true if you arent able to be patient and willing to work with your students to help them achieve their full potential. For the most part, it is a very selfless job.

There needs to be a block in your mind of personal interests and instead, there needs to be an intense focus on understanding what it is the student needs or wants from a lesson. For any work as rewarding as tefl, there will always be downsides along with the many benefits. While there is a lot of attention focused on the technical and tedious grammar points, there is so much more to a tefl course. The dedication, care and attention that goes into the eight hours a day of work cant go unnoticed. With an average of ten students a day, every lesson is sure to be quite unique and individually tailored in accordance with the requirements of the student. From children to teenagers, business students to exam students and the older students with an incredible interest in expanding their knowledge in their abundance of free time (of which they love to keep me updated on)—it is important to understand the hard work that goes. Here is part of an interview we carried out: For me, tefl is the next stage in a career path I have been creating since i was sixteen years old. As a young teenager in 2013, i was looking for any possible opportunity to travel during the summer without spending great deals of money. It was then that I stumbled across an English immersion program that I found myself becoming increasingly interested.

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An internship can go either in the International Experience section, or in a work Experience section. . Just make sure to highlight any report major projects you worked on or any cultural experiences you would not have gained elsewhere. . Study abroad is a unique experience that can set you apart from other job applicants. Use this to your advantage and you are sure to be called in for an interview in no time! Rachael has. In geography from the University of Maryland and studied abroad in London during the Spring of 2009. Announcement: In line with serving you even better, kindly update your work experience details below, particularly the country fields. Failure to do so will result in inability to apply on job postings.

my resume work abroad

Adapted to an unfamiliar environment and ppt embraced cultural differences. Used communication and organization skills to navigate through new cities. Managed finances in varying currencies, international Student house resident Assistant, spring 2009. Built interpersonal relationships with students from all over the world. Planned and supervised community events that appealed to students of all cultures. Independent Research Project, fall 2009, used primary and secondary research methods to study london from the students perspective. Combined research into a comprehensive report and presented findings to the department in a symposium. If you interned abroad, that would also be a great thing to add. .

to come across as bragging; the point for me was simply to capture the employers interest (while still leaving room for all of my relevant work experience elsewhere on the page). . For instance, when applying to a job at a travel agency, i thought it would be beneficial for them to see i had extensive travel experience outside of work. The same goes for jobs where you might encounter a variety of people when, lets say, working in customer service. In many scenarios, it is more practical to explain the skills gained abroad, such as: Adaptability and flexibility in new situations. Strong listening and communication skills, comfortable working with people from different cultures. If you have more room on your resume than I did, however, it can be extremely helpful to expand upon your experiences abroad even further. . you might add a section like follows: international experience, semester Abroad in London, spring 2009.

Personally, since my resume was already pretty full, i kept the study abroad information very simple. . Under the Education section i added make a bullet point to highlight my semester abroad. University of Maryland, graduated may 2010,. Gpa.90 - cum laude, awarded the Presidential Scholarship, semester Academic Honors for all semesters. Golden key international Honour Society member. College park Scholars Arts Citation, semester Study Abroad in London, then, in the skills section at the bottom of my resume, i chose to highlight all of the countries to where ive traveled. Intermediate knowledge of Spanish, microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, powerPoint). Windows, macintosh, outlook, lotus Notes, Gmail, Internet, etc.

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By rachael Kroot, Edited by, valeri boyle, when I first returned from my semester in London, my friend Jamie asked me, so how have you changed? . It was a great question. . everybody who studies abroad inevitably comes back with new experiences and skills. . But sometimes the change can be hard to pinpoint. . Sure, you might feel more worldly and independent, but how do you put that on paper? . More importantly, how do you convey that to your future employer? Below are some resume examples will to get you thinking in the right direction when it comes to showing potential employers what youve learned while studying abroad.

my resume work abroad
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  4. In environments where jobs are mostly given to family members and friends, sending a resume will not be terribly effective. As far as my personal experience is concerned, right after my graduation I started sending my resume abroad to work in a language school or.

  5. You may be wondering: where should I put volunteer experience abroad on my resume? Of your work abroad will be beneficial to company you want to work. Personally, since my resume was already pretty full, i kept the study abroad information very simple. Relevant work experience elsewhere on the page).cv format pdf international resume format doc international resume format for engineers my resume work abroad cv samples international.

  6. How i used an Internship. Abroad to Enhance, my, resume. Who always reviewed my work with me and taught me various Spanish grammatical and stylistic norms.

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