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I've met people in various parts of the at have never seen a bible or heard about a bible, and never heard of Jesus, but they've believed in their hearts that there was a god." so, there you have. The world's most famous so called evangelist teaches that no one needs Jesus to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. They're already members of the body of Christ whether they know it or not! All they have to do is believe in a god-like one of the three million Hindu gods; or perhaps the man-god or man-king whom some buddhists worship, the dalai lama; or the moslem's Allah; or perhaps the cosmic "God" of the evolutionists; or the witches'. Frankly, if Graham is right, isn't it time we just folded our tents and stopped all this foolishness of preaching and believing in the Christian religion? Why print or read Christian Bibles or practicing Christianity if the hindu or Buddhist scriptures and beliefs will suffice?

According to the san Francisco Chronicle and Examiner (October 10, 1997 after hearing Graham's latest milktoast sermon, Brian Jackie, a gay san Francisco "Catholic praised the evangelist. "Graham is a man of integrity said Jackie, adding that Billy Graham always has a "positive message." Jackie's friend, the reverend Bill Byrd, homosexual pastor of the san Francisco evangelical gay church, heartily agreed. "I have no problem with Graham's preaching said the. Reverend Byrd, "Billy Graham brings people together.". Yes, billy Graham does do that-he brings the sinful heretic tares together as one into a huge heap, ready to be burned and destroyed by the dreadful, consuming fire of the lord at the Great White Throne judgment. And that's exactly where billy will be too, unless he converts and repents. Billy Graham denies that salvation is only through Jesus Christ The Infamous may 31, 1997 Interview: Graham and Schuller: Robert Schuller: "Tell me, what do you think of the future of Christianity?" Billy Graham: "I think everybody who knows Christ, whether they're conscious. God's purpose is to call out a people for His name, whether they come from the muslim world, buddhist world, the Christian world, or the non-believing world, they are members of the body of Christ, because they've been called by god. They may not even know the name of d I think they are saved, and that they are going to be in heaven with." Robert Schuller: "What I hear you saying is that it's possible for Jesus Christ to come into human hearts and. Is that a correct interpretation of what you are saying?" Billy Graham: " Yes it is, three because i believe that.

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Graham also proudly confided: "I have so many gay friends, and we remain friends. homosexuality is condemned throughout the bible. Sodomy is one of the sins that cries to heaven for vengeance. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this very sin. Billy Graham is saying that God loves homosexuals while they are committing this abomination. Homosexual people don't love god because if they loved God they would not sin. Since homosexual people hate. God and mocks Jesus Christ by their sinful lives, god hates their wicked and sinful deeds and will rightly condemn them to an eternal hell of suffering. The gays and Billy Graham do, indeed, remain friends.


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In Graham's autobiography, 'just As i am he mentions that he was with President Clinton on may 1, 1996. He states, "It was a time of warm fellowship with a man who has not who has not always won the approval of his fellow. Christians, but who has in his heart a desire to serve god and do his will". When people consider someone like clinton (who is a sex pervert, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion) to be a christian, we are in desperate spiritual trouble! When someone like graham does so, we are even in a more profound dilemma, since movie multiplied thousands look up to Graham as a spiritual advisor and man of God. Earlier, at a news conference, the famed evangelist thrilled the cockles of the homosexuals' lusty hearts when he snapped to a reporter that he was tired of people trying to get him to criticize gays. "It's not the biggest of sins Graham said. Billy followed this up by telling the smiling and happy liberal media: "What I want to preach about in San Francisco is the love of God. People need to know that God loves them no matter what their sexual orientation.".

Alternatively check out my selection. Cameralabs t-shirts, my, in Camera and, digital Retro books, or simply consider treating me to a cup of coffee at my favourite café via paypal youll see links to do this on every page, including clicking my face above! Another great way to support Camera labs is to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the site. If you like an article, then please do share it with your friends it really does help! And dont forget to follow me on your favourite social networks as Im always up for a chat about my loves of photography, technology, science, food and travel! Thanks and see you online! Gordon laing, Editor, camera labs. Graham on sexual immorality and homosexuality, on nbc television, billy, graham flippantly excused President Bill Clinton's lewd and lascivious sexual sins by declaring that, well, the man just can't help himself. Clinton is handsome and virile, said Graham, and the girls are just "wild" over him.

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I want Camera labs to be one of the george most attractive-looking review sites out there and for you to enjoy reading my content. Ive also really thrown myself into social networking and instead of just pushing automated links to my content, i spend several hours each day to personally write all my posts and actively engage with followers. Finally, i also host a regular video-based podcast show about photography with doug kaye. Cameralabs Photography podcast gives us the chance to discuss the latest cameras in-depth in a friendly and approachable style! I additionally host free photowalks where photographers can meetup and tour a town while discussing our wonderful hobby with like-minded folk! I believe its the real-life tests, in-depth coverage, clean presentation, video broadcasts, podcasts, travel element, published books and social engagement which make camera labs unique in the world of photography publications.

Today camera labs also remains almost entirely a one-man operation. Im the photographer, writer, editor, publisher, marketing man and tea boy. Since each of my reviews can run to over 20,000 words across several pages I can only manage to cover the most important models, although ive increased the coverage of products by commissioning a number of freelance contributors. Most notably ken McMahon, a former colleague on pcw magazine, now writes most of the entry-level camera reviews, while camera labs forum moderator Thomas delivers regular in-depth reviews of nikkor lenses. None of this would be possible without your support, and Camera labs is entirely funded by commission from sales at partner stores, sales of ebooks and good old coffee donations! So if youre ever shopping at Amazon, b h or Adorama (for anything at all!) please do click through to them first using the links on my reviews.

After 13 years of writing for technology and photography magazines in the uk i launched Camera labs. I was frustrated by the lack of detail in typical magazine and web reviews and loved the idea of being entirely responsible for my content along with its marketing and presentation. Today my reviews are amongst the most detailed out there, often running to over 20,000 words each. Id also become tired of technical charts being used to evaluate cameras, so shortly after launching Camera labs swapped them for real-life tests which revealed how theyd actually perform in natural conditions. So rather than studying charts shot at close range under artificial light in my reviews, youll find landscapes, shot at infinity under natural light. I also look beyond just image quality and take a close look at how a camera handles, especially the response, focusing and continuous shooting capabilities.

My time on technology magazines also means i embrace new features like live view, movies and Wifi, so youll always find detailed reports on every aspect of a camera, both traditional and modern. As a photographer, Im also keen to share a selection of sample images that are attractive to look at as well as being technically useful. Ill always try and find great-looking subjects around my home town of Brighton in the uk, along with taking test models on my travels. Ill post many of these in the run-up to the completion of a review, demonstrating what the camera can and cant do, and in the blog section of the site youll find reports on some of the more interesting places ive visited. In 2017 I compiled 100 of my favourite travel photos into a book, telling the stories and techniques behind them, in particular celebrating the fact all were jpegs straight out of mirrorless cameras with no Photoshop. In Camera is now on its second print-run in English and has been translated into French, Italian and czech. Running your own site also means you can decide how youd like it to look. I feel many websites deliver a poor experience to their readers, bombarding them with links and adverts, many of which are irrelevant to photography, and in some cases, actually distasteful. I believe the way forward is to deliver a clean and simple editorial experience, allowing you to quickly find what youre looking for and enjoy it without distraction.

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(Figures correct as of June 2018). As for me, ive been into photography since early childhood, shooting film from the late seventies and graduating to digital in the mid-Nineties. In particular I love finding out how cameras, computers and other devices work. I pursued the science behind review them at the University of Kent, graduating with a degree in Physics, before taking my first job as a staff writer on Personal Computer World, the longest-running pc magazine in the. During seven years at pcw i specialized in imaging hardware essays and graphics software, reviewing digital cameras from their birth with the.3 Megapixel Apple quicktake 100 along with early versions of Adobe Photoshop. I later become the Editor of the magazine before kicking-off a six year freelance career, regularly contributing to digital slr user, Professional Photographer, macUser, pc pro, computeractive, t3, The times Educational Supplement, The london evening Standard and The register. During this time Ilex Press / Sybex also published my first book, digital Retro, an illustrated history of home computers in the eighties.

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— in "nya tider helsingaors, 1992. Hello, im Gordon laing, Editor of Camera labs! On this page Ill tell you a little pro bit about myself and what makes Camera labs different from the other photography publications out there. But first the numbers! Camera labs has grown steadily since launch in 2005 and currently serves around half a million pages to 150,000 unique visitors a month. I host video reviews on which have been watched over 37 million times and have a strong following on the leading social networks with over 7300 subscribers. Twitter, 5300 Followers on, facebook,.1 million on, google, 8000. Instagram and 108,000 on,.

By rotkirch a soderling.,Helsingfors: Tigertext, 1992. Privatiseringen gar over Ryssland.

The self-determination problem in the cultural-historical and in the activity approaches. — in Abstracts ii conference for socio-cultural research, vigotsky-piajet, University of Geneva, september 11-15, 1996. — n 6 (27). — n 10, n 11 Non-trivial pursuit — ryska spel samhallsproblem — spel djavulken kom till Moskva och hela landet. — ny tid,.3.1991. Jos eri alojen asiantuntijat puhuisivat toistensa kielta? — helsingin Sanomat,.5.1991.

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— in "Ord Bild (Swedish 1992. — n way 4,. — itsemaarittelyn merkitiys organisaatio-toimin-tapelissa — in "Simulaatiopelit oppivan organisaation koulutusvalineina.:. — report N 140,. — nn 29, 35,. S.Vygotsky's "Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark" — in journal of Russian and East European Psychology, march/april, 1994. In search of Form. On the methodology of Analyzing Transformation. De spiegeleire baden-Baden, 1995.

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  1. Biographical sketch and research interests of Jun-mo nam,. Nam received. In mathematical statistics from the University of Washington in 1966. Caracciola won the 1931 Mille miglia in the mercedes-Benz sskl racing sports car with co-driver Wilhelm Sebastian.

  2. Bloomberg 108th mayor of New York city download Photo: Low Res high Res. Vale sponsors Genesis project, by Brazilian Photographer Sebastião salgado; check out his biography, pictures and the shows schedule. Biography edit for more than a millennium, it rested beneath the land that would become the kingdom of Orr.

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