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Although the fosh ex- jedi Knight initially saw potential in Hett, she was greatly disappointed to realize that her prospective student lacked the same beliefs that she possessed. Rather than adhere to darth Bane's Rule of Two, hett believed that the sith had to be rebuilt in an extremely radical manner, and thus he brainstormed a new tenet known as the rule of One. Instead of only two sith Lords at a time, hett wanted to create a new Sith Order composed of many darksiders, all of whom would operate under the absolute authority of a single dark lord. 19 Vergere, a strict adherent to the teachings of Darth Bane, refused to participate in any plan to rebuild the sith by discarding the rule of Two, and thus left Hett to suffer at the hands of the extra-galactic invaders. 19 At some point during the yuuzhan Vong War, vergere met the dark lady lumiya, whom she found to be a far more promising disciple than the heretic a'sharad Hett. 20 The fosh explained her own connection to the sith through the late darth Sidious, whom she once had the opportunity to learn from as an aspiring Sith apprentice. She also revealed how the former Jedi hett, by then known as Darth Krayt, founded the One sith, a drastically re-envisioned Order that was based on his own ideals.

17 With Sidious gone forever, jax immediately attempted to install himself as the next emperor. Yet his designs on the throne were prematurely ended, partially due to his own treachery. Kir headed Kanos, a fellow guardsman and loyal follower of the slain Emperor, hunted and killed Carnor Jax for his role in the demise of Darth Sidious. 18 With yet another apprentice who failed to achieve the full status of a sith Lord, lumiya was forced to hide in exile on the sith world of Korriban, but continued to remain vigilant on the unfolding of galactic events throughout the many years that. 2 A new direction for the sith " The sith who were famous for being bad, jacen, were the way they were because they were badly damaged men or women to start with. Not because they were sith. Usually, they were weak, or deluded, or greedy to begin with. " Lumiya, to jacen Solo src Vergere, resume the jedi-turned-Sith who completed Lumiya's training. When the galaxy was subjected to a full-scale invasion by the yuuzhan Vong in 25 aby, lumiya discovered that, though she was without an apprentice to carry on the legacy of the dark side, she was not the only one who continued to pursue. A former Jedi master of the Old Republic named a'sharad Hett, traumatized by the Great Jedi purge and disillusioned with the jedi way, submitted himself to the ancient Sith teachings of xoxaan. Shortly after his capture by the yuuzhan Vong, hett was discovered by a fellow exile known as Vergere, who, like hett, was once a member of the fallen Jedi Order before immersing herself in the lore of the dark side.

worst words to use in a resume

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His choice of hosts fell on genetic duplicates of his original body, grown to full maturity at an abnormally accelerated rate through the use of the Spaarti version of cloning. However, the dark lord's plan return was brief; his ultimate downfall was brought about by his enemies in the new Republic and, ironically, by traitorous elements within his own Inner Circle. Though Lumiya's active endeavors to further the sith cause were apparently halted by the Emperor's rebirth, her apprentice conspired to bring an end to the long-reigning Dark lord of the sith once and for all. 2 As Sidious became increasingly distracted with annihilating the new Republic and luke skywalker's fledgling Jedi Order, the dark lord failed to notice a conspiracy to destroy his most precious assets—his reserve stock of clone bodies. With his own dark energy too much for an unnaturally conceived body to contain, each clone that his spirit possessed suffered from an accelerated and unstoppable rate of decay. The chief culprit behind the destruction of his clone supplies was Carnor Jax, who had been appointed to the ranks of the Emperor's most trusted members of the royal guard, the Imperial sovereign Protectors. 2 roughly a year after his return, darth Sidious died for the final time, never to return again as his soul was dragged into the abyss of the dark side.

worst words to use in a resume

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The loss of Flint was a setback that undermined Lumiya's goal to restore the sith to its former glory, thus forcing her to resume the search for a powerful apprentice. The dark lady eventually found a suitable candidate in a force-sensitive royal guardsman named Carnor Jax, whom Lumiya had discovered through her alliance with Director Ysanne Isard of Imperial Intelligence. Although Jax received only minimal training in the dark side of the force, his ascension as Lumiya's apprentice ensured the sith's survival for the time being. 3 Through Jax's position in the royal guard, lumiya intended to place the galactic Empire under the rule of the sith once again. Thus, she commanded her disciple to infiltrate the upper write levels of the political hierarchy. They would place themselves in a position to seize control of the Empire and eliminate any potential threats to the new Sith Order. 2 While carnor Jax began secretly manipulating the Imperial Ruling council, he was approached by nom Anor, a representative of an extra-galactic race of conquerors that were interested in an alliance with the sith against the rising power of the new Republic. Around this time, however, the galaxy learned of Darth Sidious' survival through a combination of cloning technology and an ancient Force technique, both of which together enabled the fallen Emperor to place his soul within a temporary vessel.

After all, they didn't earn their Sith knowledge, didn't acquire it through sweat and sacrifice; they inherited it like a package of downloaded computer programming. I think that the last Sith were gone when the Emperor and your grandfather died on the same day. But plenty of Sith legacy survived. Individuals who were candidates to become sith and failed for some reason to achieve full apprenticeship. They knew enough to survive, enough to continue learning. One may have learned enough to become a master. " Lumiya src Carnor Jax, former royal guardsman and aspiring Sith Lord.

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worst words to use in a resume

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2 Though exceptionally powerful in the force in her own right, 16 Lumiya personal had not been the only protégé of Darth Vader. Her mentor trained several candidates who had the potential to serve as his Sith apprentice; the most powerful student who destroyed the others would have been deemed worthy enough to stand at Vader's side. When the plan ended with Vader's death, lumiya sought out one of her fellow prospective students, a force-sensitive stormtrooper named Flint. Ironically, she and Flint were originally supposed to fight to the death in order for Vader to see which of the two was stronger, but the dark lord's premature death left them both without a master to complete their training. Lumiya eventually tracked Flint's location to vader's abandoned citadel on Vjun, where they fought to see who deserved the rank of Sith Master. Lumiya ultimately proved to be the more powerful of the two, and with victory she secured her first apprentice, thus restoring the rule of Two as an actively practiced doctrine.

2 Unfortunately for Lumiya's plans, her success in choosing an apprentice was short-lived. When she tasked her new disciple with avenging the deaths of Sidious and Vader by destroying luke skywalker and the Alliance of Free planets, a successor organization to the former Rebel Alliance, she never anticipated that Flint would find redemption in the light side. Betrayed and left without an heir to the sith legacy, an outraged Lumiya swore to exact vengeance on her renegade pupil for turning his back on her and the dark side of the force. Several years after his defection, Flint was killed on his homeworld of Belderone, having apparently been stabbed through the throat by his former master's signature weapon. 2 Rebirth of Darth Sidious " I'm not sure i even count the Emperor's clones as Sith.

3 13 Although Lumiya began to learn the ways of the sith under the tutelage of a sith Lord, darth Vader was prevented from taking on an official disciple while he himself remained apprenticed to darth Sidious. Knowing that he could not hide her existence for an indefinite period of time, vader presented Lumiya as a "gift" and prospective sith assassin to his master. Sidious, who ruled the Empire under the guise of Emperor Palpatine, accepted Lumiya into the ranks of the Emperor's Hands, and thus continued her instruction in the basic principles of Sith knowledge and power. 13 The demise of both Sidious and Vader left Lumiya without anyone to further her Sith training. Nevertheless, the devotion she possessed to her fallen masters inspired Lumiya to continue progressing in dark side lore on her own volition.

Hence, she declared herself Dark lady of the sith, thus beginning a new generation of Sith to carry on the legacy of Darth Bane's Order. 13 Though she held Vader's son, the jedi luke skywalker, responsible for the demise of her instructors, lumiya's ultimate objective in life became the preservation of the sith. With Sidious and Vader gone, much of their knowledge was lost as well. The line of the sith Lords since darth Bane and Darth Zannah was broken, and without true successors to their legacy, the sith as a whole was teetering on the edge of oblivion. Lumiya effectively founded a new Sith Order by claiming the title of Dark lady, but retained the core ideals that were paramount to the survival of the previous Order. 14 Preserving the rule of Two " In terms of the classic Masterandapprentice sith structure, there can be only two " Lumiya src Flint, ex-stormtrooper and the first apprentice of Lumiya. Aside from mirroring the tactics of secrecy and elusiveness that kept the sith Lords of Darth Bane's Order hidden for a millennium, 14 Lumiya was a strict adherent to the rule of Two. 4 The ancient doctrine, as envisioned by bane, commanded that the power of the dark side could be divided between only two sith Lords throughout the entire galaxy at any given time; one sith Master personified power, and a single sith apprentice coveted. 15 Lumiya thus began her search for an ideal candidate who was worthy and strong enough to learn the ways of the dark side.

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The jedi philosopher took fairly little convincing to turn, and the young man who had once been Jacen Solo underwent a gradual metamorphosis that resulted in the birth of Darth caedus, tree the first active dark lord of the sith since the time of Sidious and. History The rise of Lumiya " Don't judge me so soon, jacen. My history is much like your Aunt Mara'sexcept she received some lucky breaks I didn't. I took longer to straighten out my life. " Lumiya src Lumiya, the self-proclaimed "Dark lady of the sith." After a thousand years since the time of Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, 11 the Order of the sith Lords was effectively destroyed after the deaths of its final two sith Lords, darth Sidious. 12 world Since vader failed to succeed his master and take on a true apprentice, there was no one who was qualified to carry on the sith tradition in the line of succession founded by bane. Yet prior to his death at the battle of Endor, vader trained a number of secret apprentices in the ways of the dark side of the force in his plot to eventually overthrow Sidious. One of his disciples was Lumiya, a force-sensitive agent of the galactic Empire who suffered extreme injuries at the hands of Vader's own son, luke skywalker. 13 Although the cybernetic attachments implanted throughout her body saved Lumiya's life, the consequence of being rebuilt into a cyborg made her more machine than woman—a similar condition that Vader himself was forced to live with.

worst words to use in a resume

During the many years she spent in hiding, lumiya eventually crossed paths with the former Jedi Knight Vergere, who once had the opportunity to learn the ways of the sith from Darth Sidious rose years before the creation of the galactic Empire. Under the fosh 's tutelage, lumiya fulfilled her training which had begun years ago by darth Vader, and thus she truly achieved the full status of Dark lady of the sith. While she still sought to undermine the rapidly increasing power of the jedi Order, her first priority became the survival of the sith. With her devotion to the rule of Two intact, she became determined once more to find a new apprentice that would carry the sith legacy into a new generation. Yet due to the disadvantages of having so many cybernetic attachments to her body, lumiya believed that she would never reach her true potential. Thus, she required an individual who was exceptionally powerful in the force; the one who would become a sith champion by restoring the Order back to its former glory. Her choice for a third and final apprentice ultimately fell on the jedi Knight Jacen Solo, who happened to be a grandson of her former Master, darth Vader.

Sidious. However, lumiya's decision to rule with her rival backfired when Flint renounced the dark side after choosing the path of redemption. After spending some time without an apprentice, lumiya eventually settled on Carnor Jax as her apprentice and Flint's successor. The young Sith prospect was a highly-trained Imperial sovereign Protector within Darth Sidious' royal guard. Unlike the super majority of his fellow guardsmen, who were unquestioningly faithful to sidious, jax was loyal only to himself and his ambitions. When Sidious returned from the dead by inserting his spirit into several clone versions of himself in turn, jax masterminded a plot to bring a premature end to the return of the resurrected Emperor. His machinations led to the poisoning of the Emperor's clone supplies, which proved to be the catalyst behind the final death of Darth Sidious. Jax immediately attempted to install himself as the next emperor, but his ambitious designs on the Imperial throne were ended along with his life by fellow guardsman Kir Kanos. Left without an apprentice once again, lumiya decided to go underground and disappear from the forefront of galactic events.

When the, order of the sith Lords collapsed with the deaths of, darth Sidious and, darth Vader in 4 aby, lumiya sought to twist preserve the, sith legacy, and thus declared herself. Dark lady of the sith. But due to the, rule of Two, an ancient diktat that allowed the existence of two sith Lords at any given time, lumiya's training was far too limited and inadequate for her to be considered a true. Nevertheless, the dark lady searched tirelessly for a worthy apprentice to stand at her side, both to continue the millennium-long tradition that was established by the ancient Sith Lord. Darth Bane, and to exact vengeance on the resurgent Jedi Order for the fall of the last true sith Lords. Her first choice fell on a force-sensitive. Imperial stormtrooper named Flint.

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The title of this article is conjectural. Although this article is based on official information from the. Star Wars, legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture. the sith way is the way of peace. To bring peace, first we must bring justice and order. To bring justice and order to the galaxy— " first we must control. lumiya and Jacen Solo src, lumiya's Sith was a monastic organization composed of loosely connected. Force-sensitive individuals who adhered to the basic tenets. Sith ideology and the ways of the dark side of the force.

worst words to use in a resume
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