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Dont try to do it all, just start. For example, if the work normally takes 1 hour, add in another 15 minutes to capture what you are doing. . Repeat that the next few times when doing the task. . Before you know it, its finished! As you begin documenting, pretend youre teaching someone else the job. . Write down every step, what position does the task, how long it should take, deadlines, where documents, files, or supplies are, and anything else a person needs to know when approaching the task knowing nothing.

No one else knows how to do but you. Others asked legal you questions about this 3 times in the last 3 months. Errors are frequent, feel free to use other measures of significance, but this should give habits you a quick place to start. There are certain aspects of work that cant be put in a procedure because they require judgment and extreme flexibility. . But once you start documenting processes, itll amaze you how much can be articulated! Even decision-making factors are helpful to have documented. . What you think are crucial factors may not be the things that occur to others. . This is one of many ways procedures serve a team: getting everyone on the same page. Second Bite: Invest a small amount of time. Next time you or a staff member begin a task that you chose to start with above, invest 25 more time now to begin to document the steps of the process. .

stuff to write to your best friend

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All these things set the stage for increased individual accountability. Make it Simple, the most stress-free way to approach putting procedures in place is the same as the best way to eat an elephantone bite at a time! First Bite: Decide where to start. Dont try to sit down to tackle all the procedures at once, needed youve got other pressing work. . Rather, use this list as a guide of where to begin. . Think about tasks that meet more than one of the following criteria: Someone will perform it again, even if it may be months down the road. It will be taught to someone.

stuff to write to your best friend

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The simple action of writing standard operating procedures will ensure twist you and your teams success. A supervisors Best Friend, a client told me that because there wasnt a lot of turnover in her organization, offboarding an employee only came up occasionally. . She was spending hours trying to remember all the steps she needed to take, systems to remove the person from, and forms to complete to process the person out. This is a fitting example of where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. . Investing the time once to capture the procedure saved her hours down the road, saved her frustration, and increase her confidence that she was not missing anything. A procedure, sometimes referred to as a standard operating procedure or sop for short, is simply a detailed, step-by-step description of a work process. Procedures are a supervisors best friend. . They can be a foundational tool for training, free up your time from repeat questions, reduce errors, set clear expectations, and enable others to be the backup. .

Share this with everyone! Do your team members come to you repeatedly with the same types of questions? Is it sometimes hard to make sure inexperienced staff gets trained on all the right stuff? Are your employees making more mistakes than you think is acceptable? If youve grown a business or organization yourself or have worked in it for any length of time, youve become an expert in how to do hundreds of steps that make the day-to-day operations run. . However, transferring that information to your team so they know what you expect and how to do it correctly every time, can be a daunting task. Ive learned over a lifetime of working that even the simplest tasks are not easy when you first learn them.  Also, how you learn to do a task and the way you remember it are not always the same. . Were all human; we forget stuff.

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stuff to write to your best friend

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I spent the next hour twisting and twirling my cup in the most obvious of ways to no avail! Finally in desperation I ran upstairs and threw on a shirt I had made before the trip that said 'Adding another pumpkin to our patch' on the front. Bonnie didn't put it together until she saw the back of my shirt which had three pumpkins on the back with the date june 2018. After shedding some hopeful tears, the pair of bffs started to get excited about embarking on their pregnancy journeys together — and they admit having the support was truly comforting. "In the beginning, my husband and I were told we lost the baby after going to the emergency room for some severe abdominal pain said Bonnie.

"Thankfully, everything ended up being fine, but crazy enough, lindsay went through the exact same scare during her second pregnancy. She was the first call I made. She comforted me and put me at ease.". Lindsay couldn't agree more, but as a soon-to-be mother of three, she needed a different type of support: "I had just come out of a previous pregnancy, so rolling right into another one back to back, like, that was daunting she explained. "having Bonnie to cheers sparkling water with on date nights, grab lunch with, or chat about bump woes without feeling like i was dumping on an innocent, nonpregnant friend was what I needed to keep motivated as I rocked out another nine months with this. Image proein source: Danette Anderson.

And you just know your life would not be the same if they werent. After trying to conceive for two years with her husband, Andrew, bonnie engle was over the moon to tell her best friend of four years, lindsay matway, that she was finally pregnant with her first child. Bonnie told popsugar that they wanted to tell Lindsay and her husband, billy, as soon as they found out that the pregnancy test was positive. "The four of us went out to dinner the night before Andrew and I found out and I felt a little off the next morning, so i took a test and it was positive said Bonnie. "I told my husband and we decided to tell Lindsay and Billy that same day.". Because the couples were so close, they didn't want to break the news to their friends in an ordinary way, so they had a little fun with.

Advertisement "We drove to Starbucks and had the barista write 'mom' and 'dad' on our coffee cups in place of our names and we drove by their house. They definitely weren't expecting us she said. "We were standing in their kitchen for about 30 minutes anxiously and not so subtly taking long sips from our coffee cups before one of them noticed. Are you trying to tell us something?!' and Lindsay yelled, 'are you pregnant?!' It was the best feeling.". After spending the next few weeks celebrating with the soon-to-be parents of a little girl, lindsay made a discovery of her own: she was pregnant again after giving birth just nine months beforehand. "I wasn't trying to get pregnant, to say the least joked Lindsay. "Once the shock wore off, it hit me that we were going to get to be pregnant together. In that moment, i knew she would be the first one i would want to tell!". Lindsay wanted to keep within the Starbucks theme for her pregnancy announcement and decided that a work trip to london with Bonnie would be as good a place as any to spill the beans — even though she doesn't drink coffee: "I finally found.

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We want best dream friends who ask for our help instead of trying to tackle something alone. We want best friends who will come over and clean our bathroom and see us sans bra. We want best friends who will pick us up off the floor after something traumatic has happened, and remind us we can get up again, even if we dont think we can. We want best friends who push us to be a better person. And the thing about a best friend, a true best friend, is when you find them, its just easy. They are your soft place to land and you both know theres nothing your friendship wont survive. They are your person, your ride or die, your soulmate.

stuff to write to your best friend

What made them decide this particular human, out of all the people in the world, earned the spot as their best friend? While the answers were different in their words, they were all the same in their meaning. What makes a best friend is someone who sticks around through the hard shit and doesnt expect you to role morph into someone you are not to please them. Because really, we all just want to be seen, accepted, and validated for who we are. We want to be comfortable being our whole selves. We want best friends who realize a long time might go between visits or conversations, but we can pick up where we left off without any hard feelings. We want best friends who will listen, really listen, without judgment. We want best friends who call us out on our bullshit, and arent afraid to be honest with us when we are making shitty, harmful decisions. We want best friends who will see us at our worst and still want us in their lives.

when I saw her every day. My best friend is my best friend because shes been a constant in my life since i met her. Shes seen me through breakups, stood next to my on my wedding day, traveled over 5 hours to see all of my kids when they were first born, and talked me though hours of pain during my divorce. Katie bingham-smith, my best friend is my best friend because she doesnt get mad if I cancel plans when Im drowning in my own shit. She knows Im a better person when I get my stuff in order. She doesnt take it personally; she knows this is who i am and its not about her. Advertisement, my best friend is my best friend because she gets just as excited about a purse sale as I do and will talk me into buying a second or third item because, you are saving so much money on the first, its like youre. I talked to quite a few people about why they chose their person.

I called her one sunday afternoon as soon as her information came to me in the mail. I told her how I like to dress up and strange get up early to workout. She told me she liked to wear hats and sleep. After a few months of friendship, she told me shed had reservations about living with. She hadnt been sure we would work well together after we first talked, but I never gave it a second thought. As soon as I walked into our room and met her, there was an instant comfort — i felt like i was home. That night we stayed up all night talking.

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If I have told my girlfriend that i am dying, how can I convince her that she can still have hope in her life? Wikihow Contributor, sit her down and explain. Tell her you love her and that you will be that shoulder she needs to essay cry on and tell her that it's not her fault and she needs to know how much you love her. Tell her of your intentions, be they to fight the illness, accept it, seek more treatment, etc. And ask her to respect your choices. I met my best friend in the summer of 93; we were besties at first sight. She was sipping a diet coke, and she had red hair and a big smile. I liked the way she smelled and things with us were just easy from the start. She was my assigned roommate our freshman year in college.

stuff to write to your best friend
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I like to describe this style of writing as talking to your best friend over a cup of coffee. List of Best Friend Tag questions will help how well you really know your best friend.

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  1. With some friendships, food is an integral element — whether you're catching up over pancakes or gossiping over cocktails. These 2 Best Friends Got Pregnant at the same time, and no, it Definitely wasn't on Purpose! Suicide is very serious, and telling your best friend is very heartbreaking to him/her. Reading see jane Write is like getting candid advice from your two best friends — who just happen to be a published author and editor.

  2. And you just know your life would not be the same if they weren't. Hemingway app is my best friend when it comes to writing. However, if you have been asked to write about anything that concerns your course, choose a topic that interests you.

  3. how to write your instagram bio like a boss 1718 best"s images on pinterest 1210 best instincts images on pinterest instagram. Spending time surrounded by friends is a guarantee of laughter, fun, and well-being. These sensations are experienced clearly and. A best friend is your person, your ride or die, your soulmate.

  4. Best, friend, reviews Copyright 2018. Category: Vegan, stuff, i thought I would write about my experience going vegan. It's like copying your friend 's homework. what you write : never post your address or phone/mobile phone number, and don't use your real.

  5. Do you guys know my good friend, laurie salzler? Not only is she an awesome person in general (she and her partner. Your, great Aunt Ali has a friend who teaches at a school that has many kids who are hungry. It will become your best friend in saving time and effort in promoting you and your ideas in the months and years ahead.

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