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Every shade of colour they were straw, lemon, orange, brick, irish-setter, liver, clay; but, as Spaulding said, there were not many who had the real vivid flame-coloured tint. When I saw how many were waiting, i would have given it up in despair; but Spaulding would not hear. How he did it I could not imagine, but he pushed and pulled and butted until he got me through the crowd, and right up to the steps which led to the office. There was a double stream upon the stair, some going up in hope, and some coming back dejected; but we wedged in as well as we could and soon found ourselves in the office." "Your experience has been a most entertaining one remarked Holmes. "Pray continue your very interesting statement." "There was nothing in the office but a couple of wooden chairs and a deal table, behind which sat a small man with a head that was even redder than mine. He said a few words to each candidate as he came up, and then he always managed to find some fault in them which would disqualify them. Getting a vacancy did not seem to be such a very easy matter, after all. However, when our turn came the little man was much more favourable to me than to any of the others, and he closed the door as we entered, so that he might have a private word with.

This American had started from London when he was young, and he wanted to do the old town a good turn. Then, again, i have heard it is no use your applying if your hair is light red, or dark red, or anything but real bright, blazing, fiery red. Now, if you cared to apply,. Wilson, you would just walk in; but perhaps it would hardly be worth your while to put yourself out of the way for the sake of a few hundred pounds.' "Now, it is a fact, gentlemen, as you may see for yourselves, that my hair. Vincent writers Spaulding seemed to know so much about it that I thought he might prove useful, so i just ordered him to put up the shutters for the day and to come right away with. He was very willing to have a holiday, so we shut the business up and started off for the address that was given us in the advertisement. "I never hope to see such a sight as that again,. From north, south, east, and west every man who had a shade of red in his hair had tramped into the city to answer the advertisement. Fleet Street was choked with red-headed folk, and Pope's court looked like a coster's orange barrow. I should not have thought there were so many in the whole country as were brought together by that single advertisement.

personalised letter headed paper

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" 'tell me all about it best said. " 'well ' said. Showing me the advertisement. 'you can see for yourself that the league has a vacancy, and there is the address where you should apply for particulars. As far as I can make out, the league was founded by an American millionaire. Ezekiah Hopkins, who was very peculiar in his ways. He was himself red-headed, and he had a great sympathy for all redheaded men; so when he died it was found that he had left his enormous fortune in the hands of trustees, with instructions to apply the interest to the providing of easy berths. From all I hear it is splendid pay and very little.' " 'but said i, 'there would be millions of red-headed men who would apply.' " 'not so many as you might think he answered. 'you see it is really confined to londoners, and to grown men.

personalised letter headed paper

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" 'Why says he, 'here's another vacancy on the league of the red-headed Men. It's worth quite a little fortune to essay any man who gets it, and i understand that there are more vacancies than there are men, so that the trustees are at their wits' end what to do with the money. If my hair would only change colour, here's a nice little crib all ready for me to step into.' " 'Why, what is it, then?' i asked. Holmes, i am a very stay-at-home man, and as my business came to me instead of my having to go to it, i was often weeks on end without putting my foot over the door-mat. In that way i didn't know much of what was going on outside, and I was always glad of a bit of news. " 'have you never heard of the league of the red-headed Men?' he asked with his eyes open. " 'never.' " 'Why, wonder at that, for you are eligibile yourself for one of the vacancies.' " 'And what are they worth?' i asked. " 'Oh, merely a couple of hundred a year, but the work is slight, and it need not interfere very much with one's other occupations.' "Well, you can easily think that that made me prick up my ears, for the business has not been over-good.

Snapping away with a camera when he ought to be improving his mind, and then diving down into the cellar like a rabbit into its hole to develop his pictures. That is his main fault, but on the whole he's a good worker. There's no vice in him." "he is still with you, i presume?" "Yes, sir. He and a girl of fourteen, who does a bit of simple cooking and keeps the place clean that's all I have in the house, for i am a widower and never had any family. We live very quietly, sir, the three of us; and we keep a roof over our heads and pay our debts, if we do nothing more. "The first thing that put us out was that advertisement. Spaulding, he came down into the office just this day eight weeks, with this very paper in his hand, and he says: " 'i wish to the lord,. Wilson, that I was a red-headed man.' " 'Why that?' i asks.

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personalised letter headed paper

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Just two months ago." "Very good. Wilson?" "Well, it is just as resume I have been telling you,. Sherlock holmes said Jabez wilson, mopping his forehead; "I have a small pawnbroker's business at Coburg Square, near the city. It's not a very large affair, and of late years it has not done more than just give me a living. I used to be able to keep two assistants, but now i only keep one; and I would have a job to pay him but that he is willing to come for half wages so as to learn the business." "What is the name. "His name is Vincent Spaulding, and he's not such a youth, either. It's hard to say his age.

I should not wish a smarter assistant,. Holmes; and i know very well that he could better himself and earn twice what i am able to give him. But, after all, if he is satisfied, why should I put ideas in his head?" "Why, indeed? You seem most fortunate in having an employee who comes under the full market price. It is not a common experience among employers in this age. I don't know that your assistant is not as remarkable as your advertisement." "Oh, he has his faults, too said. "never was such a fellow for photography.

"I thought at first that you had done something clever, but I see that there was nothing in it, after all." "I begin to think, watson said Holmes, "that I make a mistake in explaining. 'Omne ignotum pro magnifico you know, and my poor little reputation, such as it is, will suffer shipwreck if i am so candid. Can you not find the advertisement,. Wilson?" "Yes, i have got it now he answered with his thick red finger planted halfway down the column. This is what began it all. You just read it for yourself, sir." I took the paper from him and read as follows.

To the red-headed league: On account of the bequest of the late ezekiah Hopkins, of Lebanon, pennsylvania,. A., there is now another vacancy open which entitles a member of the league to a salary of 4 pounds a week for purely nominal services. All red-headed men who are sound in body and mind and above the age of twenty-one years, are eligible. Appiy in person on Monday, at eleven o'clock, to duncan Ross, at the offices of the league, 7 Pope's coun, Fleet Street. "What on earth does this mean?" i ejaculated after I had twice read over the extraordinary announcement. Holmes chuckled and wriggled in his chair, as was his habit when in high spirits. "It is a little off the beaten track, isn't it?" said. Wilson, off you go at scratch and tell us all about yourself, your household, and the effect which this advertisement had upon your fortunes. You will first make a note, doctor, of the paper and the date." "It is The morning Chronicle of April 27, 1890.

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You have worked with it, and the muscles are more developed." "Well, the snuff, then, and the Freemasonry?" "I won't insult your intelligence by telling you how I read that, especially review as, rather against the strict rules of your order, you use an arc-and-compass breastpin.". But the writing?" "What else can be indicated by that right cuff so very shiny for five inches, and the left one with the smooth patch near the elbow where you rest it upon the desk?" "Well, but China?" "The fish that you have tattooed. I have made a small study of tattoo marks and have even contributed to the literature of the subject. That trick of staining the fishes' scales of a delicate pink is quite peculiar to China. When, in addition, i see a chinese coin hanging from your watch-chain, the matter becomes even more simple.". Jabez wilson laughed heavily. "Well, i never!" said.

personalised letter headed paper

"beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labour, that he takes snuff, that he is a freemason. That he has been in China, and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately, i can deduce nothing else.". Jabez wilson started up in his chair, with his forefinger upon the paper, but his eyes upon my companion. "How, in the name of good-fortune, did you know all that,. "How paper did you know, for example, that I did manual labour? It's as true as gospel, for I began as a ship's carpenter." "Your hands, my dear sir. Your right hand is quite a size larger than your left.

to admit that the facts are, to the best of my belief, unique." The portly client puffed out his chest with an appearance of some little pride and pulled a dirty and wrinkled newspaper from the inside pocket. As he glanced down the advertisement column, with his head thrust forward and the paper flattened out upon his knee, i took a good look at the man and endeavoured, after the fashion of my companion, to read the indications which might be presented. I did not gain very much, however, by my inspection. Our visitor bore every mark of being an average commonplace British tradesman, obese, pompous, and slow. He wore rather baggy gray shepherd's check trousers, a not over-clean black frockcoat, unbuttoned in the front, and a drab waistcoat with a heavy brassy Albert chain, and a square pierced bit of metal dangling down as an ornament. A frayed top-hat and a faded brown overcoat with a wrinkled velvet collar lay upon a chair beside him. Altogether, look as I would, there was nothing remarkable about the man save his blazing red head, and the expression of extreme chagrin and discontent upon his features. Sherlock holmes's quick eye took in my occupation, and he shook his head with a smile as he noticed my questioning glances.

You have shown your relish for it by the enthusiasm which has prompted you to chronicle, and, if you will excuse my saying so, somewhat to embellish so many of my own little adventures." "Your cases have indeed been of the greatest interest. "you will remember that I remarked the other day, just before we went into the very simple problem presented by miss Mary sutherland, that for strange effects and dream extraordinary combinations we must go to life itself, which is always far more daring than any effort. Jabez wilson here has been good enough to call upon me this morning, and to begin a narrative which promises to be one of the most singular which I have listened to for some time. You have heard me remark that the strangest and most unique things are very often connected not with the larger but with the smaller crimes, and occasionally, indeed, where there is room for doubt whether any positive crime has been committed. As far as I have heard it is impossible for me to say whether the present case is an instance of crime or not, but the course of events is certainly among the most singular that I have ever listened. Wilson, you would have the great kindness to recommence your narrative. I ask you not merely because my friend. Watson has not heard the opening part but also because the peculiar nature of the story makes me anxious to have every possible detail from your lips.

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Arthur Conan doyle: Adventures of Sherlock holmes: The red-headed league (from Adventures of Sherlock holmes i had called upon my friend,. Sherlock holmes, one day in the autumn of last year and found him in deep conversation with a very stout, florid-faced, elderly gentleman with fiery red hair. With an apology for my intrusion, i was about to withdraw when Holmes pulled me abruptly into the room and closed the door behind. "you could not possibly have come at a better time, my dear Watson he said cordially. "I was afraid that you were engaged." "so. Very much." "Then I can wait in the next room." "Not at all. Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful dubai cases, and I have no doubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also." The stout gentleman half rose from his chair and gave a bob. "Try the settee said Holmes, relapsing into his armchair and putting his fingertips together, as was his custom when in judicial moods. "I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.

personalised letter headed paper
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