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(then proceeding to throw apples at a doctor) diagnose this, quack! Go on, now, get! The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down. The people on the bus go up and down, eventually they all throw. When you're reading a book, don't skip the even number of pages and then say "Man, this book is really odd!" Monkey see, monkey. Monkey don't see, monkey step in doo. If your first name is Wally, and your second name is Wally, and your last name is woo, then your name is wally wally woo!

If you're drinking apple juice and it feels warm, odds are, that ain't apple juice! If you don't know the difference between bologna and your underwear, then i ain't eatin' a sandwich at your house! It's not nice to push your friend Billy off the roof and then yell, "look neighbors! It's raining Billy!" If you're having trouble with your homework, don't walk up to your teacher and say, "This homework's too hard, now give me a big wet kiss." If your teacher gives you an f, it is wrong to say "Well what did you. I didn't study!" Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how yogi I wonder how on Earth the this song became so popular. It's fun to play in the snow. It's less fun to play in a bathtub full of vomit. I scream, you scream, we all scream when we slam our hand in the car door. See how they run, into things. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

homework kills trees shirt

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He lost the battle but he got some advice from Clavis to believe what's in his pants and he eventually beats Mary (by pulling Abraham Lincoln out of his pants) and they get married and have children. This sketch inspired the title of a later Kenan kel episode "Baggin' saggin' kel". Episodes featuring Baggin' saggin' barry: Starring Kenan Thompson as Baggin' saggin' barry vital Information edit season 16, 10 Vital Information was a sketch in which Lori beth Denberg (later Danny tamberelli and Lil' jj during the relaunch, respectively) delivered one liners, usually three. (Although in the first season, four were delivered.) During Denberg's hosting run, two "Vital Information" sketches would appear in a show, the latter of which did not include any more jokes, instead serving only to introduce the episode's musical guest. Some of the tidbits of Vital Information that were shared included: Oh Macarena, macarena, macarena. Oh Macarena, macarena, macarena. Oh i hate the macarena. If your brassiere is too tight, it's uncomfortable. If you're a boy and your bra is too tight, i'm uncomfortable!

homework kills trees shirt

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Occasionally, visitors would come to the island such as a group of pirates (played by Angelique bates and Josh Server ) looking for buried treasure, natives from a neighboring island (played by kel Mitchell and Josh Server ) looking for human sacrifices to give. Fran would always hope to escape with them only to see them driven away by kiki's silly actions. The sketch always ended with kiki singing her "Forever and ever" song and Fran knocking herself unconscious so that she wouldn't have to hear kiki sing. Alisa reyes mentioned at the 2011 Comikazee panel that this was her favorite sketch. Episodes featuring the Island Girls: Starring Lori beth Denberg as Fran Alisa reyes as kiki baggin' saggin' barry edit seasons 12 This sketch starred Kenan Thompson as Baggin' saggin' barry, a boy with extremely large pants. Barry's friends were often stuck in unfortunate situations. Thankfully, he would always have everything that the group needed in his enormous pants, including food, drinks, entertainment, and even transportation (one sketch featured him pulling a full-sized dissertation airplane out of his pants). In one notable episode in season 2, barry met Baggin' saggin' mary ( Alisa reyes and the two engaged in a battle of who had more stuff in their pants.

Earboy and his friends pizza face ( Kel Mitchell who has a literal slice of pizza on his head, tinsel teeth ( Alisa reyes ) whose mouth is full of Christmas decorations, and four eyes ( Angelique bates ) who has four eyeballs in two. High, and frequently devise ways to become popular or likable. To this end, earboy frequently seeks the aid. Ross Perot ( Katrina johnson who is depicted as a bizarre elderly man who does insane things such as keeping a homeless man for a pet or shooting arrows at chicken legs hanging on his wall; whenever anyone questions Perot's motivations, he replies cause. Appearances Starring Josh Server as Walter the earboy, kel Mitchell as pizza face, katrina johnson as Ross Perot, Alisa reyes as Tinsel teeth, Angelique bates as four eyes The Island Girls edit seasons 23 The Island Girls starred Lori beth Denberg and Alisa reyes. Fran desperately wanted to escape the island and often devised ways to reach civilization. Unfortunately, the happy-go-lucky (and stupid) kiki would constantly end up ruining Fran's ideas.

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homework kills trees shirt

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They attempt to sing at end of a spice boy segment. There have been segments of the Spice boys signing autographs, a qa, recording a song, and signing autographs in their thesis hotel room. The boys are: hairy Spice (played by danny tamberelli ) is the hairiest. Sweaty Spice (played by nick cannon ) sweats all the time and is also very effeminate. Mumbly Spice (played by josh Server ) mumbles a lot.

Dead Spice is not real. He isn't played by a cast member, but instead a plastic skeleton prop ( see here ). Spice cube (played by kenan Thompson ) was formerly burt Spice who was kicked english out for being too nerdy. He reinvented himself as a rapper (parodying Ice cube ) to get back in, but sometimes regresses into his nerdier outlooks. Appearances Starring Danny tamberelli, nick cannon, josh Server (Seasons 5-6 kenan Thompson (Season 5) Walter the earboy edit seasons 13 A parody of sitcoms featuring Walter the earboy ( Josh Server his name is derived from the fact that each of his ears is almost.

His personal hygiene is so awful that his body odor can knock people unconscious. Notably, janitor Gaseous is the only person coach Kreeton somewhat likes (or, in the coach's own words, "hates less than anybody. Janitor Gaseous was first mentioned in a "Repairman" sketch before debuting in season. Treble (Zack McLemore dullmont Junior High School's music teacher. He is prone to making bizarre non sequiturs and comments. In one sketch, it is revealed that he has multiple personalities that argue with one another and make him do odd things.

Klump ( Christy Knowings a ditsy teacher that replaced Miss Fingerly as the regular teacher after Lori beth Denberg left the show. In a "Channel 6 Sports" sketch, her full name was revealed to. (Seasons 56) have a nice day with Leroy fuzz edit seasons 46 A parody of Sesame Street that features leon Frierson as Leroy, a boy who hosts a children's tv show with the help of fuzz (performed by kevin Carlson an annoying blue puppet similar. The sketch has Leroy discussing a topic that irritates him and most other children, such as homework, bedtime, brushing teeth, sharing, or taking a bath. Fuzz then chimes in by describing the positive aspects of each topic, frequently singing annoying songs or discussing the games he likes to play. Leroy has no patience for this, and insults and assaults fuzz in various ways, such as hitting him with heavy objects. At the end of each sketch, leroy devises a way to have fuzz painfully removed from the screen, including placing him in a shipping crate marked "cuba launching him into space, or flushing him down a toilet. He would then reiterate that he hates whatever the topic of the show was (aside from one where he changed his mind about babysitters after meeting the attractive teenage girl his parents had hired to watch him) then tells the children to "have a nice.

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She is completely obsessed with carrots, and make competes with Miss Piddlin to establish her vegetable's popularity in the cafeteria. With the help of two students (Leon and Amanda she learns that peas and carrots can go well together and begins compromising; however, miss Piddlin refuses to do so and upends her with a tray of peas, asserting her dominance over the menu. Tandy Spork ( Josh Server the highly medicated Vegetarian Secretary of Dullmont. She became a home Economics in season. She almost always suffers some sort of cranial trauma in every sketch, such as when she's bashed against the head or when she falls out a window. One episode of "Okrah" had her competing with Miss Fingerly for the secret crush of Lester oaks, construction Worker. (Seasons 35) Janitor Gaseous way ( Danny tamberelli a slovenly, highly misanthropic janitor. Gaseous openly expresses his hatred of everyone and everything around him, frequently insulting his fellow staff members and telling them to "squat and rot! an exclamation punctuated by a belch.

homework kills trees shirt

When angered, smoke emerges from around her neck. In later episodes, miss Piddlin begins traveling to different locations, such as a camping trip, a cooking contest, or a day at the beach, in her quest to feed children peas. Another episode showed Miss Piddlin's home life on Halloween; the audience discovers that she various pea-base objects in her house ranging from a pea-ano to a peacock. At the end of her skit, everyone would sing a song about peas, such as Eat a pea, give peas a chance, why can't peas be friends?, peas Are jolly good Vegetables, peas Are the Champions, peas Are The world, peas Are a few. She also performed a duet with Miss Tula (see below) called peas and Carrots (Seasons 35) Julio ( Josh Server miss Piddlin's assistant, who is completely terrified of her and her rage. After bringing Miss Piddlin peas—something he can do no matter where the cafeteria lady currently is—he begs favorite her not to hurt him There's no need to strike me! and then runs off screaming. He provides musical accompaniment on guitar whenever Miss Piddlin wants to sing one of her pea-based songs. (Seasons 35) Miss Tula ( Christy Knowings a proud Texan lunch lady who appears in a single sketch.

Mitchell a gym teacher who hates children and constantly has pain inflicted on him; he once had his hand stuck in a waffle iron, and then fell out a window. His catchphrases are "goood "Oh, the life i live is sad! and "you upset me in ways I can't understand!" coach Kreeton is also the cousin of Clavis. In a sketch during the All That Tenth Anniversary Special, it was revealed that he quit teaching at Dullmont Junior High because he couldn't deal with "those demon crazy communist children even though Principal Pimpell keeps asking him to come back. This sketch also became one of the more popular sketches of the entire show, and also kel's favorite sketch. (Seasons 15) Miss Piddlin ( Kenan Thompson the cafeteria lady who is completely obsessed with peas ; she offers the vegetable with every lunch menu, and frequently talks about how much she loves them. If people resist, express dislike, or generally do not praise her peas, miss Piddlin violently attacks them, then makes a remark such as "Oops, miss Piddlin almost lost her temper" or "Miss Piddlin almost let her maniacal rage get the best of her".

Bailey during the first five seasons and in the film. Appearances, dullmont Junior High School edit, seasons 16, a recurring location that served as the setting for many sketches based on life as a middle school student. At the school, strange things would happen, mainly due to the insane staff which consists of: Principal, william baines Pimpell kenan Thompson the principal of the school, his the namesake is a gigantic pulsing pimple on his forehead. He spoke with a speech impediment, and always introduced himself by taking long breaths between each word in his name principal William. often putting emphasis on the "P"s. His methods of running the school are lackluster, as all he ever wants to talk about is his pimple. (Seasons 25) Kenan Thompson reprises the role in season 7 during the episode he hosted. Lori beth Denberg an apparently clueless teacher who demonstrates a surprising lack of knowledge about virtually every subject she covers; she is frequently challenged by odd students and the rest of the staff. However, she occasionally displays hidden competency, and is known to defend her students against threats (as seen in a superdude sketch where she attacked Milkman's goons).

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This is a list of sketches on the nickelodeon variety show. Contents, notable sketches from seasons 16 edit, good Burger edit, seasons 15, 910, a sketch took place at a fast food restaurant called good Burger featuring a clueless cashier,. Kel Mitchell in seasons 15 and, ryan Coleman in seasons 910). The skits later became the premise for the. Good Burger starring, kel Mitchell, the reprising his role as Ed, and. Kenan Thompson as a new character named Dexter. Dan Schneider played Ed's frequently irritated boss.

homework kills trees shirt
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If your lens fogs up, wipe off the excess condensation with a special lens cloth vs your shirt sleeve. What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees?

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  1. There are ants crawling -. everyday distractions like organized sports and endless homework, our youngest Texans are losing their connection to the great outdoors. I think of a t- shirt slogan from wee cs collection that says homework kills trees! And I smile ironic isnt.

  2. Marge: And getting the termites out of the trees. A hole in the ground suddenly opens. E can get across the river e gate. 8he received a letter -.

  3. KeywordsCoupon coach Because of this. on her homework and goes on a tangent about how he would probably have been a better father than Anthony to Annie and that he is a jerk. revealing to the camera a crossies symbol on the back of her shirt, before flipping her hair out from inside her shirt to cover. the trees then fall over, exposing their roots.

  4. In the tangled trees, blind spots, pit traps, mudslides, and sheer cliffs, she will have to find her own way of being heard. grass or trees - if I stay off the grass for the most part, i am fine though walking under trees in my neighborhood also presents. the kids sitting in the movie theater are cut down by a barrage of bullets) Coming soon to a theater near you, rambo kills everyone! loads of homework and were hoping he be available once we picked.

  5. Twelve year old Kyle messinger, decked out in a t- shirt reading ' homework kills trees glued together the road bed for his bridge. a t- shirt in one episode implies foreign Land is actually the name of the country) to shout walla walla woo! she fails spectacularly, but it does stall for time, and when a radio turns on, she gets superpowered and kills the guards herself. Be honest if you dont know something, and assure them that you will do your homework.

  6. T-shirts don't lie (2011) homework, kills, trees, says his shirt. It kills all the trees. If you ask to borrow it, theyd be glad to give you the shirt off their backs. a clean shirt for everyone.

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