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Schindler began as a selfish man but redeemed himself by saving so many innocent lives then claiming it wasnt enough. This made the viewer see schindler as a character to admire by the end of the film. Posted in Film tagged essay, schindler's List 1 Comment Posted on november 8, 2008 by ncowie here is another good essay question for American beauty. How does a feature film you have studied use narrative and other film techniques to examine the values of society? Firstly, discuss the values of society that are represented in American beauty. Then, how is society, its structures and what it holds to be important conveyed in the film? This might be through film techniques such as:   the situations characters in the film are faced with, and how they act and react.

Goeth, after a night of drinking, eating and partying, gets out of his bed and with a smoke in his mouth, idly shoots Jews in the camp below who are simply going about the chores they have been assigned. This horrific behaviour and brutality towards the jews demonstrates how easily power can corrupt ones mind and goeth engineering sees the jews as worthless. The viewer is shocked by these scenes as we cannot understand how a human could mercilessly kill another and we then realise how angelic the actions of Schindler are. One of the final scenes where Schindler is leaving his factory to escape the police is a moment where Schindlers transformation into a morally good and admirable person is concreted. With tears in his eyes Schindler exclaims this watch, one. And this car, thats five for this car alone. As he reminisces over how many more lives he could have saved the viewer is convinced of Schindlers transformation from a selfish entrepreneur to a selfless hero. He saved the lives of over one hundred families yet still feels guilty as if it werent enough. Schindler did a very admirable job at saving so many lives and many people would aspire to become what he had transformed into in such a tough situation. Schindler went from one extreme to the other in his transformation so the change in becoming more admirable was much more dramatic to the viewer.

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As Schindler went to the labour camps he would be witness to many brutal shootings of the innocent and undeserving Jews. As the holocaust worsened, Schindler heard more horrific stories which he could no longer ignore and quickly thank wrote up a list, with the help of his financial advisor, an intelligent Jew, Itzak stern. With the names of hundreds of Jews. Schindler took the list to the commandant of the labour camp and demanded what is one worth to you, tell me, just tell me, what is one worth! This is the major turning point for the character of Schindler as we see he has realised the true value of money and life. This" shows how he is willing to pay any amount to save the lives of the jews. Schindlers character is contrasted with the character Amon goeth, the commandant of the labour camp. The contrast between the two emphasizes to the audience how admirable Schindler becomes. Both men reach positions of power because of the war and have many lives at their finger tips.

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Achievement Achievement with Merit Achievement with Excellence develop a critical response to specified aspect(s) of oral or visual text using supporting evidence. Develop a convincing critical response to specified aspect(s) of oral or visual text using supporting evidence. Develop an integrated and perceptive critical response to specified aspect(s) of oral or visual text using supporting evidence. Analyse how one main character or individual changed to become more (or less) admirable. In the film Schindlers List, directed by Steven Spielberg, the main character of Oscar Schindler dramatically changed into a vastly more admirable character than when we were first introduced to him. As Schindler gained more wealth and power he had more experiences which tested his moral fibre and the decisions he made were what changed the viewers opinions of him to see him as more admirable by the end of the film. Schindler was firstly seen as a selfish entrepreneur with a love of luxury and thrived off the profits of slave labour during World War. His pot factory, however, soon became a haven for Jews as Schindler collected them from labour camps, mostly in mattress Poland.

Tagged essay, the handmaid's Tale, leave a comment, posted on november 16, 2008 by ncowie in this post I have added an example of a level Two essay on Schindlers List. The essay was written in exam conditions. Do you feel it needs to be changed to meet the requirements of level Three? I have added the requirements of the standard below. This achievement standard involves a previous viewing and study of a visual text and developing a critical response, using supporting evidence. You will write one essay of over 500 words on a visual or oral text you have studied in class. The essay will provide opportunities to gain achievement, merit, and excellence grades. You will be assessed on your ability to evaluate and analyse ideas, language, and evidence from the text to support a clear, controlled, and logical discussion.

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Each part of the setting is calculated by Atwood who said that nothing in her novel has not happened somewhere at sometime in the world. This is significant of the nature of the society that the protagonist, Offred, lives. Gilead is a monotheocratic state based on fundamentalist Christian principle, where women have no rights and any deviance from the expected norm is punishable by brutal penalties. Setting the novel in a totalitarian state demonstrates that there must have been some failing of humanity to allow such a cruel regime to come about, and so suddenly. This is used by Atwood to show that there is much to be lost if people do not stand up to retain their rights. Essentially setting the story in a regime like gilead is a warning about the dangers of complacency.


Offred represents the greater mass of people who are unlikely to do anything when their freedoms are being threatened, because they do not want to rock the boat. They are too used to their rights and privileges that they take them short for granted, and dont believe anyone would actually take them away from them. This especially targets females, because the gilead regime functions on the principle that the feminine is submissive and the male dominant. This is epitomised in Offred, who doesnt do anything when slowly her rights as a woman are taken away from her before the inception of Gilead. She, like most of the everyday people, looks the other way and ignores the changes going on under her nose. This is a chilling reminder about the difference between ignorance and ignoring, because, as Offred said, Ignoring isnt the same as ignorance, you have to work. Read more on moodle, posted in, dystopian Literature, essays, the handmaid's Tale.

This exposes to us that societys idea of beauty is false and at the end of the day doesnt matter in the big scheme of things. Society thinks that beauty brings happiness, but it is apparent that Angela is incredibly insecure and uses Jane to make her feel better about herself. Thus we realise that our idea of beauty is manufactured and is so common that is becomes ordinary and boring. American beauty is a film that opens our eyes to the way society perceives beauty. It is insightful because we recognise that there is so much more to life than the stereotypical looks that everyone associates with happiness.

The film allows us to realise that much of the uncertainty and misery in the world is caused by people trying to be an image that isnt real but manufactured and false. Advertisements, posted in, american beauty, essays. Tagged, american beauty, essay, leave a comment, posted on, october 4, 2009 by ncowie. Still adding essays to moodle and i added material to research for those of you emailing with questions. To what extent is setting or symbolism or structure a significant feature of novels? Respond to this question with close reference to novel(s) you have studied. The geographical, social and even time setting of the novel The handmaids Tale, by margaret Atwood, is an extremely significant feature of the novel. This is because Atwood skilfully uses elements of setting to communicate ideas about the nature of the society presented in the novel and how it came about. Atwood uses the setting to make her social commentary on the nature of humanity more deeply entrenched in the novel, instead of just being a surface theme alone.

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This gives us the unique opportunity to be inside rickys head. Ricky finds Jane beautiful. We see this when his camera zooms in on Janes face reflected in a mirror, completely ignoring write the beautiful Angelas strip tease. As Jane becomes more confident over the course of the film she wears less make-up. In the climatic scene where jane agrees to leave with Ricky, the falseness of Angelas beauty is revealed. Ricky informs Angela of her worst fear, that she is completely ordinary: Yes, you are (ugly). And youre boring, and youre totally ordinary, and you know.

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No one is perfect. This quotations is made even more apparent when Angela is contrasted with Jane, who seems at first to be plain and unremarkable. This changes as Jane becomes involved with Ricky. Ricky likes filming things he sees to be beautiful. His ideas of beauty are not in keeping with those of society. Often he films things which most people would find repulsive, like a dead bird. For him, beauty is more than just a face value, and we often look at things form his perspective because there are sequences taken from his camera as he films.

for materialism. The tag-line of American beauty is look closer, which immediately makes us think that the characters we perceive to be good, perfect or beautiful are not all they appear. It comments on societys tendency to judge people on outward appearance. This is shown in the character of Angela. A blonde and popular teenager she fits in with societys traditional ideas of beauty and femininity. She reflects on many peoples fears when she says: I dont think that theres anything worse than being ordinary. To see that this apparently perfect girl fears the same things we do is a shock, and installs the idea that societys ideas on perfection and beauty are not only wrong but also impossible.

Watchers of American beauty cannot fail to recognise that society and its idea of beauty is false and unrealistic. American beauty shows what society traditionally associates with beauty to be superficial and false. The red rose is a running motif in the film, and is closely associated with the character of Carolyn Burnham who grows them. Carolyn Burnham is a frantic, cold and miserable woman, desperate to be seen as successful and happy by those around her. The red roses are continuously in the burnham home because they symbolise to carolyn beauty and perfection. This idea is matched by societys view on the beauty of the rose. However, American beauty makes mom us realise that this rose is not a symbol of beauty, but in reality a symbol of falseness. In essence it represents Carolyn and her wasted life spent trying to be successful and present an image of impossible domestic perfection.

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Posted on, november 10, 2009 by ncowie, i have had lots of requests for examples of visual text essays and I will put a few more. This one is on a film we havent studied but it tree is on a question that some of you have attempted. To what extent do you agree that films offer an insight into society (past or present)? Respond to this question with close reference to a film you have studied. Film directors can make a point of using film and cinematography to offer an insight into society and their perceptions. The film American beauty, directed by sam Mendes, is an example of a crafted piece of cinematography that gives a perceptive insight into societys ideas on beauty. This film, in the role of a suburban satire, manages to portray all the stereotypical perceptions of beauty then paint the reality.

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