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A cyprus offshore company established to carry out ground-water consulting activities in the middle east and worldwide., President and Chief Hydrogeologist, American Ground Water Consultants, Inc. Responsible for: All aspects of marketing, client relations, banking, contracts Project and technical management for: Hydrogeologic and hydraulic evaluation of more than 70 spring systems in the United States and abroad Determination of hydraulic connection between wells and springs ust site investigations Water rights support. Use of nuclear equipment in vadose zone studies Sociological assessments. Government foreign assistance design of foreign agricultural assistance programs and peace corps water-development projects Manage municipal waste sludge removal and wastewater lagoon liner replacement Manage design and installation of community water system Export of drilling and scientific equipment to African countries including: Arranging commercial letters. Department of Commerce export permits Working with. Government purchase orders Certificates of Origin Pro-forma invoices Insurance Clean Bills of Lading conduct of training programs in ground-water exploration and development for Third World professionals I have developed several state-of-the-art proprietary methods including Thermonics, zeta-sp, and aquatrace.

Responsible for agency administration, budget and policy development and litigation relating to soil, water, air, grass, timber, minerals, oil and gas resources for the State of New Mexico. 1994 - present, Trustee, community Assistance foundation/New Mexico foundation for Educational Excellence/WaterBank Trust, not-for-profit irc 501(c 3) foundation to provide technical assistance for rural New Mexico communities, programs in education, and preservation of endangered luxury species through retirement of water rights. 1989 - present, Trustee and Chief Hydrogeologist. Agw consultants, a new Mexico business trust created on June 30, 1989 as the successor to American Ground Water Consultants, Inc. With same responsibilities., Director of the new Mexico foundation for Human Rights and Achievement. 1987 - present, Trustee, bassett Farms Domestic Water Users and Homeowners Association, non-profit irc 528 entity created as a common law trust in Albuquerque, new Mexico in 1986. 1987 - present, Trustee, new Mexico water Trust, Established to become not-for-profit irc 501(c 3) entity. 1984 - April, 1987, Director,. Institute, san Antonio, texas. A woman-owned, texas not-for-profit, irc 501(c 3) corporation dedicated to international assistance and refugee relief projects., president, agw consultants, Ltd.

never worked before resume

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It acts as consultant to other companies engaged in water projects. It also acts as consultant in drip irrigation, ground-water basin water resource development, and as advisor to major hedge funds and financial institutions in the. In the State of New Mexico it deals only in water rights having a priority of prior to march 19, 1907. . Turner is the qualifying Broker for oliver WestWater Resources (N.M. 13371) WestWater is also a new Mexico licensed Escrow Company (N.M. 00120), natural Resources Trustee for the State of New Mexico. Gubernatorial appointment and State Agency head.

never worked before resume

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2002 - present, Trustee of lion's Gate water. . lion's Gate water was created as a discretionary, limited liability, express, common law, business trust in Vancouver, British Columbia, canada on April 22, 2002. . Its 100 discretionary beneficiary is Granville water. lion's Gate is domiciled in the State of New Mexico in the United States and does business in New Mexico pursuant to certificate of Authority scc2506673 issued by the new Mexico public Regulation Commission. It was established to own, review operate, and maintain water projects in the United States and more particularly water supply projects using unappropriated water from the gila river and the rio grande within the State of New Mexico. 1999 - present, Trustee of Turner Environmental Consultants, a new Mexico business trust created on July 22, 1999 with specific responsibilities for environmental projects including: environmental site assessments, landfill gas studies, lagoon design and construction supervision, waste water treatment plant design, water system engineering and. 1996 - present, Trustee of WestWater Resources dba waterBank. WaterBank deals exclusively in water rights and other water assets including bulk water sales, marketing of bottled water and spring water, brokerage of bottled water companies and bottling equipment, geothermal water, water utilities, water-related investment, abstraction licenses, water supply project initiation and financing, marketing. Water and water-asset valuation and appraisal services and expert testimony in support of litigation.

edm was created as a discretionary common law business trust in Albuquerque, new Mexico. . The company beneficiaries are josef Grotendorst (75) and WestWater Resources (25). Company deals exclusively in the development and marketing of the formation Fluid Sampling and Hydraulic Testing tool (fast). . The tool, developed in Germany, is attached above a drill bit in the drill string. . The fast tool permits the sampling of formation fluids and hydraulic testing of formations containing water, oil and gas without removing the drill string from the borehole. . It is an on-the-fly testing tool. 2002 - present, Trustee of Granville water. . Granville is a canadian express, limited -liability, discretionary business trust created on April 22, 2002 and domiciled in British Columbia to own, operate and maintain water systems, bulk water and bottled water facilities, to broker water resources in Canada and to serve as general partner.

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never worked before resume

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1986, Principles and Practice, norris School of essay real Estate, albuquerque,. 1986, real Estate law, norris School of real Estate, albuquerque,., tahal consulting Engineers/United Nations development Project. Supervision of hydrogeological field studies and on-the-job training. 1966, government of Israel. Special course in hydrogeologic and hydrometeorologic field methods and techniques.

1965, Office of Economic Opportunity (oeo washington,. Training program in community organization and development, rural development and problems of the poor prior to assignment as rural development worker for War Against poverty programs in New Mexico. 1962, Peace corps Training Program, washington. Training in Greek language, rural development, regional history and geology of the middle east. Workshops: 1965, Eleanor roosevelt Workshop in International Human Relations. Rutgers University experience: 2002 - present, Trustee of edm systems (USA). .

Physical Education - s, physics 1 - c, air Sciences 1a -. Chemistry ii - c physical Education ii - s physics ii - c air Science 1b - c history - b physical geology 1 - b calculus iii - c physical Education iii - s physics iii - b air Science iii - c (Inc. Aerial Photo-interpretation) Economics i - c historical geology - b geomorphology - b mineralogy - b german iii - a physical Education iv - s physics iv - b air Science ii - b physical Chemistry - d invertebrate paleontology a field Methods -. I - b economic geology - b optical Mineralogy - b petroleum geology b atomic and Nuclear Physics - c senior Seq. Ii - b geochemistry - a intro to geophysics - b colloid Chemistry - b petrography b pennsylvania state University  ms geology - june 12, 1965 Ore deposits - h aqueous Systems - b x-ray diffraction - a photogeology - p element Distribution -.

geology - january 20, 1971 Sedimentology lab - b seminar - crustal evolution - a graduate conference - cr hydrology - hydraulics Lab - a water Supply waste water Disp - b soviet Eastern European - aud micropaleontology/Lab - a petroleum geology -. Huzarski - a dissertation - dissertation Dissertation Dissertation Graduate conference special education: hour Theory and Practice of Mediation, University of New Mexico, school of Law., 40-hour osha,.120 hazwoper course. 1991, bioremediation Short course, tesoro petroleum. 1991, sti-P3, Steel underground storage tank installation course, steel Tank Institute. 1988, Nuclear device operators course, troxler Scientific, Albuquerque, mexico 1988, Radon Testing and Mitigation,. Environmental Protection Agency, phoenix, Arizona. 1988, First Response Training course, kirtland Air Force base, new Mexico presented. 1987, Appraisal, norris School of real Estate, albuquerque,.

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Thesis: heavy mineral Distribution in the sandy Spring and Kensington 7-1/2 Minute quadrangles, maryland, 50p. Plus maps and appendices. Geology, 1961, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, troy,. Northport High twist School, northport, long Island, new York. . Curriculum vitae, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute -. Introduction to Engineering science -. Chemistry 1 - b, engineering Drawing - c, calculus 1 -.

never worked before resume

Email: films: Drive, area 52, education:. Geology-hydrology, 1971, University of New Mexico, albuquerque,. Dissertation (Unpublished The geology of the polis-Kathikas Area, cyprus, 450pp plus maps and appendices. First elucidation of Mediterranean Messinian desiccation and evaporite development and the first elucidation of ocean floor massive sulphide metalogenesis. Mapped greenstone copper sulphide and gold deposits. . Mapped Tethyian oceanic crust and basic intrusions and subduction zone serpentinites plan First elucidation of the cyprian Gravity nappe and serpentinization of ultrabasic dunnites, harzburgites, and norites at the base of the nappe and related metamorphic rocks. Geological Survey library, reston Virginia; Cambridge University library, cambridge, uk; Cyprus geological Survey department, nicosia, cyprus and at ( m/FTP/. Geology-geochemistry, 1965, pennsylvania state University, university park,.

Htun is Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico and a guggenheim Fellow. 400 Gold avenue, sw, 12th Floor. Albuquerque, new Mexico 87102, telephone:, telefacsimile. Email: 2015 - one of twenty awardees of the 2015 Top Businessmen in New Mexico Award, Chairman of the new Mexico coalition of Charter Schools and Member of the board of the new Mexico foundation for Open government (FOG). David Turner, emergency room Physician, peyson General Hospital. Peyson, Arizona, adam. Turner, Screenwriter and Director, petroleum Landman, political Consultant,  Associate Professor Film Arts, University of New Mexico. Phoenix, Arizona and Albuquerque, new Mexico.

Regina was a 2006 recipient of the new Mexico governors Annual Outstanding New way Mexico womens Award and a 2010 awardee of the jewish Federation of Greater Albuquerque for her humanitarian work. . Regina brought the rachel's Challenge Exhibit to a number of Albuquerque schools in January, 2011. . In April, 2012, she organized the very successful Yom ha shoah (day of Remembrance) program in Albuquerque. . In April, 2013, regina received the prestigious 2013 Community service Award from the. Federal Bureau of Investigation at a ceremony at fbi headquarters in Washington,. She has led three trips to poland for the model International Criminal court (micc) proceedings for High School upperclassmen for the berlin Initiative funded by the german government. . On March 23, 2016 she led a group of 11 New Mexico high school students on an educational visit to cuba. . In november 2016 she again will lead another group of New Mexico students on the micc program to poland. She is presently working with New Mexico high Schools to present the international acclaimed choices exhibit.

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Turner, rpg, january 25, 2017 (photo). Personal : Date of Birth: november 21, 1939. Place of Birth: Little rock, arkansas,. Married: 50 years to regina Aronson on August 26, 2016. Regina has a long history of community leadership in organizing and implementing conferences, workshops and international exhibits throughout New Mexico and in the middle east from 1980 to the present. Beginning in 1995 she brought the Anne Frank In interests The world Exhibit to new Mexico three separate occasions. . The Exhibit was visited by more than 250,000 New Mexicans, visitors from many other states and visitors from around the world. She is the recipient of numerous community and national awards including the prestigious Albuquerque human Rights Bridge Award, the United Nations Association of Albuquerque award, the Anti-defamation league education Award, the Albuquerque hero award and the nmcte friends of English Education Award.

never worked before resume
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This is a companion piece to my post, Interviewing for a job in Sales: 10 Things you must that article, i offered 10 interviewing tips specific to the world of sales. Similarly, in this article, i offer resume tips specific to the world of sales from the perspective of a veteran sales manager who has had hundreds of resumes come. Today, id like to give a big shout out to anyone who learned to start a lawn mower after their divorce.

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  1. Many people who write resumes have an inclination to capitalize damn near everything. Perhaps they think that by capitalizing words, those words, or the functions they represent, become more important; ergo, the. The democratic strategist who sparked a furore after saying Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life apologized again today and pulled out of a tv appearance this weekend. Hilary rosen tweeted that she was going to be 'a mom at home' after withdrawing from her planned appearance on Sunday's 'meet The Press'.

  2. Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writers are a diverse bunch. Certified by the parw, our expert writers possess pure writing talent, a strong business acumen, and are completely dedicated to your career success. Special education: hour Theory and Practice of Mediation, University of New Mexico, school of Law., 40-hour osha,.

  3. If you want to make it past the initial test, you need to have solid qualifications and the perfect r sum to highlight those qualifications. Here are 29 things you should never include on your r sum. Yes, you might have been the king of making milkshakes at the restaurant you worked for. From mbas and journalists to copywriters and recruiters, our Professional.

  4. What Is a, resume? By sue campbell, m Depending on whom you ask, a resume may be viewed as the single most important vehicle to securing your next job, or it may be viewed as an unnecessary nuisance. Yes, you might have been the king of making milkshakes at the restaurant you worked for in high school. But unless you are planning on redeeming that title,.

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