World war 1 vs world war 2 essay

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This was invented by the german Army Chief of Staff, Alfred Von Schlieffen. They could then attack the French army at the north side and the south side at the same time. The german Army went into belgium on August the 4th. On the same day, great Britain started a war on Germany, because Britain was a friend of Belgium. The British had said some time before, in 1839, that they would not let anyone control Belgium, and they kept their promise. When the germans got to the belgian city of liège, the belgians fought very hard to stop them from coming into the city. The germans did finally push the belgians out of the city, but it had taken longer than the german generals had planned. Then the germans attacked the north side of the French army.

The serbians and Greeks felt cheated because they felt the land belonged to Greece or Serbia. The Greeks and Serbians took back the land which angered Bulgaria and led to the country becoming allies with Turkey. They declared war on Serbia and Greece. Bulgaria lost this war. Romania was on the side of the central powers until 1916, when they were forced into the war by the Allied powers. British soldiers in a captured German trench Most people thought the war would be short. They thought the armies would move around quickly to attack each other and one would defeat the other without too many people getting killed. They thought the war would be about brave soldiers — they did not understand how war had changed. Only a few people like lord Kitchener said that essay the war would take a long time. Germany's generals had decided that the best way to defeat France was to go through Belgium using a plan called the Schlieffen Plan.

world war 1 vs world war 2 essay

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Having recently won the writing balkan Wars, the Greeks especially wanted to control other land to the north that was under Bulgarian and Turkish rule, so they declared war. Turkey killed most of the Greek army as the Greeks tried to regain parts of Turkey. Another war started when the Greeks bombed a train. Turkey swept Greece back into their own territory. From then on the Greeks never again declared war, while turkey had one of the biggest armies in the world. Bulgaria, like greece and Serbia, was owned by turkey before bulgaria broke away from Turkey. Bulgaria claimed a lot of Turkish land as belonging to bulgaria.

world war 1 vs world war 2 essay

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The Ottoman Empire ( Turkey ) went into the war because it was secretly allied to germany and two turkish warships manned by german navy personnel bombarded Russian towns. Britain also fought against Turkey because the Ottoman Empire was supporting Germany. Britain did not have any animosity towards the turks. 7 However, by fighting the turks in the mesopotamia region (in what is now called Iraq in the Arabian Peninsula and other places, Britain was able to defeat them with help from the British Indian Army. 8 Later, after the war ended, Britain was able to get some areas from the old Turkish empire which was breaking up, and to add them to the British Empire. 8 Greece went into the war because its leader supported the Allied cause. Greece and Serbia had become independent, but many Greeks still lived in lands that were once Greek but were now in the turkish Ottoman Empire.

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world war 1 vs world war 2 essay

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Britain was also worried about Germany's growing military power. Germany was developing its large army into one of the most powerful in the world. The British reliable Army was quite small. The British royal navy was the largest and best in the world, and in the 19th century that was enough to keep other naval powers from attacking. Germany was a land power, and Britain was a sea power.

But now the germans were building a large navy. This was seen as a threat to Britain. However, the decision to declare war was taken under its alliance with Belgium in the Treaty of London (1839). The government might have decided differently. No-one foresaw how long the war would last, and what the terrible costs would.

The problem was that Russia was also friends with France, and the germans thought the French might attack them to help Russia. So the germans decided that they could win the war if they attacked France first, and quickly. They could mobilize very quickly. They had a list of all the men who had to join the army, and where those men had to go, and the times of every train that would carry those men to where they would have to fight. France was doing the same thing, but could not do it as quickly. The germans thought that if they attacked France first, they could 'knock France' out of the war before russia could attack them.

Russia had a big army, but Germany thought that it would take six weeks to mobilize and a long time before they could attack the central Powers. That wasn't true, because the russian Army mobilized in ten days. Also, the russians drove deep into austria. Great Britain was allied with Belgium, and became quickly involved in the war. Britain had promised to protect Belgian neutrality. Germany attacked Belgium to reach Paris before russia could mobilize and open up a second front against them. On August 4, 1914, Britain declared war against Germany in support of Belgium. Britain had the biggest empire (it ruled over a quarter of the world). If Germany conquered France, it might take britain and France's colonies and become the most powerful and biggest empire in the world.

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Germany's plan involved quickly defeating France in the west before russia was ready to fight, and then moving her armies to the east to face russia. Germany could not quickly invade France directly, because France had put a lot of forts on the border, so germany invaded the neighboring country of Belgium best to then invade France through the undefended French/Belgian border. Great Britain then joined the war because Great Britain had agreed to help Belgium if it were ever attacked by someone else. Soon most of Europe became involved. Germany was allied with Austria-hungary. Russia was allied with Serbia. The german government was afraid that because austria-hungary had attacked Serbia, russia would attack austria-hungary to help Serbia. Because of this, germany felt it had to help Austria-hungary by attacking Russia first, before it could attack austria-hungary.

world war 1 vs world war 2 essay

Serbia agreed to most of the ten things on the list, but not all of them. Austria-hungary then declared war on Serbia. This quickly led to a full-scale war. 6 Both countries' allies became involved in the war in a matter of days. Russia joined the war on Serbia's side because the people of Serbia were Slavic, like russia, and the Slavic countries had agreed to help each other if they were attacked. Since russia is a large country it had to move soldiers closer to the war, but Germany feared that Russia's soldiers would also attack germany. Russia did not like germany because of things Germany had done in the past to become stronger. Germany declared war on Russia, and began to carry out a plan created long before to fight a war in Europe. Because germany is in the middle of Europe, germany could not attack to the east towards surviving Russia without weakening itself in the west, towards France.

War I was the first major war where tanks, airplanes, and submarines or ( U-boats ) were important weapons. Contents In the Black hand organization, one person who strongly supported Serbian power sent men to kill Archduke franz ferdinand of Austria. They all failed to kill him with grenades while he passed through a large crowd but one of these men, a serbian student named gavrilo Princip, shot him and his pregnant wife with a pistol. Austria-hungary blamed Serbia for the assassination. Germany supported Austria-hungary and promised full support should it come to war. Austria-hungary sent a july Ultimatum to serbia, listing 10 very strict conditions, possibly because they wanted an excuse to start the war.

5, world War I was summary fought by most of the countries. The actual fighting was on many different fronts. Western Front was where most of the fighting between. Germany and the Allies happened. Most of the fighting here was trench warfare. The, eastern Front was fought in Central and Eastern Europe. Fighting here was not trench warfare but mobile warfare due to the size of the front. Much fighting happened in the.

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Map of Europe at the start of World War. Turkey refers to the Ottoman Empire. World War I (or the, first World War ) was a global war which began best on July 28, 1914 and lasted until november 11, 1918. The war lasted exactly four years, three months and 14 days. Most of the fighting was. Europe, but soldiers from many other countries took part, and it changed the colonial empires of the european powers. Before, world War ii began in 1939, world War I was called the. Great War, the, world War or the 'war to end all wars'. 135 countries took part in World War i, and more than 9 million people died while fighting.

world war 1 vs world war 2 essay
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