Swot analysis of hotel industry essay

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However Mixed economy is is not helpful in achieving optimal use of national resources. The mixed economy suffer from the drawbacks of both the capitalism and the socialism. Mixed economy seldom achieved progress. It suffers from continues backwardness. B) Identify and explain two social welfare policy and industrial policy measures in the uk that impact on the activities of the hotel and similar organisations Social Policy means the study of social services and the welfare state. Social Policy and Administration is an academic subject concerned with the study of social services and the welfare state. It developed in the early part of the 20th century as a complement to social work studies, aimed at people who would be professionally involved in the administration of welfare. In the course of the last forty years, the range and breadth of the subject has developed.

(Anthony, 2007) Mixed Economy: A mixed economy is an economic system that incorporates aspects of more than one economic system. This is typically means an economy that contains both privately-owned and state-owned enterprises or that combines elements of capitalism and socialism, or a mix of market economy and planned economy. (Myers, 2004) Impact on planned and mixed economy The centrally planned economy operates under the rules whereby the means of production, such as the hotels, are deemed to be owned by the public and all forms of economic activity are controlled by the government. This means that the central planning authorities are responsible for assigning production goals of the tourism industry as well as the allocation of factors of production. Within such a system, the proportion of total output absorbed as investment as opposed to private consumption, together with the distribution of income and the range of tourism activities produced, becomes a problem of social control rather than market forces. Therefore, in centrally planned economies the decision to produce particular levels of output of tourism products is a social and political rather than an economic decision. The mixed economy is helpful in increasing national production in the country. Both writing public and private sector work hard to bring about more production. The problem created by free enterprise and too much public control are solved through mixed economy. It provides freedom of enterprise ownership profit earning as well as social welfare and political freedom.

swot analysis of hotel industry essay

Swot, analysis of, hotel

Lower-level managers, like market research managers, work together with hotel marketing managers to come up with ideas for creating new clientele such as offering hotel deals and oliver incentives like free welcome drinks, a approving massage at the hotel or complimentary use of a business center. Marketing managers and researchers learn what travelers want and estimate the cost of including those services. (Hahnel, 2001) Task 2 - economic, social and Global Environment. A) Discuss the fundamental features of planned and mixed economic systems and explain how each system can impact on the operations of the hotel group. Use examples of the hotel activities to support your answer. Planned Economy: A planned economy is an economic system in which the government or workers' councils manage the economy. In such economies, the state or government controls all major sectors of the economy and decide all decisions about their use and about the distribution of income, much like a communist state. The planners decide what should be produced and direct enterprises to produce those goods. Planned economies are in contrast to unplanned economies, such as a market economy, where production, distribution, pricing, and investment decisions are made by the private owners of the factors of production based upon their own and their customers' interests rather than upon furthering some overarching.

swot analysis of hotel industry essay

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For those interested in the business side of hotels, a career in sales may be suitable vocation for them. Hotel group sales coordinators are commonly the link between the guests and the hotel company. Their roles involve a mixture of customer service, team management and brand building for their hotel group. Group sales coordinator has many responsibilities. Among them is the preparation of correspondence such as customer appreciation letters, helping to facilitate promotions such as half-price rooms and scheduling staff rotas to make sure the sales department is operating sufficiently. Other responsibilities include ensuring that the sales team meets its targets, liaising with individual customers and groups for detailed feedback on the hotel's facilities and analyzing sales statistics to provide an accurate report for the sales director. Hotel marketing manager A hotel marketing manager works with the hotel's advertising and sales managers to promote the hotel's services and facilities.

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swot analysis of hotel industry essay

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This online tool allows users to connect with and share best practices with peers and senior ihg leaders around the globe. Suppliers feedback from suppliers helps us to better understand how we perform against our peers and gain a clearer picture of our risks. Wherever possible we encourage our hotels to source goods and services locally. In addition to ihg supporting local suppliers, we also need to promote responsible business practices by those same suppliers. One area we are working on with suppliers is procurement - find out more in our Supply Chain section. Explain three key responsibilities of the hotel group and the strategies employed for achieving them.

Hotel Manager A hotel manager who is responsible for the day-to-day quiet management of a hotel and its staff, They have commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning, organising and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, concierge, and reservations food and beverage operations and. In larger hotels, managers often have a specific responsibility (guest services, accounting, and marketing) and make up a general management team. While taking a strategic overview and planning ahead to maximise profits, the manager must also pay attention to the details, setting the example for staff to deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets guests' needs and expectations. Business and people management are equally important elements. (Keller, 2005) The manager of a large hotel may have less make contact with guests plan but will have regular meetings with heads of department to coordinate and monitor the progress of business strategies. In a smaller establishment, the manager is much more involved in the hands-on day-to-day running of the hotel, which may include carrying out reception duties or serving meals if the need arises. Sales coordinator Often seen as a dynamic and social working environment, hotels offer an attractive career path for many people.

For no guests mean is no accommodation sector. Employee: A hotel with no employees' means simply that guests would not be welcomed, registered, assisted for whatsoever specific they needs have. Employees are a primordial agent in the hotel industry. Management owners: A hotel with no managers resembles to an army without generals. Moreover, to have a hotel, investors shall poor some amount of money to build it, refurnish it, and operate.

Therefore, the mission statement tells how it is going to satisfy all the above stated agents so that they continue acting in the hotel industry. Key objectives Managers shall, bearing in mind the company's mission statement, come up with company's global objectives, Which are : Specific numerical Observable measurable If objectives are general and non-quantifiable, then, it would be unfeasible at the end of a certain period of time. (Grimble, 1997) 1b).Identify three groups of stakeholder's objectives and evaluate the extent to which the hotel achieves these objectives Property Owners They work together with property and to find innovative solutions that satisfy their economic, environmental and social objectives. Employees They recognize the importance of communicating information about their business and its performance to employees. Because cr issues are central to our company values they are a prominent feature of global management conferences, informal briefings, in-house publications and our intranets. (Hahnel, 2001) In January 2011 we held a green day at our Atlanta Offices to raise awareness of ihg's approach. During the coming year we will work with colleagues to ensure that we are following sound principles for Green meetings and Green Training materials. We will also set up a dedicated section on cr in our leaders lounge, a virtual community of ihg leaders that provides time-effective tools, tips and articles that reinforce our strategy and help managers improve their leadership.

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And monetary union (EMU) to the uk economy and to organisation. References, task 1- mission, Objectives and Responsibilities of an Organisation 1a) identify the mission, values and key objectives of the hotel group and show how they reflect the interests of the stakeholders. A mission is the unique purpose that sets one hotel or motel company apart from others. Moreover, the mission statement needed gives meanings and directions to hotel policies. In fact, when faced with any problem, misunderstanding, or strategic decision to be taken, managers always, make sure that their decisions match the mission statement. In addition, the mission statement shall be general and broad. The mission statement shall reflect the interests of the agents interacting in the hotel group. Guest: guest(s) represent one of the most important agents in the hotel industry.

swot analysis of hotel industry essay

A) shortcomings of two market models jollibee relevant to the hotel group. And show how they can affect the profitability of the hotel. 3b) factors of supply and demand - income, price, weather, and substitutes impact. On the activities of the hotel group 3c) behaviour and competitive strategies employed by organisations in the uk 10. And the rationale for regulating the behaviour strategies. Task 4 - international Trade and the european Dimension 4a) the pros and cons of trade between the uk and other countries 11 4b) the impact of two european Union policies on uk organisations and. The hotel group 4c) Implications of the uk becoming a member of the european economic.

and mixed economic. Systems n impact on the operations of the hotel group. B) social welfare policy and industrial policy measures in the uk. C) Impact of two macroeconomic policy measures in the. And the us since the year 2011 on the hotel group. Task 3 -behaviour of Organisations and the market Environment.

Changes in employment laws on working hours. Economic - how the economy affects a business in terms of taxation, government spending, general demand, interest rates, exchange rates and essay European and global economic factors. Political - how changes in government policy might affect the business. A decision to subsidies building new houses in an area could be good for a local brick works. Technological - how the rapid pace of change in production processes and product innovation affect a business. Ethical - what is regarded as morally right or wrong for a business. For instance should it trade with countries which have a poor record on human rights. Table of contents, page no, task 1- mission, Objectives and Responsibilities of an Organisation 1a) Mission, values and key objectives of the hotel group. And interests of the stakeholders 1b).

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Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, a business does not function in a vacuum. It has to act and react to what happens outside the factory and office walls. These factors that happen outside the business are known as external factors or influences. These will affect the main internal functions of needed the business and possibly the objectives of the business and its strategies. The main factor that affects most business is the degree of competition - how fiercely other businesses compete with the products that another business makes. The other factors that can affect the business are: Social - how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. For instance, changes in attitude towards health, or a greater number of pensioners in a population. Legal - the way in which legislation in society affects the business.

swot analysis of hotel industry essay
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The riverview hotel is a 35 rooms luxurious property in Notown, e hotel is known for the exceptionally good personal service at the affordable prices. Business Ethics and the Global Dimensions of Business - business Ethics and the Global Dimensions of Business This inclusive analysis was developed after an initial consultation with the. Of xyz construction, Inc.

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