Who am i 10 years from now essay

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I knew they were not quite ready for the teachings I was offering, so i walked out, knowing that before very long, they would be ready to hear what I had to share with them. What is soon to take place, well, it will be a shock to very many here on this planet. A very severe wake-up call. Not everyone will awaken. There will be other jobs beyond these interim jobs. Some types of galactic endeavors.

This feels like a phase just before getting lifted out of the water, and going up to a craft in the air, like a helicopter. And after robots getting up there, what a view! So completely different than being in the water down there. And a heck of a lot more fun. You know, i also have absolutely no desire to find a standard work situation anymore. As it is, just like the treading water scenario, ive been getting occasional music jobs, and selling a cd or two here and there. Just enough to pay most of the bills. The reason for this treading water time is that I feel there is another job awaiting many of us, very shortly. I feel that what is coming in is more of a transition job, perhaps assisting with the earth changes that are occurring now, but soon to take place in a much bigger way. I had a dream recently, that I was in a class, as a teacher, but the young people in the classroom were talking, carrying.

who am i 10 years from now essay

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But real leaders manage what they take on so that they aren't just leading today but they're leading ten, twenty, thirty years from now. Sarah's book is available on, amazon, at, barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold. You can also find great shareable content at her book's. And you can contribute your own life write lessons to an online collection of wisdom using the hashtag worldchangerbook. You can find more great content. This may apply to no one else besides myself, but Ill tell you anyway. Right now i am feeling rather lost. Almost like drifting, just staying afloat, not really going anywhere. Like in a grand ocean, treading water, but staying on the surface, not diving under, just there on the surface.

who am i 10 years from now essay

Lest we forget: The mission

That means we make a conscious effort to review our own patterns and history and become aware of the triggers that usually trip. And secondly, i think we intentionally make time in our schedules for ongoing assessment and re-calibration. For me, a big part of that was learning that when a huge task is in front of me, i used to think the best question was to ask, "Can I do this? Do i have the skill sets? Can I work hard enough and long enough to get it done?" And now, as I stare those big dreams in the face, i tack on, "Can I do this? Can I work hard enough and long enough to get it done? N I do it and stay healthy?". Anyone can crash their lives and lose their heath, family, relationships and job pouring themselves into workaholism to achieve a goal.

Volume 13 Issue 34

who am i 10 years from now essay

Introduction - 10,000 year

Sarah: I think leaders are often passionate people. They feel their goals deep in their bones. Some cause or vision stirs inside of them white hot and they basically are compelled to bring it to expression. But the trouble is that they have this romantic idea that because their cause is so worthy and so noble and so high-priority for them that the world-or some industry or group-is going to immediately recognize and support their work. Sometimes that happens, but a lot of times it doesn't. It's tough when we realize that even though we are fighting against the world's evils or working to make life or faith a better experience for many, cheerleaders don't always greet us when we step out of the house.

It's tough when we realize that millionaires aren't going to line up at our door to bankroll our ideas or that volunteers aren't necessarily going to wrap around the block waiting for the chance to sponsor a child, donate to our cause, or take. There are these tough leadership moments when our ideals crash into reality and we have to figure out what to do next. Me: And what do you suggest leaders do in those moments? Sarah: The well messi Balanced World Changer is basically dozens of stories that answer that question. But for one, i think we commit to self-management.

The balance is saying, "If I want to be perceived as someone who has something worthwhile to say about this subject, than I need to get out there and take action, make a dent, and prove i'm in it for the long haul. If I want to be considered legitimate, then the best thing I can do is get out there and be legitimate.". Me: That kind of sentiment, that our dreams or goals aren't unfolding fast enough, is a common sentiment. Why do you think that is? One of the essays. The, well Balanced World Changer pokes a little bit of fun at the way we tend to idolize "overnight success" stories.

We (or some news reporter) locks onto some great road to glory story like seth Godin's, for instance. And we say, wow, look, seth Godin gave away thousands of copies of his book and it skyrocketed him to fame. The media and publishers were beating down his door, rolling the red carpet up to his house all because he had that one fantastic idea. But what a lie we tell ourselves, right? Then we set our psyches up to think, "All I need is that one great idea and I'm going to make it big!" It would be way smarter for us to lock onto other stories that emphasize all the years of day-to-day hard work that. Me: That mentality can definitely set people up for failure. What do you think is often the biggest disappointment for leaders as they strike out after their goals?

Clock - the long, now

That kind of intensity drives us and we like the hard work and energy and momentum it brings to our lives. But being well-balanced doesn't mean siphoning away that leadership energy. It can sometimes mean directing. For example, over the years, i've seen (and maybe at times been ) the leader who secretly (or publicly) thinks their great ideas are being overlooked. Publishers are passing them by, conferences aren't platforming them. They become cynics who write attack blogs venting about how exclusive the "Boys resume Club". Granted, sometimes there is need to advocate for including more people. But for a lot of us, i think the "balance" in this stage isn't retreating onto your couch and switching your dream out to watch a sitcom.

who am i 10 years from now essay

Im left thinking about novel how we in infectious disease prevention and control can actively engage with the innovators at this conference and beyond, and accelerate progress towards ending hiv once and for all. One thing i am sure of: 4 years from now we will look back and wonder how joining our efforts in hiv expertise and innovation took us so long. "I learned a lot by mistakes and by the generosity of smarter, healthier people who managed to drop life-penetrating wisdom into my world exactly when I needed." Sarah explains, "Eventually, i got serious about collecting those insights that gave me a breath of fresh. Sarah's now capturing those insights. The well Balanced World Changer: a field guide for Staying Sane While doing good which released last month. The book offers a collection of 2-5 page essays, each of which presents a sticky idea or piece of wisdom that helps reframe expectations, inspire perseverance, set healthy pace and. I recently interviewed Sarah about the book: Me: so much about leadership is about striving to accomplish something meaningful. Do you think leaders worry that being too "balanced" might hold them back in terms of achievement or drive? Sarah: I do think a lot of us like being the man or woman who is known for hoisting a huge ambition on our backs and charging forward.

the hiv population, the long view report seeks to outline the actions needed today to prepare for a healthier future for people living with, and at risk of, hiv. The cornerstone of the report, a forecast for healthcare trends, was built on a unique mix of research and data, including a survey of 10,000 Europeans, which found that over the next two decades, 53 believe that healthcare professionals will be available to people through. My vision for hiv and perhaps not in the next 4 years, but certainly within 2 decades is that clinical care quality will be equalized at the highest level. That figure seems surprisingly low to me and I think the tech-savvy folk at 4yfn would be surprised too. Through satellites and cables, the worlds poorest will be able to receive care from the worlds best healthcare professionals, who will provide their services from their offices, wherever they sit in the world. I envision the rise of nurses and support staff who will be on the frontlines of virtual care as well as a revitalised unaids that will coordinate efforts with the gates foundation, the Global Fund and others to provide the needed resources. Driven by innovation, like the hundreds of examples being showcased at mwcapital, hiv will be clinically managed be a global network of experts, and socially managed at the local level. This will quickly become a transferable solution, with other health conditions following suit, especially where specialist care is lacking, and expensive equipment is not needed. Our car turns another corner and Fira montjuïc, where the 4yfn conference is held, disappears from sight.

And health, well digital health at least, is solidly on the agenda at the european Connected health Alliances. Digital health wellness Summit 2017, as part of 4yfn 2017. I, of course, am looking through the programme for hiv and/or hepatitis, but am coming up short. Title page of the hiv: The long view Report. With nothing in particular captivating me in the days essay schedule, my thoughts turn. Hiv: The long view, a forward-looking health report we developed last year to drive discussion and action on the long-term needs of people living with, and at risk for, hiv. . Our starting point was that the healthcare environment is evolving rapidly, and these changes have extraordinary implications for millions, if not billions, of people.

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Today is the last day of the 4yfn conference at Mobile world Congress Barcelona in the historic Fira montjuïc. As digital start-ups come together from all over the globe, hepatology, medicine and thank Policy editor-in-chief Jeffrey lazarus reflects on the place of hiv in an innovative and changing digital health landscape. Four years from now? Its March 2021 and the pain in my thumbs is gone i no longer need to physically type anything. The dictation function on my phone and watch works perfectly and there is no risk of accidentally insulting someone or looking stupid when autocorrect gets it wrong. Long-acting antiretroviral therapy is the norm and the world can now focus on quality of life for people living with hiv as the vast majority are on treatment. And in line with the world health Organizations strategy for eliminating viral hepatitis, hepatitis C has now been eliminated among people living with hiv a powerful proof-of-concept for the thousands of diverse hepatitis micro-elimination programmes underway in all countries. But that is 4 years from now, and hopefully this is not just wishful thinking; today its just another sunny day in Barcelona, and i am in the backseat of a car that just drove past the 4yfn conference. 4yfn is the business platform of Mobile world Capital Barcelona (mwcapital) that enables start-ups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together.

who am i 10 years from now essay
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  2. Who, am, i now : Honest. In 10, years from, now. I am a non-practicing Catholic who was married for 10 years to a jewish man. For illustration purposes, lets say 30 years from now the temple.

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