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Scientists One could make a similar argument for scientists, however scientists are not licensed by the government, so the relevant ethical code for scientists is promulgated only by nonprofit professional societies, not an agency of the government. As stated later in this essay, there is case law in the usa for recognizing ethical codes of professional societies. For example, the American Chemical Society has the Chemist's Code of Conduct, which was originally published in 1965, and revised in 1994. The national Academy of Science, which is sponsored by the federal government, published in 1995 the book responsible Conduct in Research. The American Mathematical Society has posted its Ethical Guidelines. The American Physical Society has posted its guidelines for Professional Conduct for physicists. Professors Extending legal protections to professors who follow ethics instead of orders from the administration is complicated by the absence of a governmental license to practice the profession of teaching and research in colleges (or does the fact that a professor is hired.

8.08 requires informed consent for therapy,.031 requires the reporting of impaired, incompetent, or unethical colleagues. These and other matters that could easily bring a physician into conflict with his/her manager. The primary duty of physicians is to serve and benefit their patients, not to please the physicians' managers. The ama's Principles of Medical Ethics are posted on the Internet. In addition to the ethical responsibilities of physicians, one could also make a similar argument for licensed nurses and licensed psychologists, but in the interest of brevity report i do not. Licensed professional engineers The national Society of Professional Engineers (nspe) has a code of Ethics that is used as the basis for licensure of professional engineers by the states. For example, the first Rule and first Fundamental Canon states that "Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public." "If engineers' judgment is overruled under circumstances that endanger life or property, they shall notify their employer or client and such other authority. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (ieee) has a code of Ethics. The ieee Code is particularly relevant to electrical engineers who are not licensed professional engineers, a situation that applies to many engineers who work in either development of new products or applied research. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has a code of Ethics for computer programmers and others working in information technology. The ieee Computer Society has a software Engineering Code of Ethics that was developed jointly with the acm.

professional aspirations essay

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In plain English, this Federal Rule requires that the attorney must first make "an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances" and then not mislead the court about either fact(s) or law. This personal obligation to be honest applies to the submission of any paper to the court. The attorney can be fined by the court for violations of this Rule, as well as to pay the "reasonable expenses and attorney's fees" of the opposing party for responding to the violation of this Rule. These rules, as well as many others, could bring an attorney into conflict with his/her manager. The primary duty of attorneys is to serve and benefit their clients, not to please the attorneys' managers. Physicians One could easily articulate a similar view for physicians. The American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics is used as the basis for licensure of physicians by the states. For example,.19 says physicians should not provide unnecessary services,.05-5.09 regulates confidentiality of care evernote given to patients,.04 requires that physicians refer a patient to another physician "whenever they believe that it would be medically indicated in the care of the patient"..13 requires that the primary care physician inform the patient when the patient's condition requires referral to either a medical specialist, diagnostic service, or hospital, but that the physician's employer (e.g., hmo or ppo) has restricted the physician's ability to make such a referral.

professional aspirations essay

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In my view, this makes attorneys exempt from blindly following orders of superiors in every instance. The American Bar Association (ABA) publishes the model Rules of Professional Conduct, which is the basis of the official rules adopted by each state's supreme court. For example: Rule.3 of the aba's Model Rules requires that the attorney "not knowingly make a false statement of material fact or resume law" and shall not "offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false". Rule.4 of the aba's Model Rules requires that "a lawyer shall not permit a person who recommends, employs, or pays the lawyer. Direct or regulate the lawyer's professional judgment." This rule is necessary to protect the real client, even when someone else is paying for legal advice to that client. Rule.3 of the aba's Model Rules requires an attorney to report to "the appropriate professional authority" any "knowledge that another attorney has committed a violation of the rules of professional conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness. The American Bar Association (ABA) has provided links to the rules for attorneys in each state. Attorneys who litigate in federal courts in the usa must obey rule 11(b) of the federal Rules of civil Procedure: by presenting to the court (whether by signing, filing, submitting, or later advocating) a pleading, written motion, or other paper, an attorney. Is certifying that to the best of the person's knowledge, formed after an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances, (1) it is not being presented for any improper purpose, such as to harass or to cause unnecessary delay or needless increase in the cost of litigation;.

Two cases discussed in my essay on freedom of speech showed the particular problems of learned professionals who are employees of the government: In the case of Connick. 138 (1983 I believe it is significant that myers distributed her questionnaire only to other attorneys, not to clerical personnel. at 754 (Finding of Fact Nr. . In the case of Waters. 661 (1994 i believe it is significant that Churchill's conversation was with another nurse, not with clerical personnel. In both of these cases, the discharged employee was not insubordinate, but only discussing matters of professional ethics with another professional. Attorneys Attorneys, as learned professionals who are licensed by the state, have a number of personal obligations under the rules of Professional Conduct that are established and enforced by each state's bar. These obligations require independent and individual professional judgments from the attorneys.

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professional aspirations essay

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Citations to cases are found in my companion essay on the history of at-will employment in the usa. In many states, the public-policy exceptions have been created by the legislature in statute(s) that specifically gives the ex-employee the right to sue for wrongful discharge. In a few states (e.g., Illinois, new Jersey) public-policy exceptions have also been created by judges, as part of the common law. Judicial reluctance i have written a detailed discussion of judicial reluctance to create broad public-policy exceptions to at-will employment. In order to shorten this long essay, i have moved this detailed discussion to my companion essay on the history of at-will employment in the usa. Judicial reluctance to alter the absolute nature of at-will employment has restricted the availability of judicial remedies for wrongful discharge in the usa, with the consequence that prudent employees will follow the three monkey rule (i.e., hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) in order to avoid termination of their employment. The lack of protection for whistleblowers has resulted in damage to American society, in which wrongs and even illegal conduct are concealed.

Just as bad, un just or un ethical decisions by management are legally protected. As a result of judicial reluctance in this area, even in states which do permit the tort of wrongful discharge of at-will employees for public policy reasons, the tort offers little or no protection to most employees. A solution must come from the legislature, not from judges. Learned Professionals ethics In this section, i argue that learned professionals, regardless of whether employed by the government or employed by private enterprise (both for-profit and non-profit organizations need special protection for their speech and actions. Learned professionals (e.g., attorneys, physicians, engineers, scientists, professors) have personal ethical obligations, in addition to a duty of loyalty to their employer or client. Sometimes these jokes personal ethical obligations collide with the desires of the employee's manager or employer.

The employer ordered the employee to violate a state or federal regulation or statute that is designed to protect the health or safety of other people. I emphasize that the above public-policy exceptions are not the law in every state of the usa, but do describe the law in many states of the usa. The law varies from state to state, so no terse, general description of employment law can be absolutely correct for every state in the usa. These limited public-policy exceptions in the majority of states do not create rights of freedom of speech for learned professionals, nor do they create rights of learned professionals to uphold high ethical standards. The above public-policy exceptions are mentioned only as a foundation of the law that is discussed in the remainder of this essay. The ex-employee can sue his former employer for "wrongful discharge" or "retaliatory discharge".

Wrongful discharge is the more general term; it also includes termination of employment for reasons of gender, race, or age discrimination. Retaliatory discharge is termination of employment because of some act, or failure to act, by the employee, in which the employee upheld some principle of public policy in spite of objections by the employer. In some states this cause of action is a tort, in other states it is a breach of contract action. It is not necessary that the employee be discharged by the employer; it is possible that the employee can be "constructively discharged" when the employer deliberately creates an intolerably un pleasant work environment (e.g., by demotion or harassment) for the employee, who may then resign. Sources of public policy readers interested in the legal history of the judicial use of public policy will find a discussion in my companion essay on the history of at-will employment in the usa. In the majority of states, judges have declared that public policy is only found in the constitution, statutes, and sometimes governmental regulations that implement statutes, because judges are un willing to function as a legislature and determine which values of citizens are worth protecting.

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I have posted a companion essay that briefly sketches the history of the doctrine of at-will employment in the usa and criticizes this doctrine. Some (i.e., not all) states recognize public-policy exceptions to the absolute right of the employer to discharge employees, in situations where: the employer ordered the employee essay to violate a state or federal law, for which the employee could be personally convicted. Such a violation could be either: something the law forbids (e.g., employer orders employee to commit perjury or something the law requires (e.g., the employee serves on a jury). The employee exercised his/her legal right (e.g., filed a workers' compensation claim as the result of an injury in the scope of employment). The employee reported wallpaper a crime, when the employee has a reasonable belief that a crime has been committed. The employee cooperated with a criminal investigation. The employee has been absent while serving in the military (e.g., national Guard or Reserve).

professional aspirations essay

Because of resume my intentional lack of citations in this essay to the mainstream law of at-will employment, a reader might obtain the mistaken impression that the law in this essay is mainstream law. So, i explicitly caution employees that: Employers in the usa can, and frequently do, terminate employment of employees who have "too much" integrity or ethics. Protection against wrongful termination of employment is a developing area of law in the usa, which only rarely protects an employee. I list the cases in chronological order in the citations in this essay, so the reader can easily follow the historical development of a national phenomenon. If I were writing a legal brief, i would use the conventional citation order given in the Bluebook. At the end of this essay, i urge readers to contact their state legislators and push for stronger state statutes in this area. At-will Employment Fundamentally, an at-will employee in the usa can be terminated at any time, and for any reason or no reason at all and the courts will not intervene to protect the ex-employee from allegedly un fair treatment by the employer. Recognizing that this rule of law is too harsh, courts in the 1960s began to develop an exception to the absolute right of an employer to terminate an at-will employee, in cases where the employer violated a clearly expressed public policy. The process of developing the public-policy exception to at-will employment accelerated during the 1980s and 1990s, not only with judicial recognition of public policy, but also legislatures passing statutes providing whistleblowers with protection from retaliatory discharge.

colleges. This essay reviews cases under state law involving wrongful termination of employment in the usa, because an employee chose to follow ethical principles of the employee's profession. Unlike employment law based on the bill of Rights in the. Constitution, which only applies to government employees, the principles in this essay are applicable to all employees, even employees of for-profit and non-profit organizations. This essay is intended only to present general information about an interesting topic in law and is not legal advice for your specific problem. In this essay, i do not cite the cases in which a company terminated an employee who chose to follow high ethical principles, and in which the company was able to escape legal liability for that termination by using the doctrine of "at-will employment". There is no need to cite those cases, because: that result and reasoning are well known to attorneys who specialize in employment law; I have no wish to help companies who are terminating an employee for the employee's ethical act, by contributing my legal research;.

Librarians recognition of professional autonomy practical examples, whistle-Blower statutes. New Jersey "Conscientious Employee protection Act". Case law legal basis of ethical duty. Physicians and nurses. Scientists reporting safety violations, political expression not essay protected, my Proposal, links to other web sites. Conclusion, introduction, in my essay on academic freedom in the usa, i argued that the legal concept of academic freedom in the usa was mostly an illusion. The previous essay in this series, on freedom of speech of government employees, discussed.

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While youre at Plymouth, youll gain more than just your degree. The Plymouth Compass helps you to navigate your way through your whole university experience, in both your taught curriculum and your extra-curricular activities. What you learn at university prepares you for more than a career, so the compass identifies key attributes in four broad areas of your life - academic, civic, professional, and personal. During your time here, youll have plenty of opportunities to practice and develop these attributes, helping you gain experiences, improve skills, and build networks for your life beyond graduation. Learn how the Plymouth Compass guides you. Professional Ethics wrongful Discharge, copyright 2000 by ronald. Table of Contents, introduction at-will Employment sources of public oliver policy judicial reluctance, learned Professionals ethics. Licensed professional engineers.

professional aspirations essay
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